Rogue Journalism and the Adventures of Chris Tuck

First of all I would like to say thank You for being here.  It is difficult for Me to express just how much it means for Me to share My thoughts with You.  Thank You so much for taking the time.

The more readers I have, the more motivated I am to Write.  The extra time and effort I took last week to promote My Twitter presence has paid off generously.  I have already broken some of My previous records and Imagine I Will break most or all previous records by the end of the month.  Most impressions in a single month prior to February of this year, was 181,000 last May – I’m at 93,100 so far this month, it’s only the 12th and only one week into My new social media marketing strategies.  I feel I should up My goal to at least 200,000 but even that seems a little low and perhaps not ambitious enough…  300,000 would be awesome, I am thing King that is what I Will shoot for.  The best part is, all of these things are reflected in some way in My microcosm, too.

Yesterday I had mentioned that My follower count ‘froze’ at 4,875 and that remained more or less true until the end of the day, fluctuating by one or two but always leveling off at 4,875.  Almost like Magic, right after midnight I started gaining followers again and woke up this morning with 4,890.  It’s been hovering around there all day, currently sitting at 4,893 and I anticipate the day Will close at 4,900 as that was My next ‘benchmark’ and the last one before 5,000.  It’s still a little surreal for Me to be tall King about having 5,000 followers on Twitter.  Anyway, I had taken Friday night ‘off’ and had the biggest Saturday I’ve had on Twitter since last May, so I figured maybe I could get away with taking Saturday night off, too.  The number of impressions I was creating and the number of new followers I had been gaining came to a virtual standstill Sunday morning and for Me, that’s the Universe telling Me that it’s okay to take one night off every week but not two!  I had My queue all loaded up for today before midnight last night and was rewarded with a stream of new followers and impressions returning to ‘somewhat normal’ (whatever that is).  One of My third party analytics applications for Twitter,, suggests I created over 24 million impressions over the last three days.  CommuneStats

I have also said that My growing influence on Twitter is reflected in My microcosm and I have every reason to believe that this is the result of My new relay Sean ship with Chris Tuck.  As I mentioned previously, Chris is the manager for Ottawa’s Ministry of Community and Social Services.  I filed a formal complaint with the City of Ottawa a couple of weeks ago for failing to respond to My letters.  I made Chris Tuck’s mission as simple as possible, as King of him to find out whom I need to speak with to have the genuine article live birth record returned to Me as assurance the accounts have been closed – I know how challenging this will be for him.

Without any superior claim to the administrative rights of My Kingdom (My Mind, Body and Soul), they [the Ministries of the Canadian Government] are going to have a difficult time explaining why the commercial character (the certified person) still exists (“Hallowed be My name”) and more importantly, how it can represent any real value if I am no longer consenting to the energy of My Life being used as surety for Canada’s debt to private, central banks.

And this is why I can be as radical and creative as I want with My Blog Posts, Word Play and unusual use of capital letters; I did My homework and I showed My Work (which would make some of My childhood math teachers happy).  When it comes to the legal stuff, I know what I’m tall King about and I know how to Play their Game.  This is where I have the freedom to be who I am without any restrictions, this is where I get to have fun.  If I could have My Way, I would accomplish everything from here and I’m going to do as much as I can to make that happen.

The more My influence grows, the more concerned the characters of My Story become with My portrayal of them in it.  When I got off the phone with Chris Tuck the first time, I noticed almost immediately afterward that he was doing his homework, too.  He was reading the legal documents I published online.  For some I suppose it might be a coincidence but I don’t believe in those.

I was going to follow up with Chris Tuck again on Friday of last week but I have reason to believe he has been working very hard to resolve My complaint to the best of his ability.  I was expecting to hear something from him today and did leave a message with his office as King for an update on his progress.  If I have not heard from him before noon tomorrow I Will call him again.

Again, these are the little details that are going on behind the scenes that I really don’t Write of very often, yet I know they are ultimately responsible for My influence on Twitter.  It’s 11:09 and I’m trying to wrap this up before midnight so that I can get My Hootsuite set up for tomorrow.  Now it only takes Me about 45 minutes to set up the 30 Tweets in Hootsuite but I also queue another ten in Buffer, then as many additional Tweets as are necessary to thank active members in My community, new followers and those who’ve re-Tweeted My content.  I’ve also got a number of folders now with pictures with inspirational quotes broken into more and more sections every day.  Today was Bruce Lee quotes, tomorrow Will be Will Smith.  And I’m at 4,896 now, pretty confident I’ll get another four before midnight.

As for Chris Tuck, I hope his adventures are going well and that he is making some progress.  I look forward to Honouring his character in My Story.  😉

I Trust You are all well.

Love and Blessings,



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    I am reposting this and the previous Post because they are receiving an unusual amount of traffic (Views) today. I thought I would let You know what the world is reading. It is also worth noting that these Posts are not ‘easy’ to find unless One has a direct link to the Post. I said I would be tall King about how the global economy ‘Truly’ works very soon. We know I don’t believe in coincidences. I have a different Post in Mind for today, but this it a Sign from the Universe that I should be tall King about these Matters soon. Love and Blessings,

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