All Saints Day, Raising the Dead

Or should I say Razing the dead?  That is what I Will do.  In Our current (think electric)reality, man only exists on paper.  People once used to as King of Me what I would do with no government issued I.D., how would I ever manage to live in man’s world?  By giving life to My character.

That is why I say the world is a perfect metaphor for the new hit series, “The Walking Dead”.  Most of the world is giving life to a corpse – a corpus or corporate titled character.  It’s true and I think it’s pretty clear that it’s true – We are obviously not the pieces of paper We carry with Us in Our wallets.  Yet most would not know how to make Our Way in the world without them, and many well intentioned Souls would not know how to help a man without them, perhaps with the exception of helping one get them back.  I’m sure anyone who has lost their ‘I.D.’ entity can likely relate.

There are no coincidences in the Universe.  There is much controversy over the Word ego and it remains the greatest challenge in My own personal Quest to be the change I dream to know in the world.  For the Spiritual Master, ego is the servant – that is why I am okay with being called ‘Sir’ in a letter.  The legal character is the person, the ego, the character We personify and Id-entify with.  We are all Kings and Queens under God.  Now My character is that in man’s fiction, yet I am reluctant to be that because of lingering Ideologies that the Spiritual man is a modest man, a humble man, not egotistical, not a King! But it’s just a title.  And before it was a title, it was a beautiful Idea.  My Ideas have become physical in man’s world, ‘As above, so below.’  Heaven has touched the Earth.

I Will give life back to every character in man’s fiction, that is My job, My special part on the world stage.  I am not a King because I believe I am better than any other man, I am a King because I know and understand the Duties and responsibilities of a King.  The title is just a tool for My special task on this earth, much like a doctor has special skills that determine His title.  We are each giving life to a corpus title and I am no exception, I have just created a new Idea for that Id-entity that gives life to My (legal) character.  The living man has all rights given by God and those rights are protected by common law.

We are all living, so We all have a strong bond in Heaven, We are all Saints if We choose to be.  Perhaps a piece of paper cannot actually live as We know and understand it, but there is a great deal of wealth in that which We contribute to this earth with the life We have.  Consider the books We can read, the life that is in them, the music We listen to, the blueprints responsible for incredible architecture.  Perhaps the papers themselves don’t live but they have a powerful creative influence on the physical plane (flat).

I said once that I believe everyone should Write down their highest Idea for Self on a piece of paper, then consider what that thing is and how that thing would Act – determine the role of the character, then play the part.  I consider My Self an example of everything I teach and I have finally become that which I have always said We all are, Kings and Queens.  If I were afraid to be the ego now, I could not do what I have come here to do.  Thank You all for being here.

Love and Blessings,



  1. I believe the destruction of ego must occur if one or all of us is to move forward( to make collective progress) in this place we call Earth, or home… Our ego’s hold us back but our narcissism will never let us see that…in fact, to my knowledge pioneering scientists of mycology only just a few decades ago coined the term ‘destruction of the self/ego’ to describe the mind opening experiences one can have while under the influence of certain substances such as that of the psylocybe cubensis, or magic mushroom…it has indeed helped countless people see themselves and the world around them as they truly are, and not through a selfish filter…
    Also, Great thoughts on the life potential we can find in ordinary items like books, or blueprints, I’ll never look at them the same..
    I was inspired by your words of wisdom to imagine ourselves as the very thing we are fighting for and to act as they would.
    Ive seen that a good artist can use their art to bring someone into their world or vision of things, and you have done that for me again, so thank you, Best of fortune on finding ‘your own path’.

    1. Thank You very much. Ego is still an elusive Word. The difficulty isn’t so much ego but lacking knowledge of the true self, which allows ego to manifest it ‘Self’ into all kinds of distorted projections. If We all knew the true Self, Ego would begin to reflect the true self and would become a gateway for transformation.
      Thanks for the Honour of Your thoughts, I appreciate You.

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