War King for the Man – A Letter to the Chief Editor of the Ottawa Citizen

I started the morning with a letter to the Chief Editor of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.  It was brought to My attention on Tuesday that My photo had been published in the Ottawa Citizen, along with a couple of My friends and fellow Kings, David and James.

I do not want to disclose the contents of My letter until the Ottawa Citizen has a chance to respond.  I am as King to them that the corporation compensate My friends for the offence to their character and trespass on their privacy, though I Will not disclose at this time what they were as King to them for.

As the newspaper decided to photograph the three of Us with a caption beneath reading, “Many Vanier residents are opposed to the shelter plan.”, I can only presume that the Citizen is implying that Vanier are opposed to those who require the services, rather than the actual corporation – otherwise a picture of the Salvation Army logo above the door or some other representation of the corporation would have been adequate.  It appears the Citizen had a clear intention to suggest that those who are in need of the services provided are undesirable, rather than the institution itself.  Was the intention to suggest that these three individuals represent the Salvation Army in some way?  And if that is what the Citizen is trying to suggest, should they not at the very least be as King what their thoughts are on it [move to Vanier] are, or (at the very least), be as King to them for permission to have their images used to represent the Salvation Army?

I have, as King to the Citizen, informed that I have no problem with them taking My photo so long as I have equal opportunity to represent My own Ideas on the subject matter presented.  To suggest that I represent the opinions of the Salvation Army or the Ottawa Citizen in any way is more than a little presumptuous and defamation to My character.

There is a silver lining in every cloud.  Although My friends are genuinely offended by the image, they are also more than happy to allow the photo to be used as an example of an offence to the rights and dignity of their character, they are happy to allow Me to publish the photo wherever necessary to defend the common law.  Many of My other friends are also deeply offended by the photo, even though they were not in the shot.  They are offended that the Citizen would publish any man’s photo without consent for any reason, as am I.

However, as those who have been reading My material for any length of time Will know, I do not believe in coincidences, especially now that My profile has been viewed over 11K this month on Twitter.  My letters to the Governor General and the Mayor of Ottawa are My most popular reads, every letter I Write seems to get more and more attention.  I Will need the media on My side and My intention is to turn this situation into one that is favourable to both parties.  I would like to see My two fellow Kings in a cozy apartment as soon as possible and look forward to establishing a relationship (relay ‘Sean’ Ship) with the Citizen to make this happen and hold Our public officials to task.

King James, King David and Yours Truly

Jean Levac just happens to be the same photographer that was present for My interview with Nina and Elizabeth when the Citizen covered Ottawa’s In Focus Project. Click on this paragraph to link to the article.

Love and Blessings,

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