A Thursday for Thanks

Once again I am feeling compelled to give thanks and show My appreciation for all My fellow Kings who Honour Me with their friendship every day.  It seems the more thanks I give, the more I have to be thankful for.

Last night, just moments after finishing My Blog Post for the day, this most fabulous gift was presented to Me.

V for von Dehn!!! I am truly Honoured, many than-King to You, Chris!!!

And to think that My friend and fellow King, Chris, was worried I might not like it!  I am truly Honoured.  I also had the pleasure of showing Chris that V was on My Mind yesterday, too.  My WordPress stats showed that an older entry, ‘V for Vendetta, the Truth’, was read by someone in the Universe only moments before Chris showed up and presented Me with this Gift…  No coincidences.

I also contacted Michelle Richardson by e-mail to remind her she only has twenty-four hours to respond to My letter.  I informed her that failure to respond can only be perceived as Willful negligence.  The Citizen has a Duty and responsibility to respond to the complaint; failure to do so is continued trespass on the dignity of a man’s character.

I started this Post in the morning but didn’t get a chance to finish. ‘No coincidences’ is always a strong theme in My life and today it has been especially true.  I was told I have until the end of the month before I will be evicted from the shelter.  It was not news I was thrilled to hear and one of the last things I wanted to have on My Mind right now.  And yet it is on My Mind and there are no coincidences.

It is also one of the strongest themes in the movie ‘V for Vendetta’, and it’s not a coincidence that My friend presented Me with a gift representing V’s character just last night and that I was Writing to thank him for it today.  Some six months ago I had said that living in common wealth country like Canada was a beautiful thing because Queen Elizabeth II Promises to protect the common law in all provinces and territories of Her jurisdiction.  I had suggested that We are all born Kings and Queens, that the common man is the authority of government and that We only had Our Self to blame for not Writing letters to Our politicians and holding them accountable for offences to man’s rights or the common law, and/or for breach of their judicial oath of office.  Now I am Writing letters to those who do have a duty and responsibility to respond, and they are not doing it.  What is a man supposed to do?  Really.

That’s exactly what situations like this force Me to do.  Thinking.  Thing King.  What would a King do?  What Will I do?  One line in particular caught My attention as I was re-Writing the Universal Charter of Man’s Rights; “if man is not compelled to have recourse, … that man’s rights should be protected by the rule of law.”  I have already done a lot of legwork, plenty of Spells have already been Cast.  I have a few more letters to Write before I give up with Canadian government officials altogether and hold them accountable.  I have meticulous records of every letter I have Writ, never Mind what I publish here.

What is most interesting about all of this is the timing.  I’m being given thirty days notice of eviction from a shelter that begins on the same day as the deadline I gave the Ottawa Citizen newspaper to respond to My grievance?..  Very interesting coincidence.

I did say that I had wanted to be in a cozy bachelor type apartment before Christmas and the Universe is always conspiring with Us to make Our dreams happen.  Sometimes We just need a kick in the ass, something to ignite that fire within Us.  I Will buy My Self a beautiful new, blood red ink to Write My final series of letters.

Love and Blessings, thanks for a fabulous Thursday!!!

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