The ‘Declare ‘A’ Sean’ of Man’s Rights and Universal Freedoms

I did this once before in My Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, but I am doing it again now.  I have re-Writ the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms so that all of the rights set forth in the declaration can be fully realized. (Article 28)

To compare with the original Charter of Universal Rights and Freedoms established by the United Nations, You can link to the Charter by clicking on this sentence.

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THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY and the UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS does not actually protect man’s inalienable rights, it protects human rights, which are the rights of a man who has chosen to waive some of his inalienable rights to engage in commerce.  The man accepts a corporate title and licence, otherwise known in Black’s Law as a/the person.  People represents more than one person and all human beings are people in law, acting as corporations and waiving rights in exchange for privileges and benefits.

I think that most people in the world who don’t know that the definitions of Words are very different in Black’s Law compared with what We comprehend them to mean in English, and probably think that a person is a living man.  A living man always retains all common law rights in law but a person only enjoys the privileges, benefits and rights of a corporation.  As a man’s economic situation or status does not have any Power in Law to interfere with any of the rights set forth in the above declaration, so I have re-Writ the Declaration without the economic restrictions presented in the original.

I hope You enjoy it, happy Lucky Wednesday and a massive thank You to all My new followers on Twitter, I’m having another explosive day!  These are the Ways the Universe communicates with Me, more and more people are ready to give Peace a chance!!!

Love and Blessings,



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