More Monday Magic – A Letter of Introduction for the Mayor of Ottawa

I was very excited to finally get this letter in the mail today and perhaps even more excited to Post it.  At first I didn’t really think it was fair to Post a letter before the recipient has a chance to read it, now I think it’s a waste for My Magic to lay dormant when the Spell is already active in the Universe.

I also want to point out that I do consider My Self a teacher and feel it’s My Duty to demonstrate by My example how one should govern themselves if one claims to be King.  Typically, if You are sending serious letters, they should be sent registered mail or delivered in some Way that ensures You have proof of delivery.  This is to ensure that the recipient can’t claim they ‘didn’t get the memo’.  I’m not doing that anymore.  I made sure that My notices to the Attorney General, Registrar General, [Express Legal] Vital Statistics and the Toronto Crown were sent registered mail and I have digital receipts Posted here on My Blog, on My phone, My laptop, and in a private e-mail message so I can always recover them if My data is ever compromised.  Those are the only documents that need to be registered, they are My claim to God’s Kingdom.

Now, I am doing things as a King would.  My thumbprint is legal tender in Canada and using it in place of where one would typically place a stamp is how a King would send a letter.  This is something the Post office Will recognize.  The downside is that I Will not get a receipt, so if they don’t reply I have no proof it was received.  However, I said that this Blog would be something of a worldwide publication and it has become that.  Over forty countries this year have viewed these pages.  So My proof Will be Posted here, this is a public record, too.  This is a legal and lawful Universal publication and the perfect place to make announcements.  This is the Magic Spell I Cast upon the Mayor of Ottawa today:




So, this is another little part of My Style, just to make the Magic a little more potent:


This is how I send mail without postage, secret revealed.


It was a very productive day.  I called the Guelph Police Service to follow up on the fax sent Friday, too – wouldn’t You know they claimed they didn’t get it.  So I faxed it over again today and the lady was pretty nice about the whole thing, happy to confirm that it was received.  She also assured Me it was forwarded to the legal department, I anticipate I Will hear back sometime tomorrow.


Spell Cast!

I hope everyone has had a marvelous Monday,

Love and Blessings,


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