Thank You, Joe

I said I would speak more of My Magical day yesterday.  I waited all day for this guy Tony to call Me back and he never did.  Still hasn’t.  There were three calls I picked up last night from a private number where I found My Self yelling on the other end of the line “hello…  Hello!..  Hello!!!”, but no reply.  I was in the vehicle with him when this happened to a couple of other people he was trying to call (sounded like it connected but no volume or voice on other end).  If You are going to do business it’s important to make sure Your communication devices are working properly.

Anyway, this was about My Magical Wednesday.  I didn’t really want to work for Tony yesterday and the Universe graced Me with a day off and the final resolve that I Will not work for him again.  It also graced Me with an unexpected call from My last landlord which I may have missed had I not been expecting another call (I usually keep My phone pretty quiet or silent).

It was so great to hear from Him, perhaps mostly because it was unexpected.  He wanted to know how I was doing and is familiar with My political ambitions; He knows I’m here to represent the people of Canada to Our elected officials.  I told him how much I’ve been enjoying Ottawa and how pleased I am that My Blog now has visitors everyday whether I Write a Post or not.  He mentioned that He had read that on My Blog and was now one of My ‘almost daily’ visitors.  He was full of compliments concerning My Writing and suggested that the best Way to improve My Blog would be to have a table of contents linking to other categories to make navigation easier.  Ask and it is done.  😉

So I have now included links to categories from the inception (into the Matrix) of the Blog to now.  For any who have only just started reading My material, earlier Writing Will demonstrate just how much I’ve truly grown and matured over the years – both as a Writer and Spiritually.

Much like My artwork, Writing is deeply personal for Me.  This is essentially My soul made digital and it is more difficult for one to ‘put themselves out there’ than people may think.  I also type very fast, almost as fast as I can think and often catch typos when I re-read posts later.  I often just leave them as they are to further demonstrate that We are not perfect, We are continual ‘works in progress’.  When I hear that someone enjoys reading what I Write, it touches Me deeper than anything else could.  Even compliments of My artwork do not really matter much to Me, though I am grateful for them.  The truth is, I am very honest with My Self and do not consider My Self much of an artist.  Any paintings I manage take considerable time, I do not have a ‘natural’ gift for it as many like to presume.  I work and rework the canvas countless times and am generally still disappointed with the overall work when ‘completed’ – this is also why I have claimed that very few pieces of My artwork are ever truly complete, I just get tired of working on something and decide it’s as good as it’s gonna get.  I’ve never commanded more than $400. for a painting and that was difficult for Me (it seemed too much to Me but people in Yaletown (Vancouver) were happy to pay it and I was grateful); generally, I don’t ask for more than what I am offered.  After all, how should I know what My painting is worth to someone else?

The other Magical detail about yesterday was a community library that I pass almost daily.  I have stopped a few times to review the books and considered borrowing one but nothing really ‘spoke’ to Me.  I check it often enough to notice that nobody else seems to be drawn to any of the titles there, either, they are always the same.  So I decided I would leave a copy of My Book there just to see if anyone was interested in reading it.  It was gone when I went back less than half an hour later.

Nobody can know what these little things mean to Me.  When I saw My Book was gone I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I had to work very hard to keep My Self together.  I walked to the University campus and finally let My Self break down which probably sounds strange to people.  Why do I feel the need to cry when I am overwhelmed with happiness?  It doesn’t make any sense.  But that’s what happens to Me.  I also celebrated the day with a bottle of red wine which I also enjoyed at the picnic table of the University campus.  When I told someone about it later they mentioned it was illegal to drink in public.  Really?  Isn’t that what people do every night when they go to the bar?  Whatever.  Nobody bothered Me and I had the most Magical evening enjoying My own company.

Today I was back to conquer the world and honour My Word.  I finished a Tarot reading for a new friend on Twitter, published a very short Blog Post to share My enthusiasm for Lady Gaga’s “I was Born this Way” campaign, which turns out to be a celebration of believing in Self and acceptance of sexual expression of all kinds.  Of course the campaign would emulate My own Vision for the world in some Way and even the fact that Starbuck’s is promoting Her campaign this week is deeply touching and significant for Me.  I also finally managed to contact three of four elected public officials.  They are:

  1. Dishonorable Guelph M.P. Lloyd Longfield (can’t wait to have My sit down with him)
  2. Jim Watson (Ottawa’s Mayor)
  3. Ottawa M.P. Mathieu Fleury

I also called M.P. Catherine McKenna but her receptionist as King of Me to Write an e-mail detailing the reason for My request for a meeting.  All other offices have promised to return My call to set up an appointment.  This is very exciting news for Me as I generally just expressed that I have serious concerns regarding human rights that I want heard in the house of commons and the reception to My Ideas was highly favourable by every office contacted today!  I will only call Catherine if I am disappointed with the results from these other meetings.

Finally, Joe wished Me well on My ventures and it was just really good to know that he cares so much, especially considering he was My landlord.  He as King of Me to not pay for any more meals with My thumb-print but I told Him I could make no such promise, though He can take comfort in knowing it is not on My immediate agenda, but Will be if I do not get the results I want in the House of Commons.  If My due diligence and being a responsible, concerned citizen does not reap the rewards it should considering My efforts, I can guarantee I Will do something to ensure I stand trial somewhere in the world.  Courts record EVERYTHING on the RE-Cord (re-cord is My Way of Re-Writing man’s Matrix, making them My Tricks).  And yes, Tricks are for kids, but We are all Children of God at Play in the fields of the Lord.  So have fun, ladies and gents!!!  And thank You very much for Your support, Joe!

Love and blessings,




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