The Devil is in the Details

I am having an especially wonderful morning.  Ottawa is ridiculous cold right now but the sky is bright and there is amazing energy in the Universe.  I have a long anticipated lunch date with a friend later this afternoon and another friend returned from Xmas Holy Days early this morning.

I was Given two very special Gifts this morning also; a music cd Created by one of My friends and a couple of Journals that were Found in the recycling.  No coincidence, everyone always sees Me Writing so they had been salvaged with Me in Mind.  They were likely a Christmas Gift; the man had started Writing in them, then threw them out for whatever reason.  As it turns out, I know him and for Me it is a very special Gift that his Dreams were placed in My care.  And I’m only an hour and a half into My day!

I suppose I should probably touch on the title of this Blog Post as I’m sure it does not sound quite so inspirational, though in many ways it is.  I have My letter to the doctor to share with You today, it reads as follows:

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‘The Devil is in the Details”…  Do You see now?  What would prevent a doctor from providing the absolute best health care the doctor is able to perform?  Nothing.  Nothing but false Ideas.  Regardless what a man believes may be right or wrong, there is only one real truth – to do Good, to do what is right in every circumstance.  What is the best thing for doctors to do with the Gift they are Given by God?  Honour God by using the Gift to Honour others.  It’s that simple and it is true in any profession, health care is one that is of particular importance for obvious reasons – the public depend on doctors and other specialists in the community to live happy, healthy lives.  And We all have equal right to happiness and the best health care available to man, that’s why We (collectively) have developed all of the wonderful technologies We have.  The Idea that they are only available to those of particular status or wealth is as wrong as suggesting they are only available to a man of a particular race.  What difference does it make?  Do really need to be telling any man on this earth these things?  Really.

If a doctor has the ability to perform necessary treatment for a man but says, “no, I can’t because…”  If the because is anything other than performing the treatment would cause greater harm to others in the community, then the doctor does not deserve to be a doctor and should have their license revoked.  If the doctor’s gift is motivated by greed, it becomes a tool of extortion.  I Will soon discover the character of My doctor and determine whether he is motivated by goodness or greed.

Love and Blessings,



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