Triple Crown Thursday

Another glorious day!  And apparently the first day of summer.  I certainly got My share of Son. 😉

I have said that one of the virtues I can likely continually improve upon is patience.  I am growing impatient.  Like anyone who might earn a Degree after some length of study, I am eager to apply My knowledge and practice My skills.  There is a legal clinic for those with limited income, offering free legal counsel and representation in court, legal aid, that sort of thing.  I have decided I am going to start representing those with non-violent charges and misdemeanors.  It would be wrong for Me not to because I can provide better representation than any lawyer legal aid would provide.  This Will also let Me develop a reputation; I don’t plan on losing a single case.

Tomorrow Will also be one week and one day since I called M.P. Lloyd Longfield’s office here in Ottawa, as well as M.P. Mathieu Fleury, the only two offices that have not returned My calls.  I was going to make a follow up call today but lost track of time and was truly just enjoying the beautiful weather too much.  I figure one more day won’t hurt anything.  I Will start Writing more letters either over the weekend if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow afternoon.

One of the more interesting details of My day was a missed call, no message.  Best I could do was try to call them back but the call would not connect, not even a dial tone.  I found that a little strange and decided I would just wait and ‘Google’ the area code when I got home.  Turns out it is the largest area code in the “Common wealth”, another detail I found particularly interesting as it confirms that Massachusetts is in fact part of the common wealth.  I knew this already but don’t possess any documents that confirm it.  A simple Google search “413 area code” Will confirm it.   I don’t know anyone in Massachusetts, who would be calling Me from there?  Also, I am in a community room of My new ‘shelter’ and the movie “Rambo” just came on.  The coincidence here is that My new friend that I spoke of yesterday compared Him Self to the Rambo character and suggested I watch the movie again to see what He’s tall-King about.  I guess I have a film to watch now (this is the Universe telling Me to pay a ten, Sean (Attention)).

Once again, the more time passes, the more serious all of these charges become and the more eager I am to hold elected officials responsible for failing to uphold their judicial oath.  Some politicians still have an opportunity to redeem themselves but that window of opportunity becomes narrower with each passing day, while My position grows stronger.  There are plenty of people to represent where I am now and Ottawa is the perfect place to step on stage and make My entrance (like a Spell I Will Cast over all who are pre-Sent to Me) in Court.  I was once called a ‘triple threat’ and now I can’t ever remember what it may have been for, but it is now a true fact.  I have the Triple Crown, the Highest title in Law, Commerce and Spirituality.  And I want to play ball!!!

Love and blessings,

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