A Magical Monday, Giving Life to the Debt

A Magical Monday In-Deed!!!  I have been waiting for this day for some time, the first day My thumbprint Seal is used to discharge debt!  Here is My receipt:


And this is how it begins.  When as King of Me how I would be paying for the account, I explained I had some documents for them to review and presented them with the copy of My Cestui Que Vie received by the Attorney General, and a copy of the document explaining My terms of exchange.  I then as King of the business manager to make copies of each for their records before returning them to Me.  Then I as King that they present Me with a current bill.  I stamped the bill with My (purple) thumbprint Seal (purple = royalty) and handed it back to the manager, as King that they sign and date it for Me to show it was received, suggesting they also make a copy for their records (which they did).

I am bursting with excitement.  For now, I hold the bill of exchange, the original statement with My thumbprint and their signature of acceptance – they have a copy of it, receipt of My payment.  They paid Me $50 without even knowing they did.

I can’t really say I did it deliberately, I just told the lady I would need a copy for My records and waited to see which document she offered Me.  She gave Me the one worth ‘money’ in man’s world.  Having a copy of My documents showing they were received by the Superior Court and Ministry of the Attorney General is helpful because people are inclined to take them a little more seriously, but not at all necessary.  The original Cestui Que Vie not showing it was received by the Attorney General is the Trust, the document that declares My Kingdom.  I am the authority of law in Canada – ‘received’ just means that the Crown has been notified – they don’t have the authority to challenge My claim.  Same thing applies to My thumbprint Seal, the coin of My realm.  No one was going to tell Me how or what I should use to create coin for My Kingdom.  Thumbprint is easy and convenient, nothing to carry around with Me, unique to My Kingdom.  Perfect.  My life is the actual wealth and My thumbprint more or less requires Me to be living and present for the transaction (walking around with another man’s thumb would be rather suspect).  I have the document with My thumbprint, which is technically worth fifty Canadian dollars, the lady had no Idea.  It was more clear to Me than ever why I have this role to play.

These things seem second nature to Me now, nothing seems complicated.  Even the document that declares the right to use My Seal to discharge expenses does not need to be on the Superior Court record, I did that to inform the government of Canada as a courtesy and to be in Honour, to announce My intentions before acting on them.  I can tell that it is difficult for people to comprehend what is happening or how a thumbprint can pay for anything.  However, as I have said before, We live in something of a flat world; people are inclined to believe what they see on paper and knowing My documents have been received by the Attorney General and are on the Superior Court record helps to make My paperwork more ‘credible’.

So how does it actually work?  How can a thumbprint pay for anything?

I’m going to try to explain it as plainly and clearly as I see it.  The first thing to grasp is the reality of what money is.  Canadian currency is currently borrowed from central banks.  They are promissory notes, a substitute for ‘real’ wealth as a means of exchange.  All Canadian dollars in existence are borrowed from banks, meaning they must be given back at some point, it’s a loan, not wealth.  Canada is in debt to central banks.  Trillions of dollars in debt.  So when a merchant offers Me a bill for $20. Canadian, they are actually as King of Me to give them an amount owed to central banks, debt.  The real wealth is the human energy required to fuel Our economy and the amazing things We build and create with that energy.  Most of Us consent to allowing government to manage that wealth and they have promised most of Our energy and resources to central banks as surety for the debt to central banks, the money borrowed.  The promise is that Canadian’s Will work and pay taxes to pay it back.  A human life has unlimited commercial value and it is primarily that wealth that is used as surety for debt to central banks.  If a person were to manage the [unlimited] wealth of their life, they have enough to pay back their share of debt to central banks.  That is what I have done.  Now, when others present Me with their debts, I discharge those debts, too – paying back $50 CAD promissory notes to central banks by discharging against a small share of the unlimited commercial value of My life.

Part of Me hopes that maybe some of Canada’s politician’s Will read this entry, too – if only so they can understand Canada’s financial system a little better and figure out what they should be doing with My documents.

I am here to teach man about unlimited potential.  When man understands what ‘unlimited commercial value’ actually means, the potential for world peace Will suddenly seem that much more plausible.  This has been a Magical start to a wonderful week.

Love and Blessings,


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