Wednesday’s Letter is Lucky

On days like this it is difficult to express just how blessed I feel.  The Momentum of Magic is truly Magnificent.  After Writing My Post this morning, I felt even more inspired because I had already accomplished so much and it was only just approaching midday.  There was no rain, any clouds that had lingered from the morning had dissipated almost completely.  There was a strong wind that was actually kind of cool but the sun was scorching so the breeze was bliss.

I had a very satisfying lunch and met with an ‘intake’ worker (an agent for social services) almost immediately afterward.  As per usual, the worker, Krista, was not at all prepared for what I was about to disclose to her.  Her first question was what I am doing for work.  I explained that I am in Ottawa to hold My public officials to their judicial oath of office because they are currently guilty of fraud for unauthorized use of My Cestui Que Vie Trust.  Again she asked Me what I was doing for money.  I told her that money is debt, not wealth and it would be pointless for Me to try and explain to her in one meeting what took Me nine years of diligent research and study to learn.  So far, I like her.  She didn’t question Me after that, she just said she would like to get Me into housing and I told her I thought that was a fabulous Idea.  She as King to Me what she could do to make that happen.  I told her to find Me a place, get Me a bill for the rent and I will take care of discharging the debt against My Trust.  Krista seems very efficient and believes she may be able to find something for Me as soon as tomorrow.

Within roughly an hour to an hour and a half after My last post, I had Cast another Glow-Ball (Global) of Magic in Motion; I am Manifesting My new office.  I was going to continue My adventures by Creating some new art work but the wind would have made it difficult to work outdoors and it was far too beautiful to spend the day inside, so I went back to one of My favourite spots in Ottawa so far, the University campus.

On My Way there, I had stopped by a local hang out and let a few people know where I was going to be if My new friend happened to be looking for Me.  We had arranged to meet in the early morning but I got tied up taking care of business.  When I arrived at the park, I removed My shirt and let My skin soak up the sun.  It felt so good.  In less than five minutes, a man was walking from the other side of the campus headed straight for Me and I knew it was Him.  The timing was so perfect, You would have thought We had text each other beforehand to say where and when We would meet.

This brought even more joy to My day as He is now one of My favourite conversationalists – and I love to gab!  He is also full of wisdom that He X-Presses in His own unique Way and I suppose this is another of My gifts – I can translate, I can understand what would likely be considered “crazy talk” by most anyone else.  I have said the Universe speaks to each of Us in it’s own Unique Way, so the more time I spend with My new friend, the more I begin to understand the language the Universe uses to communicate with him.  And although this probably sounds like nothing to most, a German Shepherd puppy that I said “Hi” to earlier in the day also came to the campus to play.  I was so happy and I said to My friend, “I really want to see this puppy”.

The puppy was playing fetch with it’s human companion and I was ‘calling’ it to Me (with My Mind).  It literally ran straight for Me after catching the ball and laid beside the bench I was sitting at.  I’m telling You, animals can hear Me even if I say nothing.  It’s one of the reason’s I’ve never worried about a bear attack or anything else like that.  A muskrat trying to steal My fish is about as violent as an animal Will ever get with Me (unless I were to provoke one), and that didn’t work out so well for the muskrat.  But this adorable shepherd pup actually lay down beside Me!!!  And every time her companion threw the ball, she would return to Me WITH the ball!!!  It was Magic in only a Way I could appreciate.

Then another friend joined Us and We sang and chat for a couple of hours before calling it a day.  And I have a new friend who brings joy to My day with charming little texts in the evening.  Life feels pretty perfect.  More to share tomorrow,

Love and blessings,


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