The Gift of Life

I had as King of God for some Peace to Write for Christ Mass in My Journal only an hour ago and when I finally had some quiet time to Fire up My computer… 12:37.  Happy Christ Mass Consciousness!!!  I am just about to go to bed for the evening/morning, but I know I am meant to share these things with You, the little Ways that God answers every Quest Ion I am as King Him to share with You.

It is now nine twenty in the morning, Christ Mass [Consciousness] Day.  Today the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ, and a year ago I was Creating My Certificate of Life, My Cestui Que Vie.  I had two Calligraphy Pens, beautiful red ink, fine parchment to Write on, a few bars of wax (blue, silver and red) and a Seal for My Letters; it was a Gift I had been excited to Oh…  Pen. 😉

I approach today with the same enthusiasm; a new Journal for Writing the End of His Story, and the same Sacred Calligraphy Set I Penned My Letters with last year to Compose My Magical Messages this year.  There is a sense (cents) of tradition in My new House.  Of course, Christ Mass [Consciousness] is naturally a Magical day but even I didn’t fully understand the Symbolism of it right away.  I didn’t do it on Christmas day because I was choosing that day as especially Magical, I did it on Christmas day as a Gift to My Self, something to celebrate and Honour My Life.

What I actually did was Give Life to My Word.  A man cannot Live on paper, but Words can – they impregnate the Mind of any man who reads them.  Plant enough Seeds of Thought and one is Bound to take Root.  I have said that I am Writing the end of My Story; the Truth is, My Story ends when His Story ends.  My new Journal is the Ending of the Bible, the End of His Story (history).  And, although I’m not religious, I am enjoying the Bible I was Gifted with very much and Plan to use it to continue My teaching.


“Keep on as King and it Will be Given You;  Keep on See King and You Will Find;  Keep on Know King and it Will be Opened to You.”

Gift of Giving

Just after Writing the title, ‘Matthew 7:7’ above, I wondered if that was a Good place to start and noticed the Word count was 337.  Again, that would be a ‘Yes’.  Although I am here to teach Law, My greatest strength is My relay Sean ship with God.  As complicated and overwhelming as some of the information I Present may seem, moral Goodness is not so difficult for Us to understand.  Most of Us know the difference between right and wrong and that is the common law, God’s Law; an ability to know the difference between right and wrong.  The Passage (like a secret tunnel) I shared above, is God’s Gift to each and every one of Us.  We all have a Divine Part in God’s Plan, a Role only We can Play Perfectly.  This is My Role, I’m just Playing My Part.

I was going to share the Passages in Order but Seven has become a Theme and Seven Passages were Given to Me which I called ‘Seven Keys to Kingdom’.  The First Key is Matthew 7:7 and I was reading Matthew at the time it was Given, further Confirm a Sean (confirmation) that Bible Passages would guide the Way toward the End of My Quest and that Matthew was a great place to start.  I have always been interested in reading the Books of the Apostles, now it is Part of God’s Instruct Sean for Me.  Didn’t God make English a fun language?

The Greatest Gift We were ever Given was the Gift of Life.  Christ Mass Consciousness is important because it celebrates the Life of Christ, not His death!  Man’s fiction of law lives in the shadow of Christ, the memorial of his death, not His Life.  His Life is the moral example We are to follow.  We are even told that if We Live in His name, We Will have Eternal Life with Him.

MATTHEW 10:32-37

“Everyone, then, who acknowledges Me before men, I Will also acknowledge him before My Father who is in the Heavens.  But whoever disowns Me before men, I Will also disown him before My Father who is in the Heavens.  Do not think I came to bring peace to the earth; I came to bring not peace, but a sword.  For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter in law against her mother in law.  Indeed, a man’s enemies will be those of his own household.  Whoever has greater affection for father or mother than for Me is not worthy of Me, and whoever has greater affection for son or daughter than for Me is not worthy of Me.  And whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.  Whoever finds his soul Will lose it and whoever loses their Soul for My sake Will find it.”

Foot Notes at the bottom of this translation say that the Word ‘Soul’ above equals ‘Life’, and/or ‘life prospects’; ‘whoever finds his life Will lose it and whoever loses their life Will find it.’

It essentially means that by gaining material success, one Will lose the Kingdom of Heaven, Give Up (to God) all material prospects, and the Gates of Heaven Will Open.

MATTHEW 6:9-15

“You must prey then, this Way:

Our Father, who is in the Heavens, let Your name be sanctified.  Let Your Kingdom come.  Let Your Will take place, as in Heaven also on this Earth.  Give us this day Our bread for this day, and forgive Us Our debts as We also have forgiven Our debtors.  And do not bring Us into temptation but deliver Us from the wicked one.

For if You forgive men their trespasses, Your Heavenly Father Will also forgive You, whereas if You do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will Your Father forgive Your trespasses.”

It is almost the end of this Christ Mass Consciousness day, and I have now finished My Letter to the first on My [naughty] List, Michelle Richardson, Editor in Chief of the Ottawa Citizen.  It is the first of two Gifts I have for Michelle and the Ottawa Citizen tomorrow which Will include some updates to My Blog.

I hope You are all having a Wonderful Holy Day season.

Love and Blessings,









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