Hiding in Plain Sight

I recently Writ a post called ‘Winter is Coming’, and I spoke of My plans over the coming months when it Will be too cold to paint outside.  The most regrettable thing about not updating My Blog frequently, is that I lose out on the opportunity to make My Ideas permanent in the Universe.

“All Songs are One Song (Uni-Verse) and that Song is ‘Don’t Forget’.” – Gordon Downie, the Tragically Hip.

It’s important to keep cranking out Our tune, singing Our Song – We need to know how to harmonize with one another and stay in Key if We want God’s Kingdom.  Keys, Music, Words, Uni-Verse, One Song…  And no coincidences.  Truth is always in plain sight for those with eyes to see.  When I make a request in Writing, the Energy creates a continual frequency in the Universe for as long as the thing exists.  Paintings Work the same Way, though the Ideas and Intentions in the paintings are far more complex than they are in Writing, perhaps even intangible in Writing, where a Word’s ability to express is limited by its definition and the understanding of the reader.  With a painting, complex Ideas and feelings can be communicated without saying a Word.

I had said that ‘Winter is Coming’, catch-phrase from ‘Game of Thrones’ because people seem to love that show (I am one of them).  I was tall King about how My next priority would be to find a permanent venue for My Work.  On Tuesday a woman approached Me as King to Me if I would be interested in contributing Work for an ongoing art exhibition.  I as King of Her exactly what it was She might be looking for, only because I wanted to hear it one more time.  It was almost Word for Word what I had as King of the Universe for in My last post.

Karine Will be working with Me to find a venue where not only Will I have an opportunity to showcase My exhibit, but other artists from the streets Will have an opportunity to show and sell their Work.  Karine has far better connections than I do for networking with some of the local art groups here in Ottawa and knows some of the best organizations to contact.  One of those groups is the Canadian Council for the Arts.  Another group I’m going to check out Will be C.S.A., or Community Supported Art.  I have many more Ideas but those are a good place to start.

I wanted to Write yesterday but it didn’t seem appropriate unless it was to Honour Gord Downie.  The man may be dead, but the Spirit of Gordon Downie Will never die.  I “Fully and Completely” believe that Gord Downie succeeded in His task on earth, He did what He came here to do – many of Us don’t even take the Time to determine what that might be.

Also, (another request from My last post answered), I have far more Honourable characters to paint than dishonourable, and that’s the Way I want it to be.  I have as many as five (more) characters to paint on the Honourable side and only two on the dishonourable side.  And each of those characters Will have one more opportunity to Honour their Word before the portrait (for-trait) of their characters are set in, well, not stone…  Birch bark – but same Idea.

I don’t really care if Lloyd Longfield or Jason Prevost respond to My letters, it is their character that suffers.  I called this post “Hiding in Plain Sight” because that’s what being where I am is all about – the perfect disguise.  Where I am is not who I am or what I am, though that is often how some like to perceive Me.

Imagine, if You Will, that each of Us are Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses.  I have said this for many years and it is something I know to be true.  Now, it is actually true for Me in man’s world, which I have always referred to as an illusive fiction anyway.  Why would I care if other people can’t comprehend My documents?  Ignorance is no excuse, it makes Me no less a King.  How much more foolish are these characters going to feel when they realize I am a King, and they could be, too – if only they had done their homework?

My intention is for all of man to know Kinship, or the King-Ship, the vessel We were each given by God.  Each character Honoured in My Work Will gain My Power in Law and Commerce.  The irony is that those who dishonour Me Will not have a clue what to do with their title.  Calling a man King does not make a man King, anymore than calling a man homeless can remove Him from His House.

I thought when I created My Cestui Que Vie that every person I showed it to would respond with the same enthusiasm.  I thought for sure everyone would comprehend the document and know its Power.  It wasn’t until I showed it to a few people that I began to realize it is far beyond what most of man can comprehend.  Only those of My peers in the law community seemed to comprehend it at all and even they said nothing – which is a huge compliment, believe Me (silence is consent).

Letters are fun for Me because I imagine those I send them to have no Idea who I am or what kind of Power I have in Law.  The longer a letter with a claim goes unanswered, the stronger the claim becomes and the more guilty the recipient of the letter appears to be.  The more letters I Write, the stronger My (brief) Case becomes.  Paintings are a great Way to pass the time while I continue to build My Case.  Publishing My letters with My exhibition Will create the kind of controversy that Will compel Our politicians to talk.  You never know, I may even decide to send copies of all My letters to the International Human Rights tribunal, but I want to be sure I give those in Canada’s political system an opportunity to demonstrate they know how to serve their Duties in a Crown society Honourably.

Many wonderful things happening in the Universe, including a presentation ceremony tomorrow with their Graces, Elizabeth and Nina.

Love and blessings,



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