Making My List…

Today has been a little more chaotic than yesterday but I’ve still managed to count My Blessings.  My new Journal has been a wonderful Gift already and I had a chance to Write in it this morning.  It is important for Me to Keep one right now because there are things I truly can’t share here.  I am often sought out for council and I can’t share some of the details of My day to day life without potentially breaching Trust others may have invested in Me.  Providing council for people can actually take up a considerable amount of time some days and today happened to be one of those days.  It can be exhausting.

Having said that, I am as good to My Self as I can be every day.  I didn’t get anything Writ on My Blog this morning but I did Write in My Journal outlining what I was going to Write about.  The Journal is a Way for Me to merge the two worlds together, Mystically and Magically, as well as express My intentions for others in Writing when I can’t do it here.  I start the day with a hot shower, a shave and some fresh clothes and I don’t have to run around the neighbourhood to do it.  That is a Gift.  And I Love Writing in My Journal more than I Love painting or even Writing here; there is something selfish about it, the Words are only for Me and those who are in My Story.  The Journal is the microcosm, the Blog is the Macrocosm.

Making My List (Naughty)

Letters to those on My List Will strengthen the Link between microcosm and macrocosm.

These are the Seven people on My [naughty] List, though one of them I Will be replacing.  You’ll have to wait until I Write My ‘Checking it Twice’ Blog Post to find out who Will make the final cut.  Yes, My Journal has allowed Me to add an Element of suspense now, too!  My Journal allows Me to Plan every detail in advance and perhaps even develop alternative strategies.  At the moment, I am so confident in My Plan I don’t believe I Will need an alternative and everything should be revealed by the New Year.

I enjoy Writing Letters and these Will be the most important Letters I Will ever Write.  I’m making My List now because this Will be My Way of celebrating Christmas this year, starting with the lowest ranking authority and War King My Way up.  Seven Letters is a lot to Write in one day and I don’t want this project to be rushed, so I have decided to Give My Self a week to Write the Letters and Send them all off on the first of the New Year.  It’s Perfect, but I expect nothing less; God is Good.

I also had a chance to prepare a Gift for those on My ‘Nice’ List this morning, so that was also a real pleasure.  There are very few who Will receive the Gift I am Giving by Way of My Hand, though all Will eventually receive My Gift one day (and sooner than later, I shall be as King to God).  There are few people who Will understand or appreciate the document, so I have reserved that Gift exclusively for My own ‘Inner Circle’, if You Will, Intended to Honour those who Honour Me.

I Will be back tomorrow with My revised List and perhaps I Will also unveil a few other Elements of My strategy, though I would like to save as much as I can for Christ Mass [Consciousness] as My Gift to the world.  I love You all, even those of You on My ‘naughty’ List – remember, it’s just a Game, a Grand Illusion.

Love and Blessings, Happy Holy Days!!!


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