The Golden Dawn Teachings and the Great Work

When My friend Dylan handed Me Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck, I didn’t really know anything about the Tarot.  I think I may even have told My friend that I wasn’t sure if I would know how to use them.  Dylan insisted they were for Me, that I had a natural gift for Magic.  The Word Magic piqued My interest and suddenly I was eager to try them and discover what they were all about.  The moment I held the cards I could feel the Magic in them, the Artwork was mesmerizing.

In the beginning I really didn’t understand them much, but I held a belief that I understood exactly what I was meant to understand, that the Universe was always supporting Me in some Way.  When I read some of Crowley’s Work describing the Tarot as the Microcosm of the Universe, I began to understand them perfectly.

I had such a comprehensive understanding of the Universe thanks to My own spiritual awakening, that it was at first difficult for Me to know where it was I should be focusing My energy to accomplish My dream.  When I read Crowley’s Book of Thoth, I began to feel intimately connected to the cards, especially when He would Write of the Golden Dawn.

The ‘goal’ of the Tarot is to discover absolute Truth and, in doing so, unveil the Golden Dawn for all of man.  One of the systems of Magic used with the [Thoth Deck] cards is called the “Opening of the Key Spread”.  I do not know all of the associations attributed to every card, I am not a master of astrology, astronomy or even symbolism, but that doesn’t mean I can’t read the Tarot.  My knowing that there are no coincidences gives Me a unique advantage over the Tarot, as I know I can never be shown any card I am not meant to see, nor could it mean anything more or less than what I perceive it to mean, what I believe the Universe is trying to communicate to Me by Way of the Magic in the card.  I have always known what I have come here to accomplish, My Part on the world stage – the Tarot were teaching Me how to get into character.  That understanding alone is enough for anyone to benefit from introspective study by Way of the Tarot and it begins with believing Your life has a Divine Purpose in God’s Plan.

The most frustrating thing about the Tarot for Me on a personal level, despite how much I enjoyed it, was how relentless it was about, ‘the Law’.  The ‘advice’ of the Tarot was always the same – relentless pursuit of Knowledge.  It was somewhat frustrating considering I spent the majority of My time in the pursuit of knowledge anyway.  Yet they encouraged Me to push forward with subtle assurances I was making progress.

I finally attained the Knowledge required to create My documents and now I feel I have all the Elements of Magic at My disposal.  The Power of the Word – the Pen really is mightier than the Sword!  The Intention of the Tarot, in My opinion, is to provide the Keys to unlock the Door to a Golden Dawn for all of man, which involves unlocking Path Ways in Our own psyche.  In all of My studies of Crowley’s Work, I did not find anything sinister about it.  It is difficult for Me to understand how Magic developed such a bad reputation, and there are still people who believe Tarot are the hand and work of the devil.

I am tall King about this because I did a reading for a friend just recently, only shortly after suggesting to Him that My Words Manifest and that this would be shown to Him by synchronicities that would be impossible for Me to intentionally manipulate.  Generally, 37 is the number the Universe uses to communicate with students who are ready for My Mystical teachings.  After several synchronicities revealed themselves, now observing the Universe and knowing there are no coincidences, My friend was eager to see what else the Universe had to show Him and as King of Me if I would read His Tarot.

Many things were revealed to My friend in that read and many things were also revealed to Me.  I began describing the Tarot as an instruction manual for the Great Work, the perfect Alchemy, which is, in reality, the Truth of man.  The alchemy is to perfect one’s character for their Part in the Great Work, as every man is both the Star and the Emperor.  The question arose, “what is the Great Work”.

The Great Work is the evolution of man into the Spiritual Age, the Age of Aquarius, the Age We are in right now.  It is about the unveiling of Truth and the destruction of the Tower, the Illusions and dogmas We (as a collective) have held in such high esteem.  The Tarot is a system of Magical teaching that were designed to provide direction for the committed student.

I am becoming very busy in My own Great Work.  I have another friend to defend in court on December 5th, I am waiting to hear back from the Ottawa Citizen for their breach of man’s rights, I have new letters already Writ for those who presume to have right to administrate wealth from My life, and I am consistently revising My Plans to make the very best of every opportunity God gives Me.

Though My friend discovered much about his own Path, the Tarot reminded Me of a few things, too.  The Tarot suggested I Will be busy with court matters over the next little while, and that excites Me.  It also reminded Me of just how many people are counting on Me now and how great a responsibility I have to use what I have learned to benefit all of man.  My friends are rooting for Me and I am more determined than ever to make sure I don’t let anyone down.

I hope You are all feeling loved and blessed…  Because You are. ❤

20171128_182248.jpgWelcome to the Golden Dawn.





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