It’s an Immaculate Concept, Sean!

Happy Lucky Wednesday, everyone!!!  And it is an especially auspicious Wednesday in Deed!  Before I get too far into this entry, I am going to share with You a YouTube video I was watching last night by a journalist that was previously unfamiliar to Me.  Turns out he is Canadian, too, so I wanted to share some of his wisdom on success which emulates many of My own philosophies.

“It is not enough to have a great idea and the focus and conscientiousness to see it to fruition, You must have the strength and the resolve and the courage to pursue that idea even when the rest of the world thinks You’re insane.  Time and time again, if You look at the stories of extraordinarily important entrepreneurs, there is almost always a moment when they are the only ones who believe in the value of what they are doing.” – Malcolm Gladwell.

Immaculate means for something to be untarnished, pure, perfect, or, in Roman Catholic theology, free from sin.  A concept is an idea.  So an Immaculate Concept is the perfect Idea, and what could be more perfect than God’s Idea for man, the establishment of His Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven?  The Immaculate concept, God’s Kingdom, has found a Sean.  I hope You have as much fun with My Spelling of Magic as I do Casting it.

I have always believed that money, and CAPITALISM specifically, stand in the Way of man’s progress, evolution, and trespass on Our unalienable rights Gifted Us by God.  The United Nations even states in its preamble that the highest aspiration of man is to be removed of want and fear.  Virtually everything in a CAPITALIST society promotes want and fear.

I have said for many years now that one day I would put an end to the financial system as We know it today – I have vowed to My friends that I Will make money obsolete.  I have also said that I Will one day put an end to war.  I have promised My friends and family that one day I Will accomplish Peace.  And now, My Kingdom comes…

“You must have the strength and the resolve and courage to pursue that Idea even when the rest of the world thinks You’re insane.”

Many people would say that I must be insane if I believe I can accomplish these things, yet I not only know that I Will, I can now visualize how it Will all come together.  That’s why I am ‘vondehnvisuals’ because I have always been considered a visionary, not a realist.  And so, as Malcolm points out later in his discussion, “the disruptive outsider is the One who is incapable of meeting the market needs as the traditional market needs are defined; they can’t do it, right?  So what do they do?  They try a brand new, half-ass approach that doesn’t work, right?  But by that very nature of trying something completely outside the mainstream, they end up ‘up-ending’ the, ummm [traditional market]…  But were they any good, they would never have been forced to do that.”

I know how close I am to achieving My goals and I know that when I do, it Will seem as if I am coming from nowhere, ‘zero to hero’, virtually overnight and people are going to want to know how I managed to accomplish this seemingly incredible task.  How many people would say I am insane to believe what I am Writing now?

I have been a relentless student of the Universe, I have never believed that anything could Keep Me from My destiny so it was never a question of ‘if’, only how.  That has always kept Me on something of a steady course, though arguably it would be fair to say I tried a lot of different things that were not working, though the experiences were always forcing Me to come up with new ideas and work harder at My studies.

As a relentless student, I never really took to traditional teaching methods, it is difficult for Me to ‘limit’ My studies to one field or subject, I am interested in far too many things.  Before My spiritual awakening I had once worked as a sales manager for a telemarketing company.  Even then I was applying virtually all of the principals that Malcolm talks about in his rules of success.  First, I believed I would succeed in My new position.  Then I began incorporating My own, unorthodox and unusual strategies, the first of which was showing up for My first day after being promoted to manager in My usual, casual clothes – the rest of the managers wore suits.  I was immediately called into the office but I had signed a contract for My new position and I had taken the time over the weekend to review the requirements of the contract and the objectives of My new role.  There was not one mention in the document that a suit was required, so long as I managed to hit all My sales targets.  The general manager resented My argument and tried very hard to sabotage My position.

The next day when I showed up for work, all the teams had been ‘reshuffled’ and I had been given all of the least productive agents.  My entire team would be less likely to generate as many sales as the top agent on either one of the other two teams on any given day, and there were weekly and monthly cash incentives for whatever team could generate the most sales.  The look of despair on the faces of My team was almost heartbreaking.  I knew they had done this to Me to break Me, perhaps hoping I would walk out or offer to wear a suit, begging for a better team.  Instead, after fifteen minutes of virtual silence while the other two teams were Writing sales every minute, I pulled My team off the floor and into the board room for a pep talk.

It would be wonderful if I had recorded the Words I shared with My team in that meeting.  I know I started by as King of My group why they all looked so glum and I remember the first thing anyone said was something like, “We all suck, We’re never going to win against either one of the other two teams!”, which is what I was more or less hoping someone would say.

I apologized to My team and told them that this was not a reflection of them, it’s a reflection of Me and My determination to not wear a suit, this is managements way of getting back at Me, they want Me to quit or beg for a ‘better’ group.  I told them I was not going to do that because My job is to teach people how to sell and although I had never managed before, I was one of the top producers in the company before I was promoted and I believed I could teach anyone to do what I did.  I also told them that My determination to not wear a suit was for My team, so they did not perceive Me as being above them, I wanted them to know I was the same man I was the previous week, I was just in a different role.  I explained that as an independent agent, My goal was to maximize My sales and I was determined to succeed, so I did.  I said that I planned to approach this scenario exactly the same way and that potentially I could turn the entire group into top agents.

