The King’s Keep Thing King Positive

Positive thinking is ‘thing King’; the determination and Will to Keep going, to succeed against all odds.  The Keep also represents the strongest, most central part of a Castle.  In man, the Keep represents the Soul; the Will and determination to Keep going.  If a man’s Keep is with God, One is truly thing King positive and no thing Will be impossible.

This is the Fun Part for Me, the Role I was meant to Play.  It is not always easy being a King but it is always Fun to Write about it.  This, the Writing, isn’t work (at least not for Me), but the title of today’s Post was inspired by an acquaintance who said to Me (sarcastically), “yeah, it must be tough being King,” after I had said to him that I had a couple hours of work to do before going to bed.

‘It is a lot of work being King!!!’, is what I felt like saying!  Instead, I laughed and headed back to My room – and My work only took Me about an hour and a half.

I’ve managed to stay on top of My social media account which is quickly becoming a part of My day and what kept Me up for an extra hour and a half last night.  I don’t have a work schedule, I work when I can.  My microcosm has been full of crazy, erratic energy every since the full moon.  My roommate’s mental health seems to have something of a three day cycle: Three days where My room will take on the appearance of an electronics shop with all kinds of tiny parts for computers and other gadgets scattered all over the place, followed by about a day and a half of near comatose sleep, followed by roughly another day and a half of mostly coherent, sensible behaviour.  For that last day and a half, one of the funniest, kindest, most charismatic personalities I’ve met since I moved to Ottawa.  The other four and a half days it can be exceedingly difficult and more than a little exhausting.  So I guess it’s more of a six day cycle and roughly three days where it truly wears on My patience.  Having said that, he would literally give Me the shirt off his back if I were to as King of him and I don’t ever have to worry about any of My personal belongings being stolen or tampered with.  I could leave money on My dresser and it would be there the next day.  Those qualities and characteristics of his nature are far more valuable to Me than the imperfections in his character, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t considerably more challenging for Me to find the head space to be productive.  I literally need to make things happen.  If I waited until I had the proper environment to be truly focused before doing anything, I would get very little accomplished.

The extra effort applied to marketing My ‘Brand’ on Twitter has already proved to be worth the extra effort.  In My last Post I said that one of the goals would be converting the 34.2 percent decrease in Twitter impressions to a positive value and that number is down to an even 23 percent (an 11.2% increase) in just two days.  Not bad.  I also started using Tweetdeck and Buffer in addition to Hootsuite.  Because I know that My Twitter stats are not always accurate, I also use which gives Me additional analytic data on followers and who has been most active.  The free version allows You credits every day to use to thank followers and contributors in Your community of followers, though using the feature posts a big advertisement for the app in the message.  Now I use the insight provided there to cut and paste the names of contributors and new followers in My community to Buffer, one of the new apps I’m using that sends [up to ten with free version] queued tweets at optimal times based on analytics of the most active times of Your followers.  I edited the suggested times to allow for an additional ten queued tweets per day that I place in one hour intervals.  I use Hootsuite to schedule the most important tweets at the optimal times of day.

For now, I plan My day by picking a theme (today was transformation and change) and search for quotes and pictures related to whatever I’m tall King about until I have five good ones.  Then I Will Write My message and hashtags to go with the quote and schedule each one four times, six hours apart starting at 12:55 a.m.  I do the same thing with a feature Blog Post, including two pictures, My Logo and something unique to the entry, every third hour.  I filled My Hootsuite queue, Buffer, and when I used up the ten on Buffer, I scheduled a few more in Tweetdeck (which may be unlimited in scheduling but not as fun to use – I don’t like the preview pane but I’m pretty fussy) and it only took Me a little over an hour and a half from scratch.  Much better than the three hours it took Me the first time and the rewards are so worth it.  I averaged nine followers a day last month, gained 60 first day using Hootsuite, 56 the second day, 45 the third day and 70 so far today!  Well worth the effort.  I also found another app called Twitonomy that tracks followers and allowed Me to find all the people not following Me back so I could unfollow them.  Seems a little ridiculous but Twitter Will only let You follow a maximum of 5,000 until You have that many Yourself.  I had to scroll down My follower list endlessly just to unfollow enough people to follow My new followers – very tedious.  Last night I cleaned them all out and am now following only those who are following Me and I’ll leave it that way now until I hit 5,000.  I’m at 4,735 now and at this rate I Will hit 5,000 in about four days.  That’s pretty remarkable for Me!  (Insert blushing emoji).

February 7

Well, I didn’t manage to get this Blog Post finished yesterday and I still have to set up My Tweets for tomorrow but I thought I may as well share My new stats.  The rest of My data started showing up on the 5th (profile visits, tweets and mentions were omitted from the data in My last post), meaning that profile visits are more likely around 500 per day.  The highest profile visits I’ve had in a month is 16.2K and I’m hoping to improve on that this month, too – I think the chances are good.  I also gained a total of 70 followers yesterday and another 35 today (which is actually the smallest gain since I started scheduling tweets).  I’m getting to the maximum length for effective Blogging so I’m going to Sign off for today though I have plenty more plans to share with You all soon.

Love and Blessings,








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