Remember, Remember, the 5th of November…

It has already been a memorable day for Me.  Every now and then Facebook Will bring up a ‘memory’ from ‘X’ number of years ago – today it was My friendship with a special friend, Dylan.

We bonded in a very unique Way, meeting on the steps of the Vancouver Art gallery and sharing some of Our Ideas about the state of the world.  That night, Dylan told Me He had a vision in a dream.  He gave Me a piece of Artwork to communicate the Vision in His dream.  At the time, I often referred to My Self as ‘the Spirit of the Elephant’, which represents Peace, Love, Truth and Strength and the Image gifted Me by Dylan was riddled with Images of Elephants, tribal looking faces and powerful symbolism that I could Identify with.  I wanted to ‘protect’ the Image Dylan had given Me, so I as King to Dylan if I could paint the Image on canvas.  It was essentially the same as what Dylan had given to Me, though I had straightened many of the lines and gave it a more symmetrical appearance.  We called the new Work, “Global Guardian”, a symbol to represent Our collective Idea for a better world.

Dylan also happens to be the man who introduced Me to the world of Magic by handing Me Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck to study the Tarot.  I told Dylan I didn’t know anything about it and He insisted the deck was Intended for Me.  Even then I saw all things as Signs from God and every man’s hand, the Hand of God – I graciously accepted.  Today, the Tarot are the only possession I have from that time.  It is almost as if the Deck is protected by Magic, they are still in excellent condition.

They also helped Me to find My Way.  I was the Prince of Wands in the Tarot for almost nine years – this year is My first year as the Emperor, influenced by the Star.  Nine years ago, I would not have understood what the cards were telling Me.

I use the cards very seldom because they take time and concentration.  I also get enough guidance from the Universe for My day to day life.  I would use the cards when I was feeling ‘stuck’ or lacking direction in My Quest.  I have expressed before how often I was instructed to study ‘the Law’…  And I how boring and dry I once found it.  Now My studies in Law are complete, I’m Working (War King), or practicing the application of Law.

So this is a special day for Me because Dylan really is a special friend, even though I have not seen him man to man in almost nine years.  It’s also a special day for Me because I love the movie, “V for Vendetta”, which celebrates the memory of Guy Fawkes on November 5th.

As wonderful as the Idea behind My Art campaign may be, what I Write here remains My most important Work.  Many of the Minds I touch here I have never met and Will never know, ‘man to man’.  The same is true of My documents.  Only a very select few Will actually end up on the receiving end of one of My letters.  This is the only place that allows Me to let people know what the physical Me is doing to accomplish My dream in the Universe.  And the Universe seems pleased that I decided to Write the Governor General.

My Twitter account is going off the charts today.  Over fifty new followers in the last couple of hours and the trend seems to be continuing.  I am getting so much activity that I had to reset and change My password to ensure My account wasn’t compromised.  I acquired ten new followers in the time it has taken Me to Write the last two sentences (less than a minute).  I Will Write more today because I do have lots to say (as per usual) and I am really, really having a lot of fun sharing this with all of You.

I hope and Trust You Will all have a blessed day,


Love and Gratitude,


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