The Good News Journal, Volume II: Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Sovereignty and Spirituality

Hello everyone and thank You for being here; it means the world to Me, literally.  There is no reason to Write if there is no One to read My Words, You are My reason for being here and I hope You are all having a terrific Tuesday!

In My microcosm, Tuesday is Spirituality day.  Every Tuesday morning I have one Spirituality class to attend, and one class to teach. To remain in Harmony with the Universe, the Tuesday theme of My microcosm Will be reflected in the macrocosm and My Tuesday Edition Will be dedicated to two topics that go hand in hand; Sovereignty and Spirituality.

In The Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Edition, I was tall King about a Sovereign nation’s right to create it’s own debt free (interest free) economy necessary for the infrastructure and full development of its inhabitants.  The Quest Ion (question) remaining, is whether or not a man can be Sovereign, a country unto One’s Self.

Once again, common cents (sense/true wealth) Will tell Us the answer is surprisingly simple and a resounding, ‘Yes!’.  In fact, Sovereign is Our natural state of being and why Canada’s politicians are not guilty of aiding and abetting treason (at least not for another 26 days).

Sovereign means that One is Self Governed; other Wise known as Free Will, arguably One of the Greatest Gifts Given by God.  If One is compelled to contract with any nation or corporation against their Will, and/or under duress, it is a contract of bondage and/or slavery.  Needless to say, bondage and slavery were never lawful and are now protected by law.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms:

Article 4.

No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

Everything becomes very simple when One looks at the big picture.  If I do not want to contract with the country of Canada, I cannot be compelled to do so!  Any suggestion to the contrary would be prima-facie (first face) evidence of a bondage and/or slave contract.

I don’t think the elected officials I’ve Writ letters to know how to respond to My letters.  What they should do is exactly what I have as King of them to do – pay back My share of Canada’s debt to central banks by Honourably discharging value from My Cestui Que Vie [the unlimited commercial value of My Life], close the accounts, provide Me with disclosure to show it has been done, and communicate My new Status and title to the appropriate Ministries and authorities within the Canadian government.  That would be the Honourable thing to do.

In Canada, I believe the Duty and Honour of introducing a new common King to the people of Canada would fall upon the Governor General, Canada’s current Sovereign.  Julie Payette is Canada’s most recent example of a common man gaining the Status of Sovereign, for those who may be under the presumption that such a thing does not exist.  Her Excellency’s Duty is to Honour the Queen and protect the common law rights of the Sovereign in Canada.

This is probably the most important Post I have ever Writ. The concern with the Idea of Sovereignty is that if anyone can claim it, then no one is responsible to the law and We would be Living in anarchy.  The opposite is true because King is a Spiritual title every bit as much as it’s a legal one.

Everyone is Sovereign by default and anyone does have the right to claim it.   In Order to do so legally, One must demonstrate a certain level of ‘Spiritual’ Mastery and competence to have that position Honoured by the Ministry.  There are tremendous responsibilities that come with being King, one of those Duties is to Honour the Queen, Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Elizabeth II.  The other responsibility is the King’s first Duty, which is to Honour God, which means to Honour all of man.

“God is Stronger”

I said this Post would be about Sovereignty and Spirituality because they go hand in hand.  I pointed out to someone the other day that there is a reason the King in chess has a Cross on his head – it’s a Spiritual title (and the most important piece in the Game).  In the above article a friend brought to My attention on Saturday, the Pope is tall King about Salvation and Redemption.  He says one might attain self-redemption by Way of meditation and enlightenment, but self redemption is not enough. What Pope Francis says is similar to what I have said about the Philosopher’s Stone, a metaphor for Our Divine Purpose in God’s Plan – it is not enough to find the Philosopher’s Stone, One must return it to man and use it to triumph over evil for the benefit of all.  That’s what the King’s Duty really is, to do One’s Duty to God and the Queen.

Once again, that’s why this is The Good News Journal. I’m here to tell You things are not what they seem.  I have always said that the world is illusory in nature, that the Kingdom of Heaven is in front of Us right now for those with eyes to see it.  That’s why I can tell You that Peace Will be accomplished in only six days, the world is far more Magical than it might seem, everything is already set up and ready to go…  The only Quest Ion, is when?

We are all Kings – but that does not mean that We all know how to ‘Act’ as Kings.  For years I have been saying We are all Kings and Queens, Gods and Goddesses, the living expression of God.  That doesn’t mean that everyone I say that to walks away believing they are that.

The truth is, I would not know the value of My title and Degree in law if I were not a Spiritual Master.  There are others who have successfully declared Sovereignty and administrate their lives privately.  I’m a King because I know that’s not the Way.  Declaring ownership of One’s life for private use and commercial profit is like taking the Philosopher’s Stone and Keeping it to One’s Self, rather than sharing God’s Kingdom with the rest of man, using the wealth and knowledge to benefit all.

The Word King might sound like something from a Fantasy Novel and that’s not a coincidence, either.  Life is a Dream and it’s meant to seem like a fairy tale because it is one.  This is The Good News Journal and I Give You My Word, the Kingdom of Heaven is coming.

Love and Blessings,





















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