Moving Up in the World

It was another reasonably eventful day.  It is kind of amazing how things Magically work out for Me.  I am sitting in a large kitchen that is almost perfectly quiet, save for the sound of some humming appliances.  The table is large enough to seat twelve comfortably but I’m the only one sitting at it.  I have space to breathe, to think, and above all, to Create!  Even the lighting is good.

It’s not perfect but it’s a serious improvement upon My previous quarters, which consisted of nothing more than a three cubic foot locker and an upper bunk for sleeping.  I can now cook My own food and make coffee whenever I like.  The washrooms are considerably cleaner and I think there are a total of eight showers.  One of them even allows You to control the water temperature without shutting off automatically after a few minutes.  I also have access to free laundry whenever I want, which is truly a beautiful thing.

So, although My day was eventful, it was also enjoyable.  I have mentioned that I don’t want to waste My energy tall King about problems; they are too numerous and no one is interested in problems, what We want are solutions.  So I haven’t reported on how bad it really is for Canada’s homeless, and I’m not going to until I am able to not only present the solutions but also to be in a position to make them happen – that’s ultimately what I am Manifesting here.  What I Will say is that My living arrangements are considerably more dignified now than they were, though they still have a long way to go before they would be considered dignified enough for any Canadian to be ‘proud’ of how their elected officials are distributing Canadian tax dollars.

I failed in My commitment to Write an entry a day because the rest of My day was so busy.  Although I had the perfect place to begin Writing this Post, I didn’t get settled until after ten o’clock and had no Idea that all the recreation rooms on the floor close at eleven.  When I attempted to relocate to the lobby I couldn’t get anything done without serious interruptions, mostly from those under the influence of either booze or speed (I’m guessing) which makes a two way conversation virtually impossible.  I realized that I wasn’t going to get a moment of Peace to finish My Post, so I surrendered and enjoyed a good sleep.  In an effort to make good on My commitment, I am hoping to Publish two Posts today.

Storage Locker

Pictured above is all a man is given for storage space.  A bag full of paintings leans against the side of the locker on the floor, an easel and a portable chair I once used when I was painting outdoors are under the bed.  When I am tall King about the friends who Honour Me every day, I am tall King about all of those who made it possible for Me to leave these things here without ever having to worry about them being stolen.  Thank You.  Now I have a secure place to store My paintings, My easel and an actual closet for My clothes.

My new bedside table.

Haha, I just realized that the string of beads are forming an ‘S’ or figure ‘8’, depending on how You look at it.  No coincidences…

The move was somewhat sudden.  When I let Alix know that I had been given a thirty day eviction notice, she seemed genuinely surprised and first suggested that I take the matter to Meaghan’s supervisor, Jason.  I told Alix I had a pretty good feeling the order was coming from Jason.  A couple hours later, Alix told Me she had a solution to offer Me but didn’t want Me to be offended.  I let her know that I consider all advice the Universe presents to Me and as King of Her to tell Me Her Plan.  She suggested I enter the “Life Skills” Program, and very quickly followed up by saying that I would probably find it ‘beneath Me’, but if I can endure three hours of classes every week, I would also gain all the aforementioned perks and they would not be able to evict Me as long as I’m in the program.

Alix was right.  There was a time when My pride may have prevented Me from participating in any kind of ‘programming’ that supports the current framework of Our society.  However, one of the other things I found very strange about homeless culture, is that there are absolutely no programs or constructive groups of any kind outside of Chapel (provided by the Salvation Army specifically).  The homeless are ‘evicted’ from their sleeping quarters at 7:00 a.m. and unable to access their personal belongings or return to the room until at least 1:00 in the afternoon and as late as 4:00 for some.  Most are dependent on the Salvation Army for their meals, too, so they can’t really wander off too far and where would they go, anyway?  It would seem reasonable to Me that if the goal is to rehabilitate people and help them get back up on their feet, that some classes to fill some of the time might be beneficial.  English and French classes would be a great start, as many jobs especially in the public sector require bilingual applicants.  I am also reasonably sure that many would benefit from education, so a high school equivalency program would be helpful.  Other recreational programs focusing on the Arts would be great for the spiritual and mental development of shelter residents…  For the most part, it would seem there is more determination to create dependency on the system for the homeless rather than rehabilitate them, and I think that may at least in part be due to the fact that shelters are a business.  The more accountability the government can leave in the hands of non-profits to take care of social welfare, the more money the government has to waste on a new ice rink for Parliament Hill.  Really, how far do You think five million dollars would go toward getting Ottawa’s homeless into dignified housing?  I’m going to have fun Writing My letter to Trudeau…

I got a little sidetracked, I digress.  For now, I am in a “Life Skills” program and I am going to be Writing about the experience, I am interested to see what they can teach Me.  Although I am not religious, I do talk about the Bible considerably because the story is so deeply rooted in man’s psyche and most don’t fully understand how that affects Our day to day lives.  To participate in the “Life Skills Program”, it is mandatory to attend Chapel everyday for morning service, which is just another example of how religious dogmas are forced upon the masses.  Refuse to go to Chapel and You cannot enter the program.  Since when should developing life skills be dependent on religious faith or spiritual beliefs?  There are also three mandatory classes a week that deal with various issues which I Will discuss as I have the opportunity to speak of them from the perspective of having experienced them.

My most exciting news to share today, is that the Ottawa Citizen’s penalty for refusing to answer to offences of the common law are now at day nine, for a total of $333,000.00!!!  All of the money Will be used to Create My “Housing the Homeless Found ‘A’ Sean”.  A big thank You goes out to the Ottawa Citizen!

Housing the Homeless Found ‘A’ Sean

Day 9 – $333,000.00

Love and Blessings,




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