Love, Appreciation and Gratitude

I’ve wanted to Write an appreciation post for a couple of days.  It didn’t seem appropriate on ‘lucky’ Wednesday, that day was to Honour Gord.  It didn’t seem appropriate yesterday because that day was to Honour Elizabeth.  So today is to give thanks for all of the other wonderful things that are happening in My life, and the people who are helping to make them happen.

I have had some of the most wonderful conversations over the last week or so.  Developing relationships takes time and people move on frequently.  I wish I could say it’s because they find accommodation and no longer have any need for shelter, but the more common truth is that they simply move on to another shelter, maybe even another city or province.  Some manage to get into rooming houses but the conditions are so poor that they usually end up back at the shelter in a few weeks or months.  And I’m pretty sure the system is designed that Way deliberately to keep government sponsored charities like the Salvation Army in business.  That’s a detail some people don’t really consider.  If the homeless situation is solved, three very big businesses Will have no reason to exist at all – the Shepherd’s of Good Hope, the Mission, and the Salvation Army would all be virtually out of business.  How many property contracts would go bust and how many people would lose their jobs?  Does homelessness exist because charity is beneficial to industry and good for economics?   It’s certainly something worth thing King about, isn’t it?

A few people have now taken some interest in My documents and that’s an area where I am not self conscious – at all.  It is virtually the opposite of how I feel about My paintings.  I am very proud of everything I’ve Writ here, even the mistakes, perhaps especially the mistakes.  I notice typos every now and then when I re-read old posts, but I don’t bother to correct them because I’m just a man (a Just man), and I make as many mistakes as anyone else.  I’m proud of My growth; both as a Writer and My character, and I’m proud that I have had the strength to keep My promise to My Self to relay My thoughts here as something of a living journal for the world to enjoy.  I’m thankful that in the seven years I’ve had My Blog, I’ve had readers from 83 countries of the world.  That blows My Mind!  I’m thankful that My Ideas have almost thoroughly infected the Matrix, then it Will be time for My Tricks.  I’m thankful for all the followers I have, the old and the new, Twitter and WordPress.  I am also tremendously thankful for those who are part of My day to day life, and for having the opportunity to inspire and teach others I know.  That is what I am most thankful for recently.

I’ve had a couple of people as King Me recently to teach them what I know and what My next steps Will be.  It is a question that has come up a few times in conversations this week and I have said that I Will let the Universe guide Me (as always).  The Words King, House of, Hand of, My slick Logo in the upper right (upright) and My thumbprint Seal, tend to impress people and provoke questions – in some cases enough to as King if they may read the document(s), which I am always happy to oblige.  The ‘paying for things’ with My thumbprint Seal is one of the most common thing I am as King of, the other is why I’m not living in a penthouse apartment making crazy money teaching…  Or something.  I say it’s the ‘or something’, I’m working (War King) on.  It’s also where I plan to apply a little more focus in the near future.

For now, it is helping Me to learn how to explain exactly how and why it does Work so that I can explain it a little better here.  For Me, it makes perfect sense (cents) but I almost stopped tall King about My documents altogether because there are so few people able to comprehend them.  I must have had at least five different people from various walks of life tell Me that I should not only have a beautiful dwelling for the winter but also a studio for painting.  The Universe is be King (speaking) to Us in every moment if We have ears to listen (list-in, and sign up for peace).

The higher up the chain of command I go, the more likely it is My documents Will be understood.  I Will eventually connect with experts in either business, law or economics that Will comprehend My documents and Will be only too happy to Honour them – I have unlimited credit, remember.  I Will explain how that works in a future post, too.

So the Universe is suggesting that I take some time to Honour My own Kingdom over the next few months, if only to improve My Creative environment and increase My productivity; and this I Will do by Way of My Cestui Que Vie Trust.  It’s also the main reason I am here, and that is ultimately what this Post is about – to give thanks for having the opportunity to be exactly where I am now, to be the change I dream to see in the world, and to be an example and inspiration for those who know Me.  It is here that I feel I am needed the most.

Although the path is not always clear for Me every step of the Way, I’m an expert in improvisation and visualization.  The only illusion is Time and I already have a reasonably clear picture of what My display Will look like by the time spring rolls around in another six months.  The only question is how and where I Will continue My Work.  I love You all, truly.  Thank You.

Love, Blessings, and Infinite Gratitude,

And I know I’ve shared this before, but it’s relevant…





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