The Good News Journal, Volume I: The Third Edition, Wonderful ‘Lucky’ Wednesday

Good day everyone and thank You for being here, I hope You are all having a Wonderful, Lucky Wednesday!

I just published Tuesday’s Post within the last hour and the goal is to have Wednesday’s Post published by early Wednesday morning.  The Good News Journal is a new category of My Blog to Honour My readers and celebrate nine years on WordPress.  Nine years on WordPress is also a significant detail as I Imagine that when I do achieve all My goals, many are going to wonder where I came from and how I managed to accomplish so much so fast.  Nine years is not that fast, I’ve been War King on this for a long time and I think it’s important to keep that in perspective.

Yesterday I was tall King about the importance of Forgiveness.  I was also tall King about how the resentment I had for those who had wronged Me motivated Me to work harder and to ultimately discover that My anger was not with My adversary, but with My own inadequacies.  Only then was I able to truly forgive because only then did the emotion cease to have power over Me – I was no longer afraid of what might happen if I was dragged into court, court became a place I would hold people accountable and liable for their trespasses of the law.  Game changer (pack up the monopoly board and set up the chess pieces).

The Good News Journal is about how I plan to use this knowledge to accomplish peace in the world and what I am doing in My microcosm to make it happen.  The law is made to seem very complicated but it’s really pretty simple.  The problem is that it’s easy to get confused by the complicated stuff, ‘hard to see the trees for the forest’, sort of Idea.  Right and wrong is not that hard to understand.  Equality isn’t really that hard to understand.  And a person does not need to know a Word of Black’s Law, Bouvier’s or Ballentine’s to know right from wrong or to Write a proper legal Letter in English.

Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette Page I
Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette, Page II
Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette, Page III

This was faxed too long ago now for Me to remember without checking My documents.  This is another example of My philosophies being incorporated (pun intended for those of You with legal knowledge) into everything I do. The greatest freedom that came with accomplishing My legal objectives and declaring My Sovereignty, was no longer having to worry about what anyone thinks about My Style of Writing.  I make the rules now, I know how the Game works and, well… What’s the point in being a King if I can’t have a little fun?  The less seriously these individuals take Me, the more surprised they are going to be when they meet Me in court.

As far as the day to day stuff goes, I have been following up on My letters.  The Governor General’s office was one of the offices that could not confirm having received the fax, so I resent the fax on the 22nd of this month and Cedrena confirmed they got it.  I was told the letter Will likely be forwarded to the Ministry of Justice for a response and should expect to wait up to six weeks for a reply.  The Canadian Ministries seem very inefficient, I might humbly offer.

Chris Tuck is still War King his Magic somewhere in the background I’m sure, I Will be tall King about that more in upcoming editions of The Good News Journal.  I will also be Giving away some clues for those who are on the receiving end of My letters and are not sure how to respond and what My immediate plans are over the next few days.

I Will also be revealing My not-so-secret, ‘Secret’ mail system, as well as real Secrets that Will help people to understand how I Will pay back Canada’s debt to central banks, put an end to the global economic crisis once and for all, and, finally, how to solve all the rest of the world’s problems so We can live together in peace.  Hoping to cover most of that over the next four weeks!

I hope this day finds You all well.  And so it is.

Love and Blessings,






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