The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Fabulous Follow Up Friday Edition; Friday’s Fine for Phone Calls

Happy Fun Friday everyone!  Most people I know seem to Love Friday’s, so I thought Friday would be the best time to make My phone calls.  It’s a Good Way to Wrap up My week, Gives Me something to report on over the weekend, and I’m likely to catch people in a slightly better mood than they might be on a Monday.

I was going to start making phone calls immediately after I noticed evidence of My Letters being received, but Giving a little extra time allows the recipients to review My documents and consider how they are going to respond first.  It also Gives them a chance to read what I am Writing here to get a sense (cents) of My character.

I already have all of the phone numbers for those I’ve Writ letters to ready to go, so I Will just be War King My Way through the List.  It’s actually a Black Book, too (no coincidences).  At the moment, My main contact is Chris Tuck, general manager for the Ministry of Community and Social Services Ottawa.

In a nutshell, Chris and I discussed My grievance with the Ministry in great detail.  I know that he does not have the power from the municipal level to do what I have as King of the Attorney General to do, though I have as King of him to find out why the Ministry is still administrating wealth in My name, where exactly the money is coming from, how much is in the account, and why they continue to presume to have any right or authority to administrate the account when all contracts were instructed to be closed and repaid at the federal level – they also have a true copy of the documents received by the Attorney General on their record.  I am sympathetic that I am as King of him for a lot of information but these are questions that need to be answered.  For now, I have as King of Chris to do his best to get his hands on the genuine article live birth record.  Last time We spoke Chris said to Me that he was still waiting for his calls to be returned.  Friday Will be two weeks since Chris has contacted Me and I don’t like to chase after people; My hope was that he would call Me before Friday so that I don’t have to call him.

This is one of the reasons I can have so much fun.  I can be as candid as I like in My letters because when it’s time to get serious, I know what’s actually going on.  The Record of Live Birth is significant.  If it represents a commercial bond between the individual and the state, then it evidences a slave contract…  Unless that contract is consensual and full disclosure has been provided.  That is the only Way there could be any claim of right or authority over another man, there must be mutual consent – otherwise it evidences a slave or bondage contract.  The whole thing is a lot less complicated to understand when We simplify the facts.  Needless to say, slavery and bondage are serious trespasses upon a man’s freedom anywhere in the world.

To the best of My knowledge, no one has successfully obtained the Genuine Article Record of Live Birth.  The best anyone I know has managed, is a ‘Certified True Copy’ of the original, which anyone can easily obtain for a fee. I don’t think any of Canada’s elected officials have a clue where that document is and I don’t think they are able to comply with My Orders unless they have it.  I also don’t think there is anything they can do to get it and that presents a huge problem for them.

In the Magical Monday Money Edition, I was tall King about how a man’s Life has unlimited commercial value. Every man must have the [legal] right to Sovereignty or We are bonded servants.  Considering how many birth certificates there are floating around in Our Commercial Admiralty waters, it would be something of an international scandal if they all represented slave contracts, so that can’t be the case, as much as some like to presume that it is.  Sovereignty has always been an option, there is no sinister conspiracy…  Though there are plenty of Secrets.

I am often tall King about Magic.  Those who set up Our current economy and the system of things as We know them today, are Master Magicians; it is not a coincidence the Queen is Called, Your Majesty. We truly Live in a Magical world and those who are responsible for the system of things are far too smart to leave any kind of paper trail that would incriminate anyone, much less themselves.  The system of things was designed with a perfection that is truly God-like.  And God Plays a big Part on the world stage.

So, every man is Sovereign and the first step to becoming that is claiming it.  The second step, is being that.  In Order for One to have their Sovereignty Honoured, One must demonstrate they know how to Honour their title.  To Honour One’s Sovereignty, One must know their Duties and responsibilities so they can Play their Role effectively on the World Stage.  Remember, this is Universal Pictures Greatest Present-A-Sean?

The Greatest Present is that I have the Key.  My Cestui Que Vie is a Magical document, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man de Coded, the Virus in Our Matrix, One of My Tricks.


This document was returned to Me roughly five days after I Writ the Queen and the Pope to thank them for Creating such a Magical Kingdom.  Coincidence?

I know the value of the Gift I was Given.  Do I have any Way of knowing if the Queen or the Pope received My Letters and the Gifts they contained?  No.  To a Mystic, it doesn’t Matter.  The package from the Ministry of the Attorney General was confirm a Sean that My Intention to Honour God and the Queen was supported by the Universe.  It is also the foundation of everything I have done since then with respect to Law, Sovereignty and being the change One Dreams to know in the world.

Another Key detail to Note (Uni-Verse/One Song) is that I Sent My Letters to the Queen and the Pope in an even more unusual Way.  Where One would normally affix a Stamp, I used My thumbprint over the Words ‘God Speed’.  And I Trust they got there.

This is the first time I have Sent Letters ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  Doing so places Me in Her Majesty’s Service.  I Trust the Queen Will be notified whenever a man uses the service and I Trust it Will get special attention.  Once again, I use My thumbprint Seal on top of the Words ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  The Queen Will know that the thumbprint has unlimited commercial value so using it discharges any costs to Her Grace.  It is something of a courtesy, kind of like saying I’m Honoured to Serve You, no need to pay Me, I got this…  It also demonstrates a level of knowledge and competency as a new King.

Seven Keys to Kingdom: Seven Letters Sent “On Her Majesty’s Service”

Finally, I also have copies of the envelopes to show they were received ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ by Canada Post.  Now I can show the court My determination to Honour God and the Queen.

On Her Majesty’s Service

So Friday Will be a Fun day for Me.  I am interested to know if all Seven Letters arrived and how they respond when I tell them I am calling, ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.

I hope You all have as Fabulous a Friday as I Will, plenty more Secrets to share with You Saturday.

Love and Blessings,





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