My Story Continues…

A few days ago I was wondering who would become the next character in My Story, now I feel as if I am beginning to fall behind.  Kind of a ridiculous notion in it’s own right because I don’t really have a rigid timeline, I’m just impatient.  Always working on patience…

I have managed to get some Work done, though.  I have done what I said I would do and created a new Page that tells “My Story” in chronological Order.  This should provide My readers with deeper understanding as to why I have done things the Way that I have – and more importantly, why.  It Will also help My readers understand why I am painting the characters I Will paint.

As far as painting goes, I need to get back to Work.  I’ve been commissioned for two more pieces which helps to finance My exhibition (as all Works in My exhibition are not for profit, they are gifts for each of the characters depicted in My Story).  I’m still working on My Self portrait, though I hope to finish it later this evening, then I Will begin working on the two commission projects I have.  King George and (Dishonourable) Member of Parliament, Lloyd Longfield Will be waiting in the Wings.

Although I have had tremendous support for My artwork and political campaign from virtually everyone in the community, I am finding it very difficult to get any support whatsoever from the Manager of Social Housing at the (Ottawa Booth Center) Salvation Army, Mr. Jason Prevost.

I have five painting of unlimited commercial value, as they are gifts to Honour those who protect and defend the common Law.  One is for Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, another is for Pope Francis, representing the Mother and Father in Our macrocosm and the foundation of common Law.  Two more paintings are for Queen Elizabeth and Queen Nina for their outstanding contribution to the community demonstrated by their “InFocus” Project for the homeless.  I cannot put a price on any of these paintings because they are gifts to Honour those who represent My Ideas for a better world where all of man is equal.  Finally, My self portrait is a reflection of Me and represents the common man, and rightfully belongs to the common wealth.

As King, I am a custodian of Crown property.  I have a Duty and responsibility to ensure that the common wealth is protected for all of man to enjoy – this includes My gifts for the Queen and the Pope.  I have as King to Jason Prevost, Social Housing manager of the Salvation Army to grant Me a semi-private, two man dorm for the safety and security of My Work.  It seems to Me that he has as much an obligation to Honour God and the Queen as any other Canadian, and I am disappointed that he refuses to respond to My request – it has been over three weeks now since I made the request.  Apparently the issue is that the manager of Social Housing does not consider what I am doing to be ‘real work’.  If it is this difficult for Me to get the support I need, I can only imagine how difficult it might be for those who struggle with addiction issues, mental or physical health problems or other challenges.

The day I as King of Jason to grant My request for a two man dorm, he said he would let Me know later that afternoon.  He didn’t.  I as King to him about it again the next day, again he said the matter was being discussed but would have an answer by the end of the day – he even said that if I stuck around, he would come and find Me to let Me know.  Again, he didn’t.  The following day he failed to acknowledge Me when I made eye contact with him in the morning, so I figured he probably still didn’t have an answer but was confident he would get back to Me later that day.  He didn’t.

Patience, always working on patience.  He disappeared that day without saying a Word to Me about it.  I left a message with the evening supervisor, Dave, to remind Jason that I was still waiting to hear back from him with respect to My request for a two man dorm.  Dave assured Me he would let Jason know – and I trust that he did.

Jason was off on the Friday, the fourth day, and was also off Saturday and Sunday.  The earliest I could hope to hear from him would be Monday and I began to comprehend why so many people get frustrated.  It really doesn’t seem like a difficult or unreasonable request to Me, I am wondering what the challenge might be for Jason.

So, as is typical of My Style, I Wrote Jason a letter Friday evening.  I Will add it to ‘My Story’ when I get the rest of the pages fully updated, though I Will also publish it here so it appears on My Facebook and Twitter feeds.

After another week, I had to Write a second letter!  Because I am not in a two man, semi-private dorm, I can only presume that the answer is no and that Jason is too embarrassed or ashamed of himself to tell Me.  As he should be.  In My second letter, I as King to Jason that he respond to My request in Writing.  I want to know why he would even hesitate to Honour My request, much less after I take the time to sit down and Write him a letter explaining the nature of My Work.

Jason did seem to like My Style, though.  When I handed him the second letter, he called Me back to his office as I was leaving.

“How did You do that Seal on the letter?”

“Wax and a stamp,” as I motioned like I was stamping an envelope with My right hand.

“That was really cool, I like that.”

“Thank You very much, I’m glad You enjoyed it.” – that was the Idea.

I can understand why Jason might Write Me off and think I’m crazy.  A man, ‘homeless’, living in a shelter who claims to be a King, a master in commerce, law and spirituality, who is here to uphold and protect the common law, as his ‘Duty’ to God and the Queen…  Yet this is why I have so much fun.  Because it is all true!

Caroline (the Housing worker who first refused My request and referred Me to Jason) did take a sudden interest in My legal documents, as King to Me that she have a copy for her records.  I was happy to oblige.  The Salvation Army has now been informed that I am a King, it is on their record and part of My Story.

So is Jason.  I wonder if he has looked at My documents.  The irony is, I don’t really care if he responds or not.  As one of My Twitter followers tweeted, “Trust is like an eraser, the more mistakes You make, the more it disappears.”

What I would like, is contact info for a potential opportunity that I have little faith Jason has any capacity to handle favourably.  He also told Me he contacted a woman from the Byward market interested in providing Me with a place to Work.  I asked him for her contact info and a record of their correspondence.  He does not have any right or authority to manage My business.

So Jason is on My list of people to paint, though it doesn’t look like his character Will be reflected favourably.  Business managers can be as bad as politicians.  You never know, maybe Jason Will surprise Me, he does have time, there are about five other characters before him, four of them Honourable.  I am hoping there Will always be more Honourable than dishonourable characters to paint.

Love and Blessings,



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