The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Wonderful, Water World Wednesday Edition

Happy Lucky Wednesday, every One, I hope You are all having a wonderful day.  The Wonderful, Water World Wednesday Edition is all about safely navigating Our Ships over the Commercial Admiralty Seas.

As is often the Case, this Post was inspired by a friend who as King of Me why it’s Called Commercial Admiralty law.  I told My friend that it is because it represents the womb of Our Mother, Keeping Us safe in Our Spiritual infancy, a Way to protect God’s children.


This is the Sign outside of Guelph’s Superior Court.  I Spoke of some of the symbolism in this Sign once before, this Time I am going to expand on the previous interpretation.  Starting from the outside the first thing to notice is that it’s shaped like a Crown which represents absolute authority, all other things on the Sign are contained within that Realm.  The Jewels of the Crown are Crosses which represent Christ and Christ also represents King. (Substitute the Word ‘King’ with ‘Christ’ when reading the Bible and see how often it works).  There are also three Crosses which represents the Trinity.   The Jewels are also hovering (Heavenly) above a solid line which represents solid ground.  It may also be worth noting that there is nothing but Heavenly Ideas above the solid ground.  The underside of the solid line resembles the wall of a castle or fortress and beneath that, all the lettering is entombed in a box – imagine looking at a cross section of a casket buried in the ground, every detail is Significant.  Inside the Tomb are Words Writ in all capital Letters, which always represents a corporation, a corpus, or non-living thing.

Now, if I were to design a Sign like this that was to represent Our Commercial Admiralty world, the shape of the Sign would be round to represent all the globe.  There would be a line forming a circle around the entire Sign, solid on the outside and wavy on the underside.  The outside would represent solid ground, the inside would represent water and the Words ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ would be Writ in all capital letters inside the circle.  It represents the Mother’s womb, the Jurisdiction of Commercial Admiralty in Our macrocosm, and it is there to protect Us while humanity is developing in its Spiritual infancy.

There is no claim upon any living man anywhere in the Common Wealth to the best of My knowledge.  The Claim is on Commercial Admiralty, an Idea that reflects man’s desire to compete with one another in Our Spiritual infancy.  The only Way to leave the womb and protection of the macrocosm’s Mother, is to choose a Higher Idea for One’s Life.  There is no authority presiding over anything that does not involve commerce or owner Ship.

“Lead Us not into temptation (tempt a Sean), but deliver Us from evil”

Deliver, like in birth.  Leave Commercial Admiralty water by choosing not to compete and covet from thy neighbour.  Golden Rule.  Share and share alike.  Common Man, Common Wealth, Common Law.  Commercial Admiralty is to Keep the Living man’s Life pure and untouched by God – to save Your Soul.

“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

We are all forgiven by God because We did not know better.  The Church gave Us an example to follow through Christ and the Ten Commandments for Laws.  We couldn’t Keep the Ten Commandments, so more laws were necessary…  To PROTECT Us, not to control Us.

The Significance of the three Crosses hovering above the solid line in the picture I Posted with this entry is that any Ideas that are not subject to Commercial Admiralty are Heavenly Ideas.  Commercial Ideas are on their Way out, they are already dead and buried in the tomb, they have no Way to contact or reach the Living man with Heavenly Ideas.

“The Spiritual man judges all things but he himself is not subject to anyone’s judgment.” Bible, 1 Corinthians 2:15

I Will be tall King more about the slight of Hand Magic that was done when each of Us entered the world sometime before Easter Sunday.  I Will also be featuring one of the Seven Letters I Sent every day beginning with the Fifth Volume of The Good News Journal.

Speaking of Letters, I still have not received the Letters I Sent to My Self, so I am going to wait until tomorrow afternoon and if they still have not arrived, I Will try one more time, this time making sure I Send them from the Post Office, rather than a mailbox.  I won’t get copies of the Letters being received as I did last time, though I Will take a picture to show they were received by the Post Office.

Well, I hope this Wednesday has been lucky for You,

Love and Blessings,






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