Honouring In Focus, Housing the Homeless

I’ve had such a fabulous week and every day just seems to get better!  It has been six days since I had the opportunity to Honour Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick, one of two Queen’s responsible for the Ottawa InFocus Project (to create awareness of homelessness and poverty in Canada) with Her gifts.  Today, I was blessed with the opportunity to present Queen Nina, House of Garacci with Her Honours Ceremony for excellence in the community.  And now, I am blessed with the opportunity of tall King about the ceremony I have prepared for all Lords and Ladies Honoured in My Work.  I have had to wait a week so as not to spoil the surprise for Queen Nina!   How the Universe loves for Me to practice patience!


This is how I presented the portraits.  It does not seem appropriate to Honour others with portraits if I am too afraid to Honour My own character, so the intention was that their Graces would have an opportunity to view the next three characters in My story before I present them to the world.  Queen Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick was the first to be presented with Her portrait on Thursday, October 20th.

Queen Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick

Her Grace, Queen Nina, House of Garacci was presented with Her portrait this afternoon, Thursday, October 26th.


But that is not the only thing I plan to do for those who Honour and support My determination to defend and protect the common law and man’s rights, I also have a very special Ceremony planned.  My greatest Gift is My Word, that which I Write Will Manifest.  So, each were presented with the following, set up on the same table where We had Our interview with the Ottawa Sun and Citizen Newspapers:

The King’s Court

After taking a seat in the King’s Court, each are presented with a Hand Writ Cestui Que Vie, giving life to each character in man’s fiction, and restoring the Order of their House.



Because We each have a unique role to Play on the world stage, each of the characters whom have a played an integral part in My Story are also presented with a letter to Honour their exceptional performance.  It is worth noting that a letter and accompanying Cestui Que Vie were also given to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and His Holiness, Pope Francis; the Father and Mother of Our macrocosm.



I say We are all Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens.  For Elizabeth, House of Fitzpatrick and Nina, House of Garacci, it is now true in man’s fiction.  They may not feel like Royalty yet, but My Words are Magic and My thoughts Manifest, their Destiny in the Stars is assured.  And so it is.

I give My Word that I Will not let the people of Ottawa or Canada turn a blind eye to homelessness, poverty or any other violation of man’s rights until there are none to speak of.  I give the most Gracious thanks to the Universe for this most Glorious day!

Love and Blessings,



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