In Harmony with the Universe: One Song, God’s Plan, and Drake

I want to start by saying thank You for being here.  I also would like to say thank You to My new Blog follower today, too.  My Blog followers are special to Me on an even more personal and intimate level than Twitter followers, though for Me My Twitter followers represent My influence in the macrocosm which is important to My overall success.  I always dreamed that there would be someone out there who might appreciate and enjoy reading My Work, everyone reading this Blog is an answer to those prayers.  Although I may not Write about it everyday, I truly give thanks for every visitor, every day.  Bless You, and thank You.

I have been tall King about social media and My strategies for marketing, one of which includes checking out the ‘trending’ hashtags for the day, and hashtags that are popular among My community of followers.  I was also tall King about Ash Wednesday and how it represents sacrifice according to Christian tradition and theology.  The following morning (mourning), I learned of the Florida shooting incident and decided to Write about is yesterday.

It can be difficult for Me to help man understand how something like the incident in Florida can be God’s Will.  Before I awakened spiritually, I would express anger toward God for events like this in My private journal because I didn’t understand it either.  Now, every event like the Florida shooting is a reminder how important it is for Us to remember that events like that are not God’s Will, though they are a Part of God’s [Divine] Plan.

After Writing My Post yesterday, My follower count increased to 4,909 by the end of the day.  I refreshed the page shortly after midnight and was back at 4,884.  I’ve been gaining followers all day and am now at 4,899 and it Will likely climb to a little over 4,900 before midnight.  Will it Magically drop to 4,884 again?  Will I be sacrificing followers every day until Easter?  I also forgot to mention yesterday that I was locked out of My Twitter account yesterday morning due to ‘suspicious’ activity and had to verify by having a code sent to My cellphone to reactivate.  I guess the hackers got caught.  Two days in a row I lost followers for the first time since April of 2017, the same time I’m tall King about the significance of sacrifice on Ash Wednesday and the six weeks of lent leading up to Easter.  This is how the Universe gets My attention.  Why would the Universe choose to allow something so tragic to happen on a day I have always referred to as ‘lucky’?  That is not how My Universe generally Works. Because it doesn’t want Me or any of the rest of You to forget how far from God’s Will events like this truly are, how desperately We need to do better…  Together.  That’s God’s Plan.

One of the other hashtags I like to use with My Blog Posts is #GodsPlan.  Today Drake’s YouTube Video ‘God’s Plan’ was trending on Twitter.

For Me, it was a reminder that God knows what He is doing.  Only God knows how hearing about the incident in Florida made Me feel.  Only God knows how the horrors of this world motivate Me to do something about them.  I’m going to be using every Gift God Gives Me to promote My Blog, whatever hashtag might help to spread the Word on any Given day.  I was thing King about how I should share that strategy with You shortly before ‘God’s Plan’ showed as trending in My newsfeed.  No coincidences.

I know I am very close to accomplishing My Quest, how close I can’t say.  Time is one detail I am never sure of as it is not up to Me, it is up to collective consciousness.  I can’t do anything alone, no one can.  Even celebrities would be nothing without their fans, so everyone is equally important.

On a Mystical level, the event in Florida was God’s Way of reminding Me just how important the concept of sacrifice is to Bible tradition.  If Jesus has never been sacrificed, none of Us could be raised from the dead, and/or razed from the debt.  The most important Christian Holy day is coming up in less than six weeks and God is as King to Me that You pay special attention to it this year.  I think the believers in Christ might see him return on that day.  I guess We Will see.


This particular image beside Wikipedia’s explanation and definition of Ash Wednesday reminded Me of the Tarot.

I hope You are all well and enjoy Drake’s version of God’s Plan as much as I did.  God’s Plan is that We all do as much Good as We are able.

Be well, Love and Blessings,

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