The Good News Journal, Volume I: The Fourth Edition 4 A Thrilling Thursday

Hello everyone and thank You for being here.  Welcome to the Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal.  It was actually a Wonder Full Lucky Wednesday that makes for such a Thrilling Thursday Edition.  I have a little more Art to Show, to start things off.

Service of True Copy

This provides a little foreshadowing if You were Wondering why Thursday might be so Thrilling.  Thursday, I Will be using My not so secret, secret mail system to Cast more Spells.  Today was Wednesday for Me and the weather was Glorious, so I took a long walk and made copies of all the letters I faxed earlier this month.  There are Seven in total.

I’m not sending originals because the original documents were faxed and they have failed to respond.  My Intention is to incorporate Art (and a little Humour) into My Letters to make them more Beautiful to Behold and entertaining to read. If they can’t respond to My first letter or the fax, they have failed to show appreciation for My time and effort and no longer deserve an original, Hand Writ letter.

If everyone were honourable, there would be no need to make copies and keep records of everything being sent.  I should be able to Write an elected official in Good Faith, knowing they Will respond – it is their ‘job’, their Part to Play on the world stage.  Did the Bible not say that the authorities of this world were put there by God?  Didn’t it also say that they were Ministries for the Good Deed?  (Rhetorical, the Bible does say these things somewhere in Romans.)

I Writ My first series of letters without a receipt [to show they were received] so that those I was Writing would have an opportunity to respond ‘off the record’, at least legally speaking.  By Writing ‘Service of True Copy’ on the Face of each Letter, I am advising the recipients that they are being ‘Served’ (legally), and that the Original documents are being retained as evidence for court should they fail to respond [within 30 days].

By using My thumbprint I am Using My own unique Seal and making an Expression on the document (and reader), meaning that evidence of My Life has physical Form (Foundation) on the document.  Under a microscope, the thumbprint would appear raised, representing authority from a Higher physical plane. I’m just pointing out some symbolism and Magic as it applies to law, for those who might be interested.

Patience is such a valuable virtue for Me because I do spend a lot of time waiting for people to respond.  Even if I am confident they won’t, it’s only fair and reasonable to Give them due time.  I don’t really want to bring any of these individuals into court but if they don’t get back to Me I Will have no choice.  (Clue number one for any elected officials see King counsel).  😉

What I have achieved in law is the real reason I acquired over 5,000 followers on Twitter in less than a year with little to no effort (with the exception of last month).  Even investing more time in promoting My Twitter account didn’t really generate any more or less Blog traffic, just a lot more action on Twitter (which is to be expected).

I Will be resuming My social media marketing strategies again this evening in preparation for the month of March.  A new month, a full moon, and a new 30 day deadline for Canada’s elected officials.  And also the last opportunity for elected officials to respond before I drag them into court to explain their Self’s (themselves).

Wednesday Night’s Not Quite Full Moon

Thursday night is the full moon and I am always telling friends in My microcosm that the full moon represents the manifestation of the month’s Magic.  Is it a coincidence that I Will be sending the letters on the full moon?  I didn’t Plan it that Way, just happened like that; things just seem to fall into place so perfectly, don’t they?

I Trust You are all fabulous!

Love and Blessings,


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