The Good News Journal, Volume II: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Secrets Edition

Hello and Happy Saturday! 😀  Even if it is not Saturday in Your Current now. 😉

It is a Sensational Saturday for Sensei Sean.  This is the thirteenth consecutive Edition of The Good News Journal and Publishing daily has always been a challenge for Me.  I never like to commit to it because I do take My commitments seriously and My determination to Honour them puts pressure on Me that takes the Pleasure out of Writing and that defeats the Purpose; I Write because I Love Writing.  Every morning I Give Thanks to the Universe for every One who might be finding these Words.  Thank You.

Saturday Secrets.  Every One seems to want to know Secrets.  Does that not compromise the Keep of a Secret?  Are Secrets Key to the Keep of a Kingdom, or should Secrets be shared?  That is the most Current Quest Ion (Question); Keep on as King and it Will be Given.  The best place to Keep a Secret is in the Last place One would think to Look.

The Good News Journal Chronicles My [so far] Daily Adventures as I endeavor to accomplish peace in the world, a Goal many people would consider unrealistic or crazy.  I know what One can perceive, One can achieve, so I don’t worry about what other people are thinking.  I suppose that’s the first Secret.

I had a man say to Me today that I am wasting My Time Writing politicians, “they are too corrupt, You Will never get anywhere with the government.”

And the Words in My microcosm tend to Manifest so maybe My Friend is right, maybe I Will never get anywhere with the government.  But if I don’t get anywhere with the government of Canada, the I Will go everywhere without them.  In fact, that’s really what Sovereignty is all about.

Because there is so much controversy over the issue of Sovereignty, I decided to share an article that expresses a very different opinion on the Matter.

This is the Saturday Secrets Edition of The Good News Journal, and if One takes the Time to read the above article, it is easy to see how controversial the Issue of Sovereignty is.  According to the article, law enforcement officers in the United States declared the “Sovereign Citizen” ‘movement’ the highest terrorist threat of 2014.

Right off the bat, the term ‘Sovereign Citizen’ is an oxymoron.  A Sovereign is an independent, self governed State [of being], a citizen is a man who pledges his Life (sovereignty) to the state (country) for governance.  Anyone who believes that a man cannot be freed from any contract that might bind One to a foreign state, implies that We are in bondage already – they are actually supporting a conspiracy theory by suggesting Sovereignty is criminal.

I actually enjoyed the article because I’m always interested to hear what the mainstream media has to say about such things.  What’s amazing for Me, is that there was no such thing as a ‘Sovereign Citizen’ movement when I started My Quest.  For Me, it’s just One more reflection of the macrocosm mirroring My microcosm, My intentions Manifesting in the Universe. I chose the article because it is tall King about the Secret ‘Treasury Account’ that the article claims Sovereigns are See King a Key to access this elusive ‘Treasury Account’.  This is also the difference between Sovereigns and Kings, false profits and true prophets.  There is no money, it’s all debt.  The Duty of the Sovereign is to pay the debt.  Not a coincidence that a Sovereign is also a Coin.  Be the Change, become the Coin of the Realm. A Sovereign Seeking wealth does not know the value of the Kingdom he is as King for.

Although for Me it’s only Friday as I am preparing this Post for Saturday, this Saturday is Sensational because I am tall King about Secrets and the Magic I Cast into the Universe last week.  It really was a Fabulous Friday for Following Up on phone Calls.  I left a message with the Ottawa Citizen as King of them to Call Me back to confirm they received My letter and have not heard back yet.  Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri of Innes Dental was the next on My List and his office was able to confirm the letter was received, though doctor Khouri is Currently away on vacation.  Those were the only two Letters the Postal Agents had doubts about reaching their destination.  If the doctor got his letter, I Give You My Word, the Ottawa Citizen got theirs.  Not so secret, Secret Mail system is now tried and true.

On Her Majesty’s Service

What You See is the only Postage used.  What I can’t prove, is whether or not this Will work for every One in every situation.  There are actually three Magical Elements included where One would typically apply Postage.  The first is to be Writing On Her Majesty’s Service.  This suggests that a man knows his Duties and responsibilities to the Queen, and it demonstrates a certain Degree of knowledge to Know One can Send a Letter this Way.  The Second is Stamping the Letter with My thumbprint Seal.  This is a unique Seal for My nation; it Identifies Me in the International community and pays for the Postage (Post Age).  My thumbprint is legal tender, how cool is that?  Finally, I also Writ ‘God Speed’ beneath ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  In God We Trust… 😉

I believe that any letter sent pretty much anywhere would get there if the address is correct and a person Writes ‘God Speed’ or ‘In God We Trust’ where One would typically apply a Stamp – thumbprint or no thumbprint.  But I have not yet tested this philosophy and I don’t plan to.  Any more letters I send, Will be Sent the same Way because I know it is War King.

I returned to the Post Office on Friday to let the clerks know that all My documents were received and they seemed very pleased to know.  The Greatest Secret, is that any of the Sovereigns See King a Key to access a Secret Treasury account do not know the value of their own Kingdom.

This Saturday sums up something of a big week.  My Letters were received, I am legally War King On Her Majesty’s Service, My thumbprint has now been recognized as the Seal of My nation and legal tender, and I am about to have My Sensei Sean all Saturday Post complete for Your Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal.

In all My excitement of hearing My Seven Letters had been received, I forgot to Call Chris Tuck so I Will get on that Monday morning.  I hope You all have a Blessed Saturday – and so it is!

Thanks for being here, I love You. ❤











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