The Apocalypse: Imagination and the Image of My Nation

Dare to Dream, I always have.  If We knew that every Idea We have about the future is every bit as real as every memory of Our past, We would dare to Dream bigger – MUCH bigger.  The only thing that limits man’s potential is Imagination.

Imagination is the Image I have for My nation; My life’s purpose, My Dream.  As a child I believed it would be relatively easy to fix all of the world’s problems, I just had to wait until I was old enough to tell people how things should be.  I never considered what challenges there might be, I genuinely believed that people just didn’t know any better and would welcome any Ideas that might accomplish peace in the world.  I still believe accomplishing peace in the world is easy – so easy that it Will seem miraculous, though there Will be nothing miraculous about it.  The solution is so simple most of Us can’t even see it.

I have another very serious Spell to Cast but I didn’t want to Write about it today, simply because I am feeling so Blessed.  I can’t wait to share My Dream with the world and show everyone just how easy it is to solve the world’s problems – that’s what I am here for, after all.  I don’t want to Write intimidating letters to elected officials and public servants, I just want an opportunity to heal the world, for My Voice to be heard.

We’ve all been told that God has a sense of humour and it is reflected in the microcosm and macrocosm of man’s world.  In fact, it is the bridge that binds them together.  We have been working very hard to build God’s Kingdom, the one Kingdom where all of man is equal, the United Kingdom of God.  We have referred to this United Kingdom as part of the common wealth, yet We don’t seem to know it’s value or understand who it’s for.  Most would tell Me that it belongs to the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II.  But the Queen does not claim to own them, Her Grace is taking care of the common wealth, keeping the worker bees busy building the Kingdom until the children of God grow up.  When man learns to share the common wealth and stops breaking the 10th Commandment, “Though Shall not Covet!!!”, the Keys to the Kingdom Will be given.

That’s My philosophy.  We have only ever achieved the miraculous things We have by working together and We all have a role to Play on the world Stage.

‘United We Stand, Divided We Fall’.

We are all Kings and Queens, We are all equal in the eyes of God, whatever We perceive that to be.  For whatever reason, man has chosen to compete with each other rather than cooperate and enjoy the wealth of man’s creation together.  We chose to covet, to keep things from Our fell low King’s, rather than offer a Hand to raise them up.

It is the eve of lucky Wednesday and three pieces from My Art collection Will be in an exhibit tomorrow and it is rumoured the CBC Will be there to report for the news.  I Will be showing the Mother and Father of man’s macrocosm, the Queen Mother and Holy Father.  I did what I could to summarize their role on the world stage as best I could in as few Words as possible.  The two following Scripts Will be presented with My Works tomorrow.

The Queen Mother
The Holy Father

I also have an appointment tomorrow where I Will be Hand delivering My most serious Spell thus far.  When I return, I Will be preparing for an exhibition of My Work and perhaps I Will manifest My first television interview.

I started this Post because I have truly been feeling immensely blessed.  Though I am sure there are many who probably still can’t understand what I’m doing, I actually feel like I’ve already accomplished what I came here to do, I just be patient, wait for My Spells to Work their Magic.

Perhaps because of this, I’ve also been feeling a little nostalgic, which is rare for Me.  I don’t spend much time thing King about that which is behind Me now, I like to keep My Imagination actively Manifesting My Dreams.  Now I am visualizing how I Will celebrate!  I am also wondering who might be there to celebrate it with Me.

So I spent all of last night listening to My favourite tunes on YouTube.  Looking back may not accomplish much but it can still be immensely enjoyable.  I was reminded of old friends, old lovers, and feeling immense gratitude for those who I am still blessed enough to know, wondering how many more I may manifest along the Way.  I was also feeling a very strong urge to thank My friends, especially My lovers for having to put up with such a stubborn, Idealistic man, despite knowing they loved Me for it as much as it could infuriate them at times.

The Apocalypse is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as, “a : one of the Jewish and Christian writings of 200 b.c. to a.d. 150 marked by pseudonymity, symbolic imagery, and the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil and raises the righteous to life in a messianic kingdom.”

I was actually expecting it to say something about the ‘unveiling of Truth’ but I do not argue with anything the Universe gives Me to work with, so I used the first link given by Google God.  It made Me laugh out loud because all I see are metaphors for everything I am trying to teach with respect to the Law – Acting as the corporate (corpus, dead) character, rather than Our living Will and Divine Purpose given by God.

However, I have always told My family that one day I would end the economy and countries.  The money thing was what I figured would be the most difficult task and I already have that one covered, the rest should be easy.  So I guess the Apocalypse is something of a destruction of the world, but not in quite the Way most people would expect.  The end of money Will be the Key to the Kingdom of God, Heaven on Earth.  After that, the rest of the pieces Will fall into place.

I love You all, thank You for being here.

And a Song for the girl I’m crushing on, though she likely has no Idea. 😉



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