The Book of Sean I:0 Trust

I Love how there are no coincidences in My Universe.  The ‘program’ I am in is called “Life Skills”.  Don’t worry, I’m virtually immune to programming, though I couldn’t help but be curious about what kind of programs are being installed.  I decided this would be an excellent opportunity for Me to observe what kind of skills are being developed in the course first hand, dodge an eviction bullet while improving My living situation, and perhaps even use the course as a guide for My own teaching to give it some structure.  A new topic is presented to a discussion group Monday through Thursday and this gives Me an opportunity to expand on whatever Ideas We talk about.

Monday the instructor was unable to come to work.  Tuesday’s course was spirituality, but the spiritual director was on vacation.  So this is the first official day of ‘class’ since I entered the program Friday evening and today’s topic was ‘Trust’.

The Universe really does know what it’s doing.  Trust is the perfect place to start because Trust lays the foundation for all things in man’s Life, and most of man have severely misplaced that trust  – and I am not exaggerating or embellishing My point in the least, I could not stress it enough.

For the most part, the group was tall King about how important it is to be trustworthy.  We talked about a man’s Word, and how important it is to Keep it.  We talked about Honesty and how important it is to be truthful without being hurtful.  All of these things are important skills to have in Life and they are synonymous with developing trust in other people.  Toward the end of class, We were as King to think of a situation where We had placed Our trust in someone and how the investment in that trust worked out, whether it was a positive or negative experience.  I suggested that the question was a great example as to why it is dangerous and potentially harmful to misplace Our trust.

Within a few moments, it seemed I was under attack by virtually the entire group, as if I were undermining the very principals being taught, which was not My intention.  I suggested that Trust is something that should be Given in reasonable measure, not so much that You find Your Self at the mercy of another man’s word.  I used an example of moving and relying on a friend who has proven trustworthy before but for whatever reason forgets that You are moving and can’t be reached on the big day.  Whether the trust was breached accidentally or intentionally is irrelevant, the one moving Will be in a difficult situation.  Too many people would blame the breach of trust for their difficulty.  The truth is, accountability lies with the one who misplaced their trust – period.

Placing trust in someone is attaching an expectation to someone, and expectations lead to disappointments.  The only person I can fully trust at the end of the day, is Me.  When I said this in the group, there were a few groans, suggesting I had lost faith in man and that I must have some serious ‘trust’ issues to be so cynical.  It was actually kind of entertaining for Me because I am usually perceived to be the exact opposite, the silver lining of every cloud.  I don’t know the group well enough to use heavy Words like God or I would have said, “All I fully Trust at the end of the day is God.”

The concept of God is more difficult to understand than the concept of Self.  I wonder what people believe in if not God.  If God is Creator and one claims they do not believe in God, then We are revisiting My teaching from yesterday about a House divided against itself; the created denying the creator.  One cannot exist without the other.  However, without getting too philosophical, it is safe to say that most of Us believe We exist, so it is then safe to say that one should only fully trust in one’s Self.  If one does not believe in God, then I suppose the Idea of trusting only in self does sound cynical.  For a man who knows God, trust in God is absolute, God Will always Give a man whatever the man as King of Him for, so trusting one’s Self becomes much easier.

Most of Us grow up trusting Our parents, but are Our parents reliable teachers?  I would say no – I can’t even begin to help My parents understand the things I know.  Can We trust the educational institutions to teach Our children wisely?  Again, I would say no – educational institutions are teaching man to place their trust in money and participation in citizenship.  Can We trust Our government?  Again, I would say no.  Elected public officials don’t seem to be intelligent or honourable enough to respond to My letters, they have handed Canada’s sovereignty and right to produce its own debt free currency to centralized banks, and suggest that a ‘strong economy’ is a federal deficit (debt) of roughly seventeen billion dollars (which sounds very low to Me to be honest but information is from Reuters).

It seems virtually everyone has placed their trust in someone or something other than God and other than Self.  This removes accountability, people blame the government or believe the next elected official will be different, or perhaps they ‘trust’ that some dude named Jesus is going to return and magically fix everyone’s problems…  Not going to happen.

Think of how many people have registered the birth of their child?  How many fully understand the contracts they are creating for their child when they do so?  I as King of My brother if he knew and understood why he was choosing to register the birth of his children – he has no idea but thinks it’s perfectly okay because that’s what everyone else does.  Am I the only one who thinks it sounds crazy to hand the documents that represent the birth of Your children over to anyone!?  Should that not be something for the personal, family records, a sacred, cherished event?  Why would We give those documents to someone else and agree to retain a copy?  Much less, would anyone continue to do so if they knew it gave legal ownership of Your children to the state?

Collectively, We have all misplaced Our trust.  We have all placed Our trust in someone else’s idea of how We should live, whether it’s parents, government or some other trusted authority.  The only real Trust We have is with God, Creator.  A collective Trust in God is the foundation of every law in man’s world today.  God is the reason for Good.  If there is no God, there is no reason for Good, no moral example, no right, no wrong, no reason for laws at all.  God gave man dominion over the earth and none but God were given dominion over man; this is how and why all of man is equal.

Many would tell Me that Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world.  If one of the world’s wealthiest countries allows even one of its citizens to live without dignified shelter, nutritious food, and access to proper health care, and/or any other benefit enjoyed by the community, then I most certainly would not place My trust in that leader to determine how I should live My life, much less look to that character as any kind of moral example.  And Canada literally has millions facing adversity due to income disparity everyday, yet We accept these conditions as commonplace.  I do not trust this is wise.

I Trust that I know better.  I Trust We can do better.  I Trust that We have each been hand picked by God for a very special purpose.  I have placed My Trust in God, and God has placed His Trust in Me.  If You don’t know God, then TRUST Your Heart, for HeArt in Heaven, and His Kingdom Comes.

Love and Blessings,

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