Pen is Mightier than the Sword, My Letter to the Ottawa Citizen

My Tuesday has proven to be every bit as productive as My Monday was.  I give thanks to the friends who Honour Me every day. Today it was King James who accompanied Me on all My errands.  We walked half way across the city in a light rain so I could make true copies of My last two letters before sending them off.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken this kind of care sending a letter.  I don’t want to believe it should be necessary to send a letter registered mail just to elicit a response from an elected public official, much less a Member of Parliament, the Attorney General or Governor General – it is their Duty to respond to letters from the public.  Because My letter to the Mayor and Governor General were letters of introduction, having a receipt to show they were received isn’t necessary, it’s an ‘informal’ introduction, an invitation to meet with Me to discuss My concerns off the record.  This gives Me an opportunity to ‘feel’ them out, see which of Canada’s elected public officials know how to do their job (if any) and how many have completely lost touch with their duties and responsibilities as elected public officials.

As far as the Ottawa Citizen is concerned, I gave Michelle Richardson plenty of time to reply to My e-mail without disclosing to the public what I was as King of the Citizen for in Way of compensation for the trespass upon My fellow Kings privacy, anonymity and defamation of character.  I am going to disclose the full contents of all e-mail exchanges in My Story at some point in the future, for now I Will share with You the letter that was sent to Michelle Richardson via registered mail this afternoon.

1 of 4 (True Copy)

The colour on the copy is so good that it is difficult to tell the difference between the hand Writ ‘True Copy’ and the rest of the (photocopied) document.  The thumbprint beside ‘true copy’ is also ‘wet ink’ (genuine, not copied), to show that I am the one swearing this letter is in fact a true copy of the genuine article sent registered mail.

2 of 4 (Genuine Article)

The original document (pictured above) is on high quality, light blue parchment designed for calligraphy and ‘fancy’ letters.  I was a little surprised that the copier did not pick up the blue background of the parchment, though it was able to mimic the red ink of the original almost perfectly.

3 of 4 (True Copy)
4 of 4 (Genuine Article)

Michelle Richardson Will receive the Genuine Article (despite how much more beautiful it is than the true copy) which was sent registered mail.  I Writ the Registration Number on the last page of the True Copy, just underneath ‘Love and Blessings’.  I was also given a tracking sticker which I don’t remember getting when I sent documents to the Attorney General, Registrar General and/or Vital Statistics, but it is very handy.  I placed the sticker in the upper right hand corner of the front page on the sleeve cover, shown below.


So, today was a day of bearing gifts.  Not only does Michelle Richardson have an opportunity to demonstrate that the Citizen does respect the rights and dignity of the homeless, she also has an opportunity to reinvest some of the Citizen’s millions of dollars of annual profits back into the community by providing homes for Ottawa’s most needy.

The $37,000.00 I as King of the Citizen for as penalty for refusing to respond to offences of the common law and man’s right to dignity and privacy is equal to roughly one day of annual profits, based on their third quarter financial report as a franchise corporation of PostMedia Corporation (which You can link to HERE.)

Today is December 5th, five days beyond the deadline I gave Michelle to respond to the offences, making the Ottawa Citizen criminally responsible and commercially liable to the tune of $185,000.00, all of which Will be used to help Ottawa’s most impoverished live dignified lives.  My hope is that this Will make multi million dollar media moguls like the Ottawa Citizen and PostMedia corporation think twice before exploiting a man’s right to dignity, privacy and anonymity.

Love and blessings, I hope this day was as blessed for all of You as it has been for Me.



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