Titles and Characters in the Great Work

ROMANS 13:1-2

“Let every person be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.  Therefore, whoever opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; those who have taken a stand against it will bring judgment against themselves.”

There are no coincidences in the Universe, which means that not one person on the face of this earth could ever be in any position other than the One God intended for them.  Knowing this has been of great advantage to Me as it helped Me to fully comprehend the Word Honour.  In law, a title determines a man’s status, and status determines a man’s capacity and standing [in law].

The reason Letters and Documents are so important, is because they communicate Our intentions and are the foundation of contracts.  We are all equal in law, which means that We all have equal right to participate in the law – and that includes the creation of contracts.  The next Letter I am Writing is an important one, and it Will be to a doctor.

‘Doctor’ is a title.  The doctor’s title has unique duties and responsibilities that are associated with that Role on the world Stage.  Every doctor swears a Hippocratic Oath, and I have opted to include the Wikipedia link rather than Canada’s Hippocratic Oath because the Oath is relevant to a doctor’s Duty and Function in society, not necessarily [only] Canada.  Canada’s Hippocratic Oath will be corporate and may have policies that limit the true Hippocratic Oath, which doctor’s are ultimately bound to uphold (regardless of corporate policy).  Failing to Honour the Hippocratic Oath is a violation of man’s rights and dis-Honour to the profession of doctors.  Essentially, the doctor’s Duty is to Act in the patient’s best interest and provide the best health care they are able to provide, in confidence (doctor patient confidentiality).

I have had two visits with a dentist over the last six months.  Initially I had to go in for x-rays, then for a consultation with the doctor on the best possible procedures.  When I first went for the x-rays, I filled out a number of forms as anyone would.  When I reached the payment section there were several options, I checked ‘other’.  When the receptionist as King of Me how I would be paying, I told her that I have administrative rights over a Trust that allows Me to discharge any health or medical expenses necessary for My well being.  She seemed pleased with that and I told her I would bring the paperwork with Me on My next visit so she could add it to My file.  I had x-rays done the same day and the receptionist said the fee was $50 (and enthusiastically told Me I get to keep the x-ray).  I told her that was no problem but I would need her to present Me with a bill to show the cost of services to be discharged from the Trust, which I would be happy to pay on My next visit.  I swear it was as if no one had ever as King to her for a bill before, but she did manage to produce one.

The agreement was that I would return to the clinic again as soon as possible; initially I am sure they said they would call to arrange an appointment for the consultation sometime within the following two weeks.  I always have My phone on silent so I do miss calls often, but I was playing phone tag with the clinic for at least a couple of months before I finally got a bill in the mail for the $50 x-ray, which helped remind Me to make the appointment already.  The most interesting thing about receiving the bill was that is states very clearly that a $15 service fee will be added every month for unpaid accounts.  Three months later, the bill was still $50., and this time it actually looked like a proper bill, rather than the statement the receptionist handed Me at the clinic.  Not entirely sure why they chose not to charge Me the $15. service fee but thought it was a little peculiar.

I finally arranged the second appointment and received My consultation.  The doctor very thoroughly went over all the treatment options available to Me and provided his expert opinion on which method was in My overall best interest.  I had advised the clinic prior to My visit that I would be presenting My paperwork (Trust) for their records to satisfy any payment concerns.  I offered to present My documents when I first arrived at the clinic but they did not seem the least bit concerned, suggesting I meet with the doctor for My consultation first and take care of the paperwork before I leave.

When I met with the doctor, I told the doctor that I would be paying for the work by Way of a Trust and that I would likely need to present the paperwork to the head of his financial department to ensure they understand the content, explaining they had not likely ever seen a Trust like mine before.  I had wanted to present My paperwork before the consultation as a courtesy so that if there were any concerns, I would not be wasting his time or mine.  The doctor did not seem the least bit concerned and I truly felt I had come to the right place.

After the consultation, the doctor introduced Me to the business manager who received My documents.  The experience reminded Me of My first time placing documents into the Superior Court.  I watched the lady read the Cestui Que Vie (the one that shows ‘received MAG correspondence unit’) and if one had the opportunity to bear witness to the change in her expression, they would never question Magic again.  The colour ran from her face and she became visibly nervous, then she went onto the next document, the one that explains how all costs will be discharged by Way of My thumbprint.  She appeared to read that one pretty carefully, too.  When she finished, she looked at Me and said, “Okay, so what would You like Me to do with these?”

