Whimsical, Wonderful, Wednesday: The Great Work continues

I awakened this morning not My usual, happy-go-lucky Self.  I worked for nine hours yesterday, starting just before 4:00 pm and finishing just before 2:00 am.  Yeah, I know the math is off – I’m not counting the travel time to and from the job site but that Will be changing today.  This Will be day four of God’s Gift of abundance and the Foundation is now Firm.

I have once again outlasted My colleague(s).  This time there was only one but the story is the same most places I venture where the work is ‘hard’.  I did some roofing last summer and by day two I was the only crew member left.  The heat and the intense physical labour was too much.  They were also twelve hour days, not including travel time and I only lasted four My Self – not because I couldn’t do anymore, the guy just did not appreciate anyone on his team.  I literally learned how to shingle an entire roof in two days and was doing it My Self by day three.  And this guy was quite happy to take his sweet ass time getting things done once he noticed how efficient I was.  Couldn’t tell You what it was he said to Me now that constituted the ‘last straw’, but I do remember quietly climbing down the ladder, wishing him a good day and walking home.  Sometimes, there is nothing better than wall King away.  It generally is the best Way to preserve One’s Kingdom.

Before that, it was landscaping.  First day all I did was dig up a flower bed and wheel-barrow loads of dirt back and fourth.  Sadly, the weakest and laziest of the four landscapers recruited that day was the only one who remained for day two.  After day two, I was invited back and the other guy was not.  I was also given an increase to $20/hr for the remainder of the week, which was all I had agreed to work.  It was absolutely brutal work, I would not have wanted more than five days of it but it served the need – “Give Me this day My daily bread.”

And this is another reason My Cestui Que Vie is so powerful.  It is literally an affidavit of Truth for Me.  I am often quite hard on My Self, especially when it comes to patience, though You won’t read much of it here; I do not like to breathe life into things unless I intend for them to manifest.  So I am manifesting that I become more patient, less temperamental (temper-a-Mind-All, temper is all in the Mind), though I experience exactly the same emotions and frustrations anyone else does.  I was frustrated yesterday because I was told the work was done at 9:40.  I was paid cash for the day.  We get in the vehicle to come home and I notice We are going the wrong Way.  I don’t care about the extra four hours, I’m happy for the cash when I have the opportunity – but when a man says My work day is over and I’m done, I expect My work day to be over and My job to be done.  I don’t like surprises, not when it is in conflict with a man’s Word.  A man’s Word is God and I Will remind him!  So I waited to see where We were going and when We got there I just very plainly said, “So, We still have work to do.”

“Yes, just a little, You don’t Mind to help with this one?”

“No,  I don’t Mind but I would prefer if You as King of Me in advance, You said We were done, I can work as long as You need – how long do You need Me?”.

He was very apologetic, said he understood and that it was ‘just a few extra boxes’, then We were done, We would pack them into the container tomorrow.  No problem.

Well, these last few boxes took an additional four hours, partially because he got lost driving to one of the pick up locations.  Not getting paid for travel time is not going to fly, nor should it for anyone!  Your time is worth something and it is up to You to determine how much.  If I were honest with employers about My worth, none would want to hire Me for the wage I would demand.  The thing is, I didn’t complain once, I asked just as I said I did here and he paid Me for the extra hours before dropping Me home, emptying his wallet.  And an increase from $12 to $16 an hour is 33% more – not exactly typical in any ‘corporate’ environment.

The thing is, I’m actually helping a man load shipping crates full of much needed supplies for less fortunate families in Haiti – I’m thankful this is the kind of work that finds Me but I don’t like to be taken for granted, no one does.  Also, the well intentioned increase to $16 only works out to a little more than $12 if I were including all travel time, so I’m not really getting an increase, I’m getting the original $12 I was promised for the work which is why I didn’t lose My cool.  Either way, I got 9 hours in and was paid $120. for the day – with two previous days already in the bank (My pocket).  It actually works out to $13.33/hr, only slightly better than the initial $12.

I’m Writing this Post because many of the inspirational and motivational quotes I share on Twitter sound great but it’s often difficult to determine how We should best utilize these leadership skills out in the field.  I accept a fair wage for fair pay.  I demonstrate I am worth more, not by My own determination, but by the determination of My employer  who knows what quality of work he can generally expect for $12.  I’m experienced enough to know he should notice and if he doesn’t I can walk away anytime, no one is forcing Me to contract with anyone ever!  

So today when he arrives to pick Me up, I Will tell him that I am on the clock from that moment until the moment I am dropped back at the same location.  He Will either accept or refuse.  That’s his karma for not paying Me for travel time without My as King of it, and for presuming I was okay to work longer when he had said We were done, ready to have dinner.  These boxes weigh between 100 and 150lbs each, by the Way and they are not easy to grab or hold onto; My forearms are killing Me.  Does it make Me an asshole?  I don’t know and I don’t care.  I’m quite happy to walk away today if he does not like My offer, I have plenty of cash in My pocket now and I know how to hustle.  I’m gonna get My own game on and this is just interfering with the Great Work I am here to of.

Speak of angels and they appear…  He just called Me and asked if I can come to work now.  He said he would have work for Me after 6:00 today, it’s 12:30 in the afternoon.  This makes making any kind of plans for My own day difficult.  Anyway, gotta go, duty calls…

Well I am continuing this Post to further demonstrate My frustration.  Although I interrupted My Blog Post, packed everything up, took care of the business I needed to take care of so I could be prepared for work, it is now 2:22 and I hustled to get all this done so I wouldn’t keep him waiting.  My time is valuable, too – he does not seem to appreciate that very much.

As the day wears on, My determination (Deter-My-Nation) to continue working for this man wanes.  The longer I wait, the more likely it is I Will meet him, collect the remainder of cash owed to Me from yesterday and politely opt out for the day – letting him know if he would like Me to work tomorrow I am available but he Will need to be more Mindful of My time.

Ah, I already feel better.  This is all I really wanted to share because negotiating contracts is an important skill and one I have been told I am very good at.  I feel I still need work but My philosophy is that I do not ever promise more than I can deliver.  I am also the first man this employer has hired who can drive, which is also a huge benefit to him because he can leave for a couple of hours while I haul stuff back and forth in his pick up.  I also love driving, so that part is kind of fun for Me.  No, I do not have a license and I’m not required to have one.  That is especially true when I am driving around private property (as opposed to commercial highways, where a license of some kind is required), which is what I am doing.

I always determine how much I am Willing to do for the cost to My Kingdom.  My Kingdom is My goal in life, My Great Work which always takes priority over everything else.  My dream for peace is not commercial, these are Ways of funding My non-commercial project in a commercial world.  Believe Me when I tell You, I can hardly wait to raise all the dead corpus (corporations) in this world.

This Wednesday is lucky for Me because the Universe is pressing Me to make a decision about this ‘work’ I am doing.  And You can guess what the Universe is telling  Me.  Do not compromise Your Self for anyone or anything, regardless the Intention.

I Will soon be speaking much more about Intention because it is one of the strongest creative forces in the Universe – but Action is required for the Intention to be Activated.  After all, Action is just an Act I (am) On, or something I Act On.  Yeah, letters and the English language backing up all of My philosophies is just a coincidence…  Not.

Love and Blessings,

As a Post Scripture, I am going to fuel Your day with more Music to keep You in Tune with the One Song.  This one might surprise a few of My friends, but great wisdom here:



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