I was already a good twenty minutes to a full half hour behind the other two teams by the time My little board room lecture and pep talk was over but My team came out happy, motivated and energized…  And I could feel the other managers watching Me.  Sure enough, We started getting sales.  I started making noise to rally My team and it worked.  The energy grew and My team became more and more energized; they started believing in themselves.  Over the next two or three months, I read virtually anything I could get My hands on that dealt with either sales or leadership and would make little queue cards for My team with motivation quotes on them to greet My team members every morning.  The best part of the entire experience, is that I got the highest possible bonuses available to managers that first month because the stats of all the representatives of My team were so low.  With the lowest average sales per hour of all three teams, My bonus as a manager was relative to how much I was able to improve the average sales per hour of My group, which was substantially better than either one of the other two groups were able to achieve, even though We did not win any daily sales bonuses as a team for the first two weeks.  So the managers determination to sabotage My success backfired, actually making it easier for Me to achieve My objectives.  The moment My team started winning, the teams were once again reshuffled, and this time it was done fairly.

“When You throw Your Heart and Mind and Soul into something, You get something back….  The Idea of meaningful work is embedded in their consciousness” – Malcolm Gladwell.

I believe My Work is meaningful and had said that this was an especially auspicious ‘lucky’ Wednesday because My day started with an inspirational Facebook messages from a couple of My Facebook friends.  First, it was Queen Nina at exactly 8:37 this morning, telling Me how much she loved My last Post.  That Sacred number is My Way of knowing She was hand picked by God to know the Power of the Living Word – anything I have said I Will do Will be done for Her and anything She as King of Me for Will Manifest.  This is true of anyone in My microcosm who is shown the number 37.  Only a few moments later, another Facebook friend messaged Me to tell Me that they had also read My last Post, “You are so wise and so Articulate and your imagination is beyond ordinary , I wish you could write a Novel!!!!!!!!!!”, copied and pasted directly from her message.

I speak to the Idea of Writing a novel in the prologue of My Book.  I talk about how I would have loved to Write a fantasy novel of some kind where the unlikely hero accomplishes some incredible task against all odds – which is pretty much the theme of most fantasy novels.  I even crafted several outlines and began creating characters but the further My Idea developed, the more I realized that all of the concepts I was incorporating in My Book are all strategies one must embrace in their own life to accomplish their goals and My determination is to merge fantasy with reality, to make dreams come true.  So I Writ My Prophecy for Peace and began Writing this Blog which is a living Work of how the unlikely hero Will ultimately accomplish His task and fulfill the Prophecy.

Now that I am in the final stages of My Quest, I know I Will have to accept My role as an international character and transcend My fear of losing anonymity.  I can’t save the world and remain unknown and I have accepted that, though I am not sure I Will ever truly be ready; I don’t think it is something one can prepare for, especially if it happens as fast as I imagine it Will.

However, I came across the video I have shared here today because I know that increasing My influence on social media is critical to My success.  A year ago I had said that one of My greatest weaknesses is marketing and social media, something I would need to work on.  I still consider marketing and social media one of My greatest weaknesses, yet I have grown My Twitter account on from 55 followers to 4,317 in only ten months, which is pretty impressive by any standard for a self start up that isn’t selling anything.  I had mentioned to a friend recently that I can’t take any credit for the dramatic increase in My Twitter followers and influence as I believe that some highly influential personalities have taken an interest in Me for whatever reason.

“Have You ever considered that maybe people just like Your Ideas and Your Writing?”

The truth is, I hadn’t really.  She gave Me a brief but loving lecture about how I should learn to take credit for what I am doing and believe in My Self more, ironic as that sounds.  I believe in My Work, I believe in My Writing, but I don’t believe I know a thing about marketing so I was not willing to take any credit for the dramatic increase to My influence on social media platforms.  Just to give You a vague idea, even though I still don’t really understand the analytics, I received 636 impressions for the entire month of April last year, and I am now averaging 3,400 impressions per day so far this month and earned 143,000 impressions last month!  Every now and then I Will ‘tweet’ something and receive over 1,000 impressions in a single HOUR!

The video I shared today was one I came across while I was researching how to improve My social media influence.  I have actually done a lot of research into social media and marketing related to entrepreneurship and realized that I do employ most of the strategies used by those who are experts in social media, branding and marketing.  Exposure to examples of those who are starting social media campaigns from scratch have helped Me to realize that growing a Twitter community of more than four thousand followers in less than a year is already something of a success story and every single example has emphasized that the root of a successful social media campaign is a great Idea.

Although I may not be a social media guru, I do believe that a loving, peaceful world where all of man is equal is the perfect Idea and the driving force behind all of My success, though as Gladwell points out, a great Idea alone is not enough.  After watching the full video, I discovered I have employed every strategy Gladwell speaks to anytime I have achieved success, including number ten, which is ‘outworking others’.  I had no intention of Writing so much but this entry was important to Me, so I am finishing an entry that started early Wednesday afternoon, at 3:40 a.m. Saturday morning.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not only a great Idea, it is God’s Immaculate concept, Sean!  And that’s why I know I can’t fail.

Apologies for the lengthy Post, Love and Blessings,

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