I Am Not a Coincidence

Nor are any of the Gifts God Gives Me.  I am Writing for a Creative Writing Project that was offered Me today.  The assignment (A-Sign-Ment/Mind, A Sign for My Mind) is to “begin with I am and continue Writing in the present tense.”  There were more details to the Assignment but it is difficult to Write and List-In (Listen) at the same Time.

I Will continually re-Mind My readers that there are no coincidences in the Universe, the Voice of God is as continuous as it is Infinite.  When You are Clear about Your Intention and know that the Universe is conspiring with You in every moment, You Will begin to See every opportunity, every Sign is a new Door.  And this is the Sign I Will give to the Mind of this Project.  That’s what every now is, a continuous Ex-Press-Ion (Expression) of Energy into the Universe; the Highest Ideas Project with the Greatest Intensity, Lighting up the Cosmos like a Star.  Is that not what I say We all are?  We are all soon to be Stars in Universal Pictures Greatest Presentation.

Writing is the Articulation of Ideas and the ability to consider (con/trick, sider) which side of the Idea is more to Your liking, to choose a side.  God is always showing us the Way if We have eyes to See.

In the yesterday I am presented with a camera and a notebook and as King of Me to share My perspective of Ottawa.


An initiative to break down social barriers…  And what do You think three periods or dots at the End of My sentence might represent?  Three times the affirmation of an Idea, an Idea that trails off into the Mind, Creating new Path Ways in Your Image-Nation, or Image (of) I Nation, Your Dream for the world.  When You View the world with an alternative perspective, You transform Your Internal-Nation and We are Inter-Nation-All.  God as King of Me to share My perspective with the world, to demonstrate that all things I as King of God are done for Me if You know how to read the Sign of the true Ment, the Mind of God, then the Moment becomes the Gift God is Giving You.  When One can do that, all things are Gifts Pre Sent by God, or Present right now.

There is no Time, only now.  Yesterday exists now because I can share it with You here in this Moment, where I share My Ment/Mind with You.  Together We re-Create the Moment, continually building momentum.  Here I am telling the tale of a responsible man, one who aims to hold his elected public officials to their judicial oath of office.  Here I Will tell You who truly represents the people of Canada, who defends the common law in the common wealth, and who are choosing to violate human rights in favor of commerce and the corporation of Canada.

So far, I have been as King of those in My community what their first steps might be if they wanted their Ideas for a better world heard in Canada’s House of Commons.  The name certainly suggests to the People of Canada that this should be a forum for the Voice of the common Man to be heard in a ‘Democratic’ country where all of Man is considered equal in both rights and dignity.  If one Man can be heard in the House of Commons but another man cannot, then that is not equal rights and I care not what any law presumes to say on the Matter.

This is also exactly why I Will succeed in My task – because I Will be Documenting everything.  Every now required to get Me to where I am Destined to be Will be re-Corded here.  To re-Cord something is to Plug something into a new Energy Source, re-Wire the Matrix, make ’em My Tricks.  Let the Universe decide who is true and just.

Two of the public officials I left messages with have returned My call, M.P. Catherine McKenna’s office and Jim Watson’s office (Mayor).  I did not take the name of the man who called Me from Catherine McKenna’s office as I was not expecting the call.  The office had as King of Me to Write My intentions for the meeting in an e-mail which I had no intention of doing unless I did not get the response I was hoping from My own M.P., Lloyd Longfield.  The gentleman was very courteous and explained that he did not think it was the M.P.s duty to chase after My M.P. and I just kind of laughed and explained I understood that, I was hoping that if My own M.P. did not reply or respond that Catherine McKenna’s office might be able to direct Me to whomever it is I might need to address for My Voice to be heard in the House of Commons or hold My own M.P. accountable for the violation of his judicial oath of office.

Believe Me when I tell You, there is a nervous tension and a Degree of extreme caution on the other end of the line when I start speaking like this.  The tone becomes very sombre and whomever it was I may have been speaking to chose their words very carefully and expressed that they sincerely hoped that I heard back from Lloyd Longfield soon.

The second call I received was not so pleasant.  This call very quickly began to feel more like an interrogation than any intent to actually hear anything I might have to say.  There was a very clear motivation and intention felt to redirect Me to another office.  The words “human rights” and My interest in the Mayor’s plans for the homeless were the primary concern.  I was told that the office represents the city of Ottawa and that any human right violations are a federal matter and not something the Mayor’s office would be interested in speaking to Me about.  As far as listening to any suggestions or Ideas I might have to improve the situation for the homeless in Ottawa, Jessica Early insisted I must list My ‘qualifications’ to demonstrate that meeting with Me is worth the Mayor’s time.  I explained to Jessica that I am a King in Commerce and Law, those are the credentials the Mayor would be most interested in, I am also a King in Mysticism and/or Spirituality.  Do I believe Jessica has any clue what that title means?  No, absolutely not.  Ignorance of the law and Your own position in society is no excuse.  She actually mentioned the Canadian Constitution of Human Rights and I as King to her quite plainly, “Do You truly believe that rights can be given by a constitution?”

I did not wait for a response.  “If a constitution can give You a right, then it is not a right.”

Jessica went on to tell Me that private citizen’s cannot be heard in the House of Commons.  I asked her to explain to Me exactly what she meant by the term ‘private citizen’ and she was unable to answer Me, though I explained to her that she was using a very specific legal term and title.  It was clear that Jessica was very nervous and intimidated tall King to Me.  I do not expect to hear back from the Mayor’s office before Writing a proper letter which will be legally and lawfully issued to him.  Jessica should also know that human rights are to be protected at all times in all jurisdictions – period.  It is the Highest priority of all law, commercial or otherwise.

I am still waiting to hear back from M.P. Mathieu Fleury’s office, too.  We’ll see how long that takes.  My anticipation is that more and more people Will be reading these Words every day, wondering how the elected officials presuming to represent the people of Canada Will get away with the violation of human rights.  The more I Write, the more clear it Will become that these Issues Will not go away, they can only be resolved…  The ‘problems’ of Earth only exist so We can solve them again, or re-solve the puzzle We once knew – the Mind of God, the Universe, the One Song We all Sing in Our Unique Way.

I Will use these two new opportunities to open two new doors of expression.  I have other Ideas, too.  I am also working on more artwork.  My plan is to Create a few pieces, enough to draw attention, then take My paintings to Parliament Hill, along with a Writ of My Intentions and the concerns I would like to have heard in the House of Commons.  The world can only ignore a Master Mystic for so long.


I’m already about four hours into this one, I told You I’m not ‘naturally’ talented – I don’t like it at all right now.  But it is a work in progress and other people seem to like it so I’ll keep pressing on with it.  I’m hoping to have five to seven of these before I make My Way to Parliament Hill.

The Creative Writing Group that Inspired this Post was Created by the Founder of a local newspaper called “The Wrench”.  It also turns out that it happens to be the only newspaper I actually picked up in Ottawa and stuffed in My laptop bag, presuming it was somehow important to what I would do and accomplish here.  No coincidences.

Love and Blessings,

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