The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Miraculous Monday Money Edition

Good day everyone and welcome to the miraculous Monday money Edition of The Good News Journal.

Did You know You are wealthy enough to pay back all the world’s debt?  Well, it’s true – anyone on earth has enough wealth to pay back every outstanding debt to private, central banks.  From the perspective of logic and reason, if We know that each ‘human life’ is worth unlimited commercial value, it becomes reasonably obvious that it’s true.  Yet, even though I have come across many individuals over My years of study that know this is true in law, it would seem that ‘unlimited commercial value’ is limited in value and relative to the Capacity of One’s Imagination (I-Mage-I-Nation).  You can tell an individual they have unlimited commercial value, but only the individual can know their worth.

Once again, this is another example of how Spirituality and Kingdom are connected; no One can truly know a man’s value except the man. I always believed I would eventually get all of My legal stuff sorted out and I vowed that when I did I would share My information with everyone free of charge.  I initially figured the Universe would bring people into My Life that are mature and responsible enough for Me to mentor privately.  It didn’t take long to realize that some of the things I am sharing here really cannot be taught.  Becoming Sovereign is as easy as filing a single document and I could even help a man Write one.  The problem is, very few people fully comprehend what they are doing well enough to know how to proceed after they file that first document.

I’m preparing this Post for Monday morning, so it’s Sunday in My now and warm sunshine is streaming through My window.  I have the dorm to My Self for at least the weekend, maybe longer (apparently I’m impossible to room with), so I have a little extra space and used it to set up a mini office.  This is the 22nd Edition of The Good News Journal and I’ve managed to Write daily even though My personal situation is far from Ideal.   Early last May I gave legal notice to Canada’s Superior Court that My thumbprint Will be used to discharge any food and lodging costs, though I haven’t done it yet because it’s the most difficult thing for most to comprehend and I don’t want any One thing King I am doing anything ‘Special’; We all have this Power.

Essentially, as soon as everyone can comprehend that We each have a Divine Purpose and unlimited value in the eyes of God, the sooner We can accomplish peace.

I didn’t really believe that any of the elected officials I’ve Writ would know how to do what I have as King of them to do, so it’s not really that much of a surprise for Me that they haven’t done it, though I was thing King that they would have contacted Me in some Way to reach a resolution.  The reason I gave them so much time is because I know how fast things are going to change when I start using My thumbprint.  Contacting Me would have allowed for Me to work with the Canadian government to determine how and when this information should be shared with the Canadian people.  They are leaving everything up to Me.  This is how the information is being shared with the Canadian people and the rest of the world because I believe ‘they’ want Me to show the world what it means to be a King and Act in Honour.

It’s exactly two weeks for Me now and I am very, very excited.  I Will still be hoping for My Letters to arrive sometime Monday afternoon – I almost feel like I’m waiting for Armour to arrive; not essential to the Mission, but most certainly helpful.  I also have a couple of strategies to share if My not so secret, Secret Mail system does prove to be War King and, (as One might expect) some of those Ideas involve Writing more Letters.

It has taken a long time for Me to grow into My new title and to ready My Self for what I am about to do.  One of the things holding Me back was how I might be perceived if I’m living a life of luxury while others are still struggling and I mentioned this to One of My Good friends today.

He laughed and said, “I know what You say is true, anyone could do what You are doing but I would never want to!!!  I don’t want to go out and do what You’re doing, and I don’t really think anybody else wants to either.  You actually like doing all the stuff You do, Writing Letters, chasing after politicians, most people can’t be bothered with that. Most people just want to follow someone else.  You are going to make everyone rich so I don’t really think anyone’s going to care if You enjoy a little luxury on the Way.” (Paraphrasing, My memory isn’t that Good).

That’s really been what’s holding Me back because I truly believe in all the philosophies I Write about – a true leader would never take more than the least of his people.  However, to do what I am here to do properly, I Will need to step it up a notch.  I need a proper office to work from, I need to eat healthier food (I’ve been told I’m losing weight), and (to be taken seriously by Canada’s elected officials), I need to demonstrate that I know how to exercise My authority and hold them accountable for their breach of the public trust.  In short, this Mage Will need Staff.

So, at the Time this Post Will be available to the Public, there Will be 13 days left before I begin saving the global economy.  Four represents foundation, so the Fourth Volume of The Good News Journal Will be about establishing a firm foundation for Kingdom.  I am also often tall King about Keys and their importance in man’s psyche.  I found one more Key to Kingdom that I Will be sharing with You shortly.

The Good News for this Miraculous Money Monday Edition, is that I really am here to pay back all outstanding debts to central banks.  In fact, I’m quite sure the world is banking on it.  In God We Trust.

Love and Blessings, have a Marvelous, Magical, Monday!!!












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