Hallowe’en Special: The Walking Dead

Good evening everyone and happy Halloween!  I’ve been looking forward to Writing this entry all day.  This is a favourite night for a lot of people and it’s easy to understand why – We get to be something else for a day.  People dress up, go out and person-if-I a new character.  It’s always exciting to play a new role on the world stage, even if only for a day/night.

I wondered to My Self how many people know what the Word Hallowe’en means.  I know what ‘hallow’ means (‘Hallowed be My name’) but it didn’t make a lot of sense to Me.  Why call it ‘Holy’ evening if everyone walks around wearing scary masks?  So I decided to look it up.  It is the evening of all Saints day.

“Christian celebration of All Saints day and All Souls Day stems from a belief that there is a strong bond between those in Heaven and the Living” – Wikipedia

I’m going to touch on some of the symbolism in Ideas like this and what they represent in Our psyche.  I think it’s pretty fair to say that Saints represent the Idea of a ‘good’ man, a spiritual or ‘Godly’ man, often selfless, typically martyrs, and excellent moral examples of character.  

Halloween is a Christian tradition which suggests that the Saintly Will be rewarded by God and accepted into [His Kingdom of] Heaven.  Heaven is a dream in man’s Mind, an Idealistic world, filled with Angels.  For now, a place that only exists in man’s Mind.

‘A strong bond between those in Heaven and the Living.’  The Word ‘Living’ is something I find very interesting.  The line suggests that there is a strong bond between man and Heaven but that is not how it is articulated.  What it doesn’t say is that there is a strong bond between those in Heaven and the Living man.  All of life is of God, all of Life is eternal, there is no death, that is part of man’s illusion of Life.

‘The Walking Dead’ is a show I just can’t watch because it’s too close a metaphor for the world We do live in, at least legally.  Very few people in this world actually live on paper.  We all know We Will one day leave Our physical body, it is temporary, a vehicle for Our Soul, or Spirit.  The only thing that Will remain are the Ideas and Impression We leave on the world with the expression (ex-press-ion) of Our character.  It is important for All Saints to be expressed in this world.

Tomorrow, for All Saints Day, I Will show You how I Will raise the dead.

Love and Blessings,

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