The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition, Sovereignty and Kingdom

Hello and Happy Tuesday, World!  I am Writing the Good News Journal much later than I usually do, so this may be a shorter Post but I said I was going to Write about the difference between Sovereignty and Kingdom and I like to Keep My Word.

All Kings are Sovereign, but not all Sovereigns are Kings.  Kings and Queens can only be determined by Divine right, or God.  That can sound rather alarming at first, especially if One does not believe in, or understand God.  Canada’s own Governor General, Julie Payette said she does not believe in God or any kind of Divine Plan, she believes in science.  Interesting.  Considering the Common law is God’s law, how does her Excellency hope to defend God’s law if she doesn’t believe in God?  Something of a conflict of interest there, I think.

This is something I used to wonder about when I was younger.  The Idea that some would spend their lives in wealth and abundance while others would struggle to survive was something that was difficult to understand as a child.  It became even more difficult to understand as I grew up.  When I [legally] became Sovereign, the ‘mysterious fog’ (Paulo Coelho, ‘The Alchemist’ reference) that had been clouding My View began to clear; that was part of the Magical effect publishing My paperwork had on My microcosm.  I mentioned that I experienced a sense of forgiveness for the Toronto police like I had never experienced before.  Years of resentment for what they had done to Me dissolved completely and almost immediately.  I discovered the system of things is designed with God like perfection.  For Me, it was One more example of the macrocosm reflected in My microcosm.

Metaphorically, I could compare it to climbing the Kootenay Pass on My cycling trip, a gruelling 1.75 km vertical climb over 30 km distance, towing a trailer carrying about a hundred pounds of gear.  I was so exhausted and frustrated because I hadn’t calculated how long it would take and hadn’t planned properly; I ended up completing the last two and a half hours or so in almost pitch black darkness (thankfully almost a full moon, though) and absolutely freezing – although it was summer it actually snowed on Me for about half an hour.  When I crested the top, I was overwhelmed with emotion, the sudden realization that this seemingly insurmountable and most difficult part of My trip was now over, was surreal and dreamlike.  Then, muscles aching and shaking from the cold, I discover a beautiful, quaint, log cabin equipped with a wood stove waiting for Me at the top.  At the time, believe Me when I tell You, Heaven was the first Word that popped into My Mind – like God was generously rewarding Me for all that hard work.  After I published My paperwork with the Attorney General, even before I ever received any kind of reply, I could see the Big Picture for the first time, how perfectly everything had been Created.  I actually felt like a Fool for having not understood or seen it sooner.  The Kingdom of Heaven is truly before Us now for those with eyes to see.

The position of King is a Spiritual title because the Duty of a King is to protect and defend the Common Law for everyone.  The Common Law is God’s law, so One must know what God’s laws are if One is to protect and defend them. Everyone is Sovereign, so anyone can claim it and One becomes that (legally) the moment they claim it.  However, One only truly becomes King when One demonstrates they know how to be King.  Part of that, is explaining how the world’s economic and legal systems really work.

One of the reasons I am thing King that those I’ve Writ letters to have not responded is because they don’t know how things really work – if they did, they would have responded and done as I have as King of them to do.  They can’t because no one has done it before, there is no precedence for it.  For now, it looks (to them) as though there is a bondage contract in My name because they don’t understand how the contracts work.  If there were procedures in place for One to claim their Sovereignty after demonstrating a level of Spiritual maturity or something, then they would have done as I as King of them to do shortly after I Writ My first series of letters, because it would have absolved them of the charges under the presumption that all contracts were consensual.  Now that they are not consensual and the government is still presuming to hold authority over Me and administrate money in My name without My consent, every check issued to Me is prima-facie evidence of fraud and/or compelling a man to contract under duress by Way of threat and intimidation by suggesting his access to shelter, food and other basic needs may be revoked for failure to comply with the Ministries terms and conditions.  Puts the government in quite a conundrum, doesn’t it?

Most people seem to be under the presumption that Crown land is owned by the Queen.  It’s not.  It’s in Her Grace, Glory and Majesty’s Care, She has been stewarding the Land for Us and Giving Us the direction We needed to Create the United Kingdom of God that is before Us now.  If only money were no object, think of how marvelous the world might be for everyone…  What if money is just an illusion, too?

I’ll be tall King more about Honouring Our [macrocosm’s] Mother and Father.  The Queen has been busy Minding the Bees building God’s Kingdom, Our Father has been teaching Us how to behave and access the Kingdom by Giving Us the example of his perfect Son’s Character.

I Will also have more follow up phone calls to cover as well as some new strategies for accomplishing some of the smaller details on the road to Peace.

2017-12-22 10.16.12.jpg
The Last Chapter

I Trust everyone is having a terrific Tuesday, thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings,

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