Love is Creation, Creation is Art, So Art must be Love

If You were to read My material, You would know that God is not a Word I was comfortable using because I felt there were too few who understood what that Word truly means.   God is Love and God is Creation.  A Creation is Art – a painting, a building, any Idea made manifest.  So, to be the change, I must be the change I dream to know.  If Art is Creation and Creation is Love, then Love must be Art.

“He Art in Heaven”, He-Art in Heaven, Heart in Heaven.

When We do what We Love, Our Heart is in Heaven.


Click on the above link to read the full article from the Ottawa Sun.  The article was also published in the Ottawa Chronicle.  Another article covering the “InFocus” Art/Photography and Writing project to create awareness of homelessness in Ottawa was published in the Metro roughly two weeks prior.

These two incredible women (Queen Nina, House of Garacci and Queen Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick) raised over $7000.00 to pay for costs to provide disposable cameras to Ottawa’s homeless, a notepad to share their thoughts, then presented a collection of the photos in an Art Gala that was showcased at Studio 66 on September 3rd.  They are also publishing a collection of the photos in a magazine, along with a few quotes from the Writings that should be off the press shortly.  I Will be sure to grab a copy to share with You.

The Idea was to create awareness of homelessness and poverty in the nation’s capital, which is an intention that mimics My own.  This project provided a platform for Me to organize My thoughts and find a (new) Way to express My Self.

I explained to Nina and Elizabeth that I believe We are all Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses.  I was greatly inspired by their enthusiasm and interest in what I had to say, which motivated Me to approach My political campaign more creatively.

Ever since I was handed a second camera to express My perspective, I have been entirely focused on Art…  So much so that I have not posted an entry in months.  And, no coincidences in the Universe, for much of that time, I had extremely limited access to the internet unless I felt like spending an afternoon in Starbucks.  Generally, I have been too busy enjoying the beautiful weather and painting in the sun to spend an afternoon indoors.

My goal is to decode Your Matrix, show You some of My Tricks (get it, ‘Matrix’ – ‘MyTrix’).  I have decided I Will paint portraits of those who Honour their Duty to God and the Queen, as well as those who have Sworn to protect God and the Queen or, Our elected public officials and members of parlour games (Parliament).  Each painting Will also include the letter I have sent to each character as part of My exhibition, showcasing both the letter I am as King M.P.’s to respond to and My portrayal of their character (portrait).  Who I paint Will be part of the Mystery, or My Story; and My Story Will change His Story.

Although many of Us feel helpless to do anything about the injustices We see in the world, Nina and Elizabeth had an intention to create awareness of very serious political issue and problem – homelessness and poverty.  I don’t believe that they only intended to create awareness, I believe their hope was that by creating awareness, We can create change and put an end to this problem.

My intention is to make sure their intention is answered.  While Nina and Elizabeth enjoy their youth and travel the world for the next year, I Will work diligently to ensure their efforts do not go unnoticed.  For these reasons, Queen Nina, House of Garacci and Queen Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick are the first two characters in My Story, immediately after the Queen Mother and the Pope, or Heavenly Father.  I have painted a portrait for each of them, a gift to Honour their excellence in the community and a letter to restore each of them to their House and all rights given by God.

Now I am working on a self portrait, which Will be the last of the first five paintings to begin My exposition, an educational tapestry depicting the characters and roles of all those in Canada’s legal system responsible for the protection of man’s rights, along with a Write up explaining their role in a common wealth society.  I Will further elaborate on any explanations as necessary here on My Blog.

I started with the Queen and the Pope because the microcosm reflects the macrocosm in every Way.  We have all heard that We should Honour Our Father and Mother.  We should Honour Our Mother and Father at home, as well as the those archetypes in Our macrocosm.  When We do this, We realize (see with real eyes), that the Queen and the Pope have very important roles to play on the world stage, it is Our Duty to Honour them if We want the protections of the common law.

More to come soon.  For now, I Will once again say thank You to Queen Nina, House of Gracci and Queen Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick.  It is My intention that by the time You both return from Your adventures, Canada Will be a much better place to come home to.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if You do decide to link to the article, You Will notice that I have been credited in the photo as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’.  A newspaper has a Duty and responsibility to protect against false claims.  They Will not yet acknowledge Me as ‘King’, as King is an Honorary title that needs to be earned but I have the right to My family name, My ‘House’ is in Order.  😉

Love and Blessings,




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