Center Game Development

The Universe has determined that today would be a little more leisurely than the last couple.  I did make some phone calls and arranged a meeting but I won’t be delivering My next letter until December 15th.  As anxious as I am, there are no coincidences, everything Will unfold exactly as it should.

I felt as though the Universe was Gifting Me with some time to reflect so that is exactly how I chose to spend the day.  My friends want Me to Write the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, so I might just have to oblige them with this extra time.  He’s never really been on the top of My priority list because if the Governor General of Canada doesn’t know how to respond to My letters, I have very little faith that Justin will.  However, Writing him Will give Me something to do and he’d probably feel left out if I don’t at least Give him a chance.

I’ve developed a pretty clear plan.  It’s not a coincidence that chess has come back into My Life recently, too.  My Cestui Que Vie was not just a claim to My Life, it was the beginning of an entirely new game.  I wasn’t really into the Monopoly game the rest of the world seems to be enjoying so much, I don’t have the same appreciation for games of luck and chance, despite how much the Universe supports My every move.  I like any game where each man has equal opportunity.  One could argue that white always has the advantage because white always plays first, but there is an equally compelling counter that suggests the position is perfect before the game begins and every move compromises that initial perfection, creating vulnerabilities that black then has (first) opportunity to take advantage of.

Sending a True Copy of My Cestui Que Vie was kind of like presenting a chess board to the Attorney General with white’s move already made, ‘e4’.  Sean Kearney’s reply is kind of like the Attorney General handing the board back to Me without a response to e4, politely telling Me that he only knows how to play Monopoly.  So I let Sean Kearney know that I am Willing to Play his monopoly game by introducing a new Peace to the board, placing the documents returned to Me into the Superior Court.  I’ve set up a new bank in the monopoly game and played a second move on the chess board, ‘d4’ (I’m an aggressive player).  Black is likely feeling somewhat paralyzed.

In addition to filing paperwork into the Superior Court, I also Writ letters to the Attorney General, Registrar General, Vital Statistics (Express Legal), My local MP, the Toronto Police, the Guelph Police, the Governor General and Ottawa’s Mayor, as well as a couple of public servants working for the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  Each letter represents another move on the chess board, each Idea further developing My position.  The more moves black allows Me to make without challenging My position, the stronger it becomes.

So I spent the majority of the game reflecting on the position of the Peace is (Pieces) already in place.  And I was able to see that My letter to Michelle Richardson has been delivered, a new Piece has been developed.

For a good portion of the day, I wasn’t sure what I should Write about, determined to maintain My commitment to an entry a day, consistently impregnating the Universe with Ideas that Will Find ‘Found-A-Sean’ for God’s Kingdom.  However, last night I felt rushed to finish My entry about Black’s Law and Black Magic, and My friends are still as King of Me to explain how things work, and I realized I have plenty of things to Write about while I prepare My next series of Scrolls.

For now, My central position is strong and firmly established.  My last move was also very strong.  The Spell was Cast on Tuesday, it’s effects Will have been felt today.  The digital receipt is available for My readers to view by clicking on this sentence and is also saved to My hard-drive, a private usb drive, an e-mail message to My Self, and My phone. It’s always good to make sure that every piece developed is well defended.

2017-12-03 19.05.52.jpg

Love and Blessings,




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