Scribing the Seven Keys to Kingdom

I enjoyed the Verses I was Gifted with so much that I decided to practice My Calligraphy skills so that I could add these passages to My Story, they served as excellent guidance for My Path.

Seven Keys to Kingdom I – II

Both Passages are powerful but II, from James 1:13, was the one that provided the guidance I had been as King of the Universe for.  King James is also one of the men I am defending against attacks upon the Honour of His character by the Ottawa Citizen – no coincidences. 😉

Seven Keys to Kingdom III – IV

By Writing each of the Passages, I am making the Ideas and the Intention of those who shared them with Me physical.  The paper represents the wood from which it was made, the tree with its foundation deeply rooted in the earth.  Scribing into the paper is akin to etching Ideas into the earth of man’s macrocosm.

Seven Keys to Kingdom VI – VII

And so this is Magic, the Intention of a good friend and fellow King made physical.  The Words I Write Manifest, it is only a matter of time.

In perfect concert with the Universe, I also ‘Magically’ gained one hundred new followers on Twitter while I Writ the Seven Keys to Kingdom.  Thank You so much for all of My followers in the macrocosm and all My friends in the microcosm, I love You all.  The Universe is be King to Us in every moment when We have ears to hear and eyes to see…

Love and Blessings,



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