Adventures in the Nation’s Capitol

My experience in Ottawa thus far has been very interesting and exciting.  It truly is a beautiful city and I consistently find My Self overwhelmed with the courtesy of locals from every walk of life – even police officers walk around with a bright, cheery smile on their face.  I have found that most ‘councillors’ are reasonably useless.  They are not really there to empower and help the less privileged become more self-reliant, they seem to be there to encourage dependency on the system, rather than liberation from it.  The moment I speak of not wanting anything to do with social benefits or government hand-outs, is the moment I am told there is nothing that can be done for Me – even if I am just asking simple questions like, “what would You do if Your elected M.P. refused to answer Your letters?”

Perhaps that is because very few people ever actually sit down to write their elected officials.  In reality, it seems very few ‘common’ people know much of anything about how to be responsible in a democratic society.  Mention the Words, ‘Cestui Que Vie’ Trust, or try to explain to someone that You are the authorized representative and administrator of Your wealth, they Will have no clue what You are tall King about.  And I guess that’s why I’m tall King.

It is like being in a whole new world but there are legal processes and procedures when one asks the right questions and today I managed to check a few things off My list.  I DID finally find M.P. Lloyd Longfield’s office here in Ottawa and the phone number to set up an appointment with his reception to meet with him one on one.  I have also been told that I am guaranteed a one on one sit down with him, the only question is how long it might take to set up an appointment.  I was working from several ‘leads’ I had organized for My Self yesterday and did not manage to make it back in time to set up an appointment but it Will be one of the first things on My to-do list for Monday (I Will also try tomorrow but don’t really expect any government offices to be open on weekends).

In addition to finally feeling as though I’ve made some progress tracking down My local M.P., I also took a trip to the National Press which was another interesting revelation.  I had no intention of going there but passed a sign in front of the building (I always Pay attention to the Signs) that said the National Press was the first place common folk would go if they wanted their voice heard in the house of commons.  Of course, upon venturing into the building, I was informed (by a very surprised security officer) that the building no longer serves that purpose and simply houses a few business offices that are not for the public.  The guard did, however, direct Me to the Department of Justice and the Superior Court here in Ottawa where he felt I would have more success.

The Superior Court here in Ottawa was also very informative and not at all like the Superior Court in Guelph, though I was assured that both courthouses should offer the same services.  At first they were not going to let Me enter as identification is mandatory.  I explained to them that I am no longer ‘legally’ required to have what they refer to as Identification and said that I had a portfolio full of documents to prove it.  The security officer called another officer to the front (security) desk to review My documents.  Roughly five minutes later My laptop and phone were checked for security purposes and My bags were passed through an x-ray scanner.  A wine opener was found (I forgot it was in there) and kept as personal property with a tag while the security guard escorted Me to the registration department.

I was informed that if I wanted to pursue the matter further, I would either have to open a new case by appealing to the superior court or file My paperwork into the court in Toronto where the charges were issued.  It is starting to sound a great deal easier for Me to just go to Toronto and have My day in court, then take My default judgement to the Superior Court for human rights violations.  As far as holding public officials accountable for failing to uphold their Oath of office, I am still working on that.  The point is, I Will get answers and I still haven’t made any (serious) attempt to get local media involved.  I Will wait until I have a more clear Idea about how I plan to proceed before doing that.  At the moment, a day in court in Toronto would be fun for Me and if ‘they’ are not going to acknowledge or respect the documents I carry, then the onus is on them if I decide to overturn a Commercial Admiralty court to common law jurisdiction.  And I Will win there, guaranteed – that has never been a question.  I am attempting to give the government officials of this country a more attractive offer by Way of honouring My documents without embarrassing themselves.

My case involves human rights violations in a common wealth country which is an absolute disgrace to Canada.  It SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN.  And by the time I am done, I WILL make sure it does not happen to any man ever again.  When My Mission is complete, no ‘black magic’ legal trickery Will ever be able to transform a man’s rights under God to that of a slave of man’s laws…  I give You My Word.

I also did a little karaoke today and it was more fun than I would have imagined it could be, even for a man who loves to sing.  Everyone was SO happy to hear Me sing and wanted Me to keep going up and doing different songs.  I sang some Radiohead, Tragically Hip, FUN, and Matchbox 20.  The rest of the day I was hustling around town getting all this political stuff done.

So, We will see what the next week brings but if I am not able to get a meeting with My M.P. in a reasonable amount of time, I Will just venture back to Toronto and go directly to the court that issued the charges.  I’m starting to think it doesn’t really matter what court I address these charges in, as long as I make them disappear and discharge them honorably against My SIN, the rest of the Way Will be paved in Gold.

Believe Me when I tell You, where You are is never an indicator of where You are going – unless You in God’s Kingdom; only in His Kingdom are You always a King.

Love and blessings, happy Friday and happy full moon!!!


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