Wonderful Lucky Wednesday

The whole day has been beautiful.  I have enjoyed Writing letters so much, I was looking for a new Project but beyond that, I can’t say what it was exactly that inspired Me to revisit the United Nations Universal Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Once I noticed that the Charter and General Assembly were in the Style of capitus diminutia maximus (all caps) in the Preamble, I knew it was a Sign.

I Spent about six hours on the document altogether, maybe a little longer, seventeen pages in total.  The moment I started Scribing the first few letters, it was as if the Universe was smiling on Me.  A great deal of the time I feel that Way anyway, so this was like the usual dose x10.  It is almost as if I go into a bit of a trance while I Write, My eyes blur their focus, the concentration is in the Word, the Letter, and the movement of the Pen.  I had wanted to finish the document last night but I was so tired I started skipping entire Words, so I reluctant went to bed at 2:30 in the morning.  Needless to say I felt a little groggy this morning but I remained steadfast in My determination to get back to the document and get it Posted as soon as possible.  Again, the inspiration evoked by the Act was enough to keep Me motivated all morning and I managed to Post the Declaration (Declare ‘A’ Sean 😉 ) of Man’s rights early after lunch.

I also mentioned on the fifth of this month that My social media networks have been on fire again lately.  For whatever reason, I had a burst of new followers that I could hardly keep up with.  By the end of the day I had gained somewhere between two and three hundred new followers, roughly a ten percent increase.  And all of it came in a flood of new followers over a span of a few hours, then tapered off to My usual ten to thirty new followers a day until this morning.

This morning I opened My Twitter page to find 2752 followers, an increase of two from the time I went to bed.  When I finished the Declaration, I started getting notifications of new followers on My phone, even though I had not photographed the Declaration or Posted anything about it yet.  Gaining roughly twenty new followers a day recently with the occasional spike of forty or fifty, I had hoped that maybe I would hit 2800 by the end of the day.  When I first checked My Twitter account after finishing the Declaration, I was already at 2801!  Once again, for a period of roughly six hours, I was gaining so many new followers I could hardly keep up (follow back).  I was at 3430 when I started this entry and it’s now at 3435, (roughly ten minutes later) and tapering off.

Probably sounds a little silly to be so excited about followers on a social media account, but for Me everything is a Sign from the Universe.  The followers had nothing to do with the Declaration I Posted because I hadn’t Posted it yet.  In fact, I hadn’t Posted anything on Twitter at all today before the flood of new followers arrived.  When My Twitter account first started to take off from it’s modest 55 follower beginning in May, it still took over a month to gain My first six hundred followers.  I gained 630 followers today in just over six hours.  Is it just Me or is that pretty remarkable for a guy who has no claim to fame save the Words I Write here?

Recently, I’ve been telling the Universe I am ready.  Although I have been ready to Write documents as I do for some time now, I was not ready to do what I Will do, I was not ready to take the Stage.  I’m something of a recluse, I really do enjoy being an unknown for the sake of My privacy.  We’ve all heard the expression, ‘fake it ’till You make it’, and I have been tricking My Self into believing I am ready to give up being a nobody…  But I wasn’t, I was faking it, trying to convince My Self because I know I must.  Now it’s true, I believe I have transcended the last fears I may have had with respect to ego, fearing people would never accept Me if I’m walking around calling My Self King – I’m sure that is something virtually any man can understand.

When My Twitter account first took off in May after being all but dormant (though active) for almost seven years, it made Me a little uncomfortable, nervous.  More people are listening to what I say, I don’t want to say the wrong thing, offend any of My new fans.  But I’m comfortable with it now.  And when I got the new rush of followers today, I actually got really excited about it, I felt like I am ready to finally go wherever this thing is going to take Me, however thrilling and fast the ride becomes.

For today, the rush has subsided some 3438 now and trickling in at a more typical pace.  There are no coincidences in the Universe and although it may just be social media, an anonymous virtual Universe of consciousness, for Me it is still a reflection of the macrocosm, a Sign that the world may actually be ready for Trans Form A Sean.  The right Way is the Write Way, and the Alpha Bet is still on the Alpha Mail.  😉  I love Word Magic.

Love, Blessing and Infinite Gratitude for every precious moment with You…20171114_213624.jpg

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