Motivated Monday

I woke up especially motivated today.  Last night I was as King of a man to Writ His Will.  It felt like a special Honour and He was very pleased with His final Words.


I love doing things like this for people.  I had actually wanted to start a new letter but this took up most of My evening.  Most of the time I don’t have any issues with ink but I had to attempt this three times before finally getting it right.  I spelled a name wrong on one attempt, clumsily smeared the second attempt and spilled some ink on the third.  I finally got it done on the fourth try.  The man for whom I composed this Writ had retired for the night before it was done, so the morning started with the excitement of knowing I would present it to Him today.  He was very pleased with the final result and is eager to take it to His trustee who Will make a true copy for Him, the original He Will keep in a safety deposit box.  His thumbprint and signature Will also be added to the document.

I also have My letter for the Mayor to mail today.  I Will as King of Alix to make a copy of the letter for Me before I mail it to His office and Post the letter here.  I Will also compose the other letter I had intended to Write last night, so I have a lot of things on the go which always excites Me and keeps Me motivated.

There is nothing quite like feeling inspired.  Usually Monday’s are a day people dread, the beginning of a new work week.  When You love what You do, it’s easy to get excited about getting back to work.  The weekends are a time for Me to collect My thoughts, get some things done, Write some Scrolls, then Cast the Magic on Monday.  This is a Post to give thanks to the Universe for all the countless Blessings in My life, and to encourage anyone reading this to do as much as You can to spend Your life loving what You do.

I hope this day finds You all Blessed,

With Love,


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