In King Ship with My Fellow Kings

In this concrete jungle of citizens, I Will work to make Our city’s Zen.  A quote that was partially inspired by friends who are with Me now.  On the streets there is a great deal more Honour and Duty than one might expect; here, Loyalty is Royalty and Your Word is Your Bond.

Although I may have the title of King in Law and Commerce, I don’t walk around introducing My Self that Way for obvious reasons.  However, I am quite comfortable tall King about it once I get to know someone and I’m getting to know quite a few people.  My friends are the ones I am here for and they are the ones looking to Me for leadership and truly Honouring Me with their friendship.

Now that the days have grown colder, I have ‘claimed’ space indoors where I am either on My laptop, Writing to My Blog, surfing the web and checking My social media accounts, or Scribing My next letter.  Just as I once had constant visitors and onlookers while I was painting, now My friends frequently stop by to visit with Me at what has become My ‘makeshift’ desk.  It is now where My friends expect to find Me, so most of the time someone takes care of making sure the space is available for Me shortly after breakfast.  The moment I sit down, I start thing King about My next move, what I should Write about here, or for whom I Will Cast My next Spell.

All of these things combined are what help Me to find My Way.  My friends Will often as King of Me what I Will do next which forces Me to thing King about it My Self.  Even if I don’t have a clear answer, I have seemingly endless options and tall King about it with My friends helps Me to navigate My own ship, the King’s Ship, and determining how I Will securely Dock My Ideas to establish My Kingdom and Keep with God.

My productivity motivates others to be more productive, too.  When I painted, My friends would stop by to share some of their creations with Me, often inspired by watching Me paint, encouraging them to get back to doing something more creative with their time.  As I sit here Writing this Post, two of My friends are War King on some Writing of their own as they Keep Me company.  Recently another friend started His own Blog, and continuously, My friends are inspiring Me; sometimes with their Ideas, sometimes just by chatting with Me which helps to inspire My own strategies.

One of My friends actually calls Me ‘King’, though I thing King it’s because He doesn’t know My calling.  A few of My friends call Me, “House of von Dehn”, which is a rather long for a street name but one of My favourites.  I’m also known as ‘Picasso’, ‘DaVinci’, ‘Artist’, ‘Painter’, ‘Lawyer’…  And I’m sure a few more – I like them all.

In My day to day life, these are the people who matter to Me most, We Honour each other.  I don’t believe a single man ‘deserves’ to be on the streets and My friends know that – they also believe I might actually be able to do something about it, even if they are only hopeful.  So every minute Victory is a moment to share and celebrate with friends.  My friends were as excited about all My new followers as I was, checking in with Me periodically to as King of Me, ‘How many followers do You have now?!’.

They are the ones who know how much time goes into a painting, a letter, or a Blog Post, so they have a greater appreciation for My Work, they can relate to My efforts.  And I am here for a reason.  One of My core philosophies with respect to leadership is that a true leader would never take more than the least of his people.  By living and experiencing what life is like for Canada’s most economically challenged, I can not only relate to the frustrations of those who experience it, I am motivated to make sure something is done about it.

My friends are fellow Kings, Kings who fell low.  I am here to raise them up, restore their King Ship so their greatest Ideas can traverse the commercial admiralty waters with confidence…  Which, by the Way is verb that essentially means to confide in one’s Self.  And it is the perfect Way to end this Post, as it was one of My friends living in King Ship with Me who expressed that confidence is, ‘the Art of confiding in Self’.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!!!  Love and Blessings,




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