Building Relay-Sean Ships

Or those who relate to Sean, Ships.  I am so blessed in so many Ways and today is about giving thanks for all of the beautiful things in My life, especially those who truly Honour Me every day with their friend Ship.

I have been thing King about the myriad of Spells that have been Cast into the Universe, the new potentialities that are manifesting on the world stage.  King David and King James are so grateful that I am defending their Honour – and that is a greater Honour to Me than anyone could know.  They have insisted that I Write an entry every day, that I make this Blog the Real news of the world, something I determined in My heart long ago already.  So they are on a coffee run, insisting that I stay and Work, make sure I get an entry Posted before midnight.  It shall be done.

And I love Word Play, so I called this Post Relay Sean Ships so that I could start tall King about how much more fun it is navigating a King’s Ship than it is to Master a Citizen Ship.  My true friends Honour Me like a King.  They insist I continue with My Work, which I would anyway but it is inspirational and motivating to hear it.  King David and King James as King to Me if it was a coincidence that their names were biblical, knowing well enough how I feel about coincidences – there are none.

The intention of this Blog was to be a continuation of My Book, A Prophecy for Peace, links to which can be found on the right hand side of this page.  It reads considerably better if one reads it in the Order it was intended, though My Blog stats reveal that most people don’t.  Doesn’t really matter, the point is that it was published and My Dream for the world was made physical.  It provided foundation (found a Sean) for the rest of the Words I would Write that would ultimately reveal to the world how I would actually accomplish what I had promised to achieve in My Book.  This is My living Word, the tale of My Deeds.

Today it was the United Kingdom and Canada that were reading My Blog, which almost tricked Me into believing I had Writ an entry today already.  Yesterday it was the European Union, Italy, Ireland, Canada and the United States.  This year, My Blog has been read by forty-five countries worldwide.  I am the Universal Architect, I have accomplished a dream I once believed to be incredibly difficult, but not impossible.  Again, no one but Me can know how much that means to Me.  I looked at a map of the world showing the lifetime stats of My Blog and more than two thirds of the map were reading My material.

My dream was to become an international publication, to be the absolute authority of My own news that would one day be read by the world.  I would declare My Self a Universal teacher and use My influence to accomplish peace in the world.  As I continue to Write each entry, I feel more and more like My life is truly a dream coming to life, that I am using every opportunity to show the world exactly how I Will accomplish the Great Work.

I did a Tarot reading for a friend just a couple of days ago and was tall King about the Golden Dawn teachings and the Great Work.  I won’t say too much more about it now, but My friends who Honour Me every day have as King to Me that I Write at least one entry every day and I am going to do everything I can to Honour their Word.

I am grateful for everyone in My life, even those who are on the receiving end of My letters – in some Ways, especially those on the receiving end of My letters.  We all have a Divine Part to Play on the world stage and every choice is an opportunity, every character has the freedom to choose how they Will Play their part.

Thank You for everyone who follows Me on Twitter, for the 16K profile visits this month, for the ever increasing readership of My Blog, for everyone who has been a part of My Universe in any Way.

Love and Blessings,


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