Universal Harmony and a Perfect Fifth

“A perfect fifth is the musical interval corresponding to a pair of pitches with a frequency ratio of 3:2.” – Google God

Gord Downie mentions dreaming of perfect fifth’s in one of His Songs, the Depression Suite.  I can Sing reasonably well but I don’t have any natural skill with instruments and I don’t know much about music theory, though I always thought a perfect fifth sounded nice.  I looked it up once before but because music isn’t really ‘My thing’ (as much as I love it), the definition doesn’t help Me to know what it means except by definition, so it never stuck – I could never apply it without first developing a greater understanding of music.

I didn’t start this Blog so I could teach a man law, I started this Blog to inspire man.  Anything You can perceive in Your Mind, You can know – that is how powerful We are.  Over the last few months, I real eyes’ed that most of My readers probably don’t care to know the finer details, much like I can’t appreciate the definition of a perfect fifth.  If I knew a musician who could play one for Me, the information would be present in a context I can both enjoy and understand – only then would I be likely to remember the definition because it would mean something to Me, I could relate it to something I can Identify with.  I mentioned to a friend some time ago that there was a part of Me that was waiting for someone to tell Me what they would do if they were King…

“What would You do?  That’s what the world wants to know, that’s why You’re a King!”

I think ‘smack My head’ is the phrase kids are using these days.  That’s what it was, a truth so obvious it was like a slap in the face.  How I Will do things now that I am a King is what the world is waiting to see.  The goal has always been the same, I must find My Way to the world stage.  Continuing to focus on the big picture, where I ultimately need to be in the world, is what inspires My next move.  I have goals of My own, one of which includes getting My Self into a modest studio apartment, ‘fit for a King’.  I honestly did not think it would take so long for Guelph’s municipal court to sort things out and I am beginning to get impatient – that’s why I Writ the Governor General.

I say the Universe is speaking to Us in every moment.  I Posted the letter to My Blog yesterday.  I had 2482 followers on Twitter when I woke up this morning, re-Tweeted yesterday’s Post with a few hashtags and less than an hour later I was getting so many new Twitter followers I could hardly keep up (following back).  In a little over an hour I acquired more than 100 new followers, I’m at just over 2700 followers now.  I know it really isn’t that many compared to other users but for a guy who had fifty-five followers for years without ever gaining a new one, two hundred and fifty followers in a single day is pretty huge for Me.

And these are the little things that other people can’t understand and probably don’t care to, much like I don’t really understand a perfect fifth.  But for Me, the Universe’s response to My last Blog Post is in Deed a Sign.  For Me, today is a Perfect Fifth in Our One Song (Universe).

Love, Blessings, and special thanks to all My new followers on Twitter!!!

I love You.



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