The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Sunday Reflect Sean Edition, The Power of Love

Hello everyone and Bless You for being here.  Today I am going to be tall King about Love which is something I do not Write of very often, even though it is the single greatest influence and motivator in My microcosm.  Spring is coming soon and the warmth of the sun Tends to remind Us of romance.

Although I may not Write of Love very much, I do often Write about God.  At the time I Writ My Book, I almost never spoke of God because there are so many different opinions about God; instead I Called it Love.  I have Dreamed of the same woman four or five times over the last year which is very unusual for Me.  In fact, I Dream so rarely that this woman is the only thing I have Dreamed about over the last year.  Although tall King about sex would probably improve My ratings, I hope You Will not be disappointed to hear that My Dreams are all family friendly, “G” rated, which suggests to Me that they are Significant.  I literally wake up in Love with this woman and reflect on the Dream as much as I can in hopes of remembering it – and  I always do, which is rare for Me, too.  I even woke one morning Dreaming of Her and decided to go back to sleep, hoping I would Dream of her more – and I did!!!  It’s like she’s My secret Dream date girlfriend and it feels like it’s already real, like I’m being teleported to a beautiful Time in My future.

They are all similar in Style.  She is always the one tall King to Me, holding My Hand and leading Me around, introducing Me to people.  She is so happy and her smile is so bright, nothing in the Universe could outshine it, except maybe her Heart.  The most Significant Part of the Dream, is that it is clear that I have already succeeded in My task, world peace is already accomplished, she is tall King about how she knew Me before We became what We are in the Dream.

Anytime I have this Dream, I wake from it even more inspired than usual – I want to earn the smile on Her face.  I was tall King about this Dream with a close friend and he said to Me, “Just be careful, I don’t want to see You get hurt if it doesn’t work out.”

I laughed, even though I understand his concern.  I allow My Self to get excited about anything that inspires Me and although I know it might be typical for some to guard their emotions so they can’t get hurt ‘if things don’t work out’, I know things always do.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I Will end up with the girl I am dreaming about, it just means that it’s okay to be inspired by the Idea of it.  As a Mystic, I know that’s what the Dream represents, the Idea of having someone special to share My Dream/Success with.  It may not actually be the girl I am dreaming of, but if it’s not, I Will end up meeting some One who is a vibrational match for the Way this woman makes Me feel in the Dream. I believe My Dreams are there to inspire Me, so they do.

This is the first time I’ve ever had a recurring Dream and I believe the only reason I am having it is to motivate and inspire Me.  I worked so hard to achieve My Dream, I began to wonder what I might do once it’s finally done.  My Dream Gives Me purpose and it’s motivated by Love.  Everything in the Universe is motivated by Love.

When I was young, it was the Love for My Mother and watching her struggle financially that initially inspired a deeply rooted determination to Create a better world.  As I grew up, I had girlfriend’s like any One else would but could never consider children until there was a better world for them to grow up in.  When I awakened Spiritually, I vowed never to take a serious girlfriend until I have accomplished My task because I did not feel it would be fair to subject any One to the adversity I might face in My determination to accomplish peace in the world.  Now that I’m so close, I want to be sure that the woman who ends up in My Life is with Me because she believed in what I could do, not because she wants to share the Glory of what I’ve already done.

In Truth, I am in Love with My Purpose more than anything else in the world.  Those who are Goal setters and achievers Will know what I am tall King about when One is on the cusp of a great accomplishment, that quiet Voice or feeling that says, ‘so what Will You do now?’.

The Dream simply represents that being Love Will result in being Loved, whatever that means to a man who feels he is deeply loved in every moment.  I really do.  The Universe is so proud of what I am doing that it is easy for Me to disregard what others might think.  For Me, the Dream is telling Me that God Will Love Me no less when My Work is done, that the Love He has always had for Me Will also be reflected in My microcosm…

I think We all Dream of that perfect Love but the only perfect Love is with God.  If You know Your Purpose and Love God’s Plan for You, there is no Way His Love Will not find a Way to manifest in Your microcosm.  Give Your Love to God and God Will Give You Love.

The beautiful woman I Dream of has helped Me to Create new Dreams that begin when this Dream ends.  I began to Wonder what We might do, how We would spend Our Time.  I want to travel the world and learn as many languages as I can, visit with as many cultures as possible.  I Will complete a series of paintings to Honour everyone who helps Me to accomplish world peace.  I Will continue to Write My Blog and report on all the beautiful things I experience in the world so I can share them with You.  These are the things I’m beginning to Dream of now, things I would not even consider if I were not on the cusp of accomplishing My Life’s Purpose.

I want to make this woman proud to be with Me.  What She really represents, is God.  I want God to be proud of Me and the woman represents the most perfect Idea of God on Earth.  God wants Me to know his Love Will be waiting for Me and shining on Me every bit as much when I am done and I am more motivated than ever to make it happen.  All because of Love.  This Edition of The Good News Journal Sunday Edition was inspired by a Twitter hashtag yesterday as King to describe the Beatles in five Words.


So Love and Blessings, everyone, Happy Sunday!!!

May the Love of God shine upon You…  And so it is. 😉









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