This is the Part I enjoy Playing.  I think that was the very same question the Superior Court’s administration clerk as King to Me the first time I went there.  The Superior Court was quite happy to take any of My Orders and they were even happy to make copies for Me if I as King of them; colour or black and white, all free of charge.

I told the receptionist she would probably want to make a copy of each of the documents she had just finished reading, then hand the originals back to Me along with a current bill for any services.  She did as I suggested.  I pulled out My stamp pad (purple this time, just for kicks), placed My thumbprint on the bill and handed it back for her to sign.  She signed the document and returned it to Me.  I told her she should keep it and present Me with a copy.  She made a copy but still handed Me back the original (with both wet ink signatures on it), which is actually the true bill of exchange, the copy is the receipt.  I didn’t bother to argue with her because I kind of wanted the original for My records (this is a first for the House of von Dehn) and I doubt very much that they are actually going to deposit the bill of exchange at the bank.  If they do, the bank manager should inform them that they have the receipt and need to obtain the original bill of exchange.  Chances are, banks are so corrupt they would likely accept it anyway.

Bill of Exchange

That was pretty much it.  After taking care of the paperwork, the receptionist said the office would be in touch within the next couple of weeks to book My next appointment.  After not hearing back from them after two weeks, I called their office and the phone tag game began again.  Even with My ringer on I seem to miss every call but I did manage to finally get in touch with someone and was told that they would not be able to continue with My treatment.  I am not going to lie, I was caught off guard and not at all pleased.

Some in My microcosm were expecting they would refuse Me service; I know they have no legal grounds to refuse Me and figured a doctor would know it, too.  The worst part is, he does!

As I mentioned, I was caught off guard because I really wasn’t expecting to be refused.  I as King to the receptionist why and she said to Me, “You should have showed Us Your documents before Your first appointment.”

“You would have had no more grounds to refuse them then than You do now.”

“We’re not refusing them, We accepted Your payment, We are just not going to continue doing business with You.”

“If You are suggesting that My documents are not legal or lawful, You should have Me charged with fraud.  If that is not what You are suggesting, then You have no legal right to refuse Me.”

(Defensively), “I am not suggesting You’ve committed fraud, I acknowledge Your documents, We accepted Your payment, You have no outstanding balance with this office…  But We are not going to Honour Your documents in the future, I’m sorry.”

“Well, You are now interfering with a man’s right to equal access to health care, so if You are not sorry, You will be.  Let the doctor know I want to speak with him directly.”

“I will have the doctor call You.”

He did and once again I missed the call.  No coincidences.  I have his message saved on My answering machine, though he does not say on the message why he is refusing to provide Me with the services he agreed to provide.  The doctor and I already have a verbal contract.

This entry is about titles and the different Roles We have to Play on the world Stage.  A doctor is a very important Role and the Hippocratic Oath a doctor takes upon completion of their education Plays a critical Part in relation to their Duties and responsibilities to the public/community.

The saddest Part about this story is that I do trust My instincts and I do like the doctor.  Failing to Honour My documents and provide Me the service he himself has advised and recommended is a serious offence and violation of his Hippocratic Oath.  I am hoping the Letter I have crafted will persuade him to continue with the treatment he agreed to provide.

ROMANS 13:3-4

“For those rulers are an object of fear, not to the Good deed, but to the bad.  Do You really want to be free of fear of the authority?  Keep doing Good, and You Will have praise from it; for it is God’s Minister to You for Your Good.  But if You are doing what is bad, be in fear, for it is not without purpose that it bears the Sword.  It is God’s Minister, an avenger to express wrath against the one practicing what is bad.”

Does a doctor know the difference between Good and bad?  Caps are always Intentional in My Writing, Part of My Magic and trans-lay-Sean (building found-a-Sean), as are the use of italics.  Minister is in italics because I have said that We are all have a Duty to represent and protect the common law and that’s why all government buildings (in Canada and [most of] the common wealth) are called Ministries, they are Founded on a strong belief in God and moral Goodness.  They are there to protect the Good and the Righteous.

It is fantastic that I know how to create a legal bill of exchange, it is wonderful that I can show something on paper that says I’m a King, it is marvelous that I know the law well enough to know who’s Honouring man’s rights and who is not.  It has nothing to do with whether or not the doctor understands My documents or if I were to have any at all, the doctor has a responsibility and duty to Honour the profession and the unique Role God has Cast for him on the world stage.

Love and blessings, I Will include the letter in My next Post.







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