The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Fun Friday Edition

Welcome to the end of another work week and thank You very much for being here.  I am feeling absolutely fabulous today and I hope You are, too.

It’s going to reach four degrees today (Thursday for Me) which isn’t amazing but anything above zero is a welcome change from winter.  The next week promises to be even better as We transition into the Golden Spring.  Wouldn’t it make sense that the Golden Spring would be the beginning of the Golden Dawn, or is that just a coincidence?

Today was also the day that Life Skills has its ‘House’ meeting where the group discusses any issues encountered over the previous week.  The quality of food served and the professionalism of the kitchen staff was the major issue – apparently several residents and staff complained of food poisoning over the weekend.  The attitude of kitchen staff and the head chef in particular was another topic of discussion.  Apparently, many efforts have been made to improve the quality of food and service in the kitchen to no avail, so I told the group I would speak with Jason, the general manager, make him aware of the situation and Give him an opportunity to address the kitchen staff with My concerns before reporting on the food and service here on My Blog next week.  If I can’t use My power of influence to Create positive change, what is it good for?

I’ve already had My meeting with Jason and I am pleased to report that he was very receptive and actually encouraged Me to report on the changes next week.  I am looking forward to reporting back to let You know what kind of changes are made.  Saturday’s grilled cheese sandwich Will be the first feature meal I Will critique, so please stay tuned.

Starting Saturday, I am also going to Post one of the Seven Letters I Writ ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ every day to refresh why they are on My list in the first place and what offences to the Common Law each are guilty of.  I Will start with the least influential and work My Way up.  Each of the individuals on My List are important for different reasons specific to My overall task (world peace) and relevant to how I am planning to proceed after April 1st.

For now, I’m just patiently waiting and mentally preparing for the next Stage of My Quest.  I’m already beginning to feel a little nostalgia for the people I Will be leaving behind, even though My intention is to take them all with Me.  I have made some close friends here and was hoping that I could be the kind of influence that might inspire them to make better choices and improve their situation.  Sadly, I know that if I were to wait for that to happen, I would never leave.

Moving on always involves transform A Sean.  I reflect on what most would consider a very modest collection of possessions and realize it is entirely too much to take with Me.  In fact, I am planning to take very little with Me except the clothes on My back, My laptop, briefcase, phone, and a small backpack containing ‘special’ items like My Tarot deck and the ‘V’ for Vendetta mascot I was Gifted.  I Will also be Keeping five very special paintings but I plan to have a secure place to store those before I leave.  Everything else I Will Give away to My friends and I Will spend the next nine days trying to decide who should get what.

The most challenging thing for Me are friends who are struggling with addiction issues.  Really, they need My friendship and support perhaps more than anyone, yet I am absolutely powerless to help anyone who is not yet ready to help themselves.  Although these friends Will be the most difficult to leave behind, they are also one of the reasons I am so motivated to move on.  I do know what kind of support and guidance these individuals need but I am not able to be that for them, I am only one man.  The best I can do is advocate for the kind of changes that need to happen so that all individuals struggling with addiction can get the help and support they need, regardless of frontiers.  More importantly, I aim to change the conditions and situations that cause poverty and homelessness which I feel are largely responsible for drug abuse in the first place.

This is a very important and emotional subject for Me because there is nothing more painful than watching someone You love destroy themselves right before Your eyes and being powerless to do anything about it.  Most people who suffer from addiction are using to escape reality.  Wouldn’t it be nice if We could create a world beautiful enough We didn’t need to escape from it?  This is the Golden Spring of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Spring to commemorate a Golden Dawn?..

Love and Blessings, have a fabulous Friday!!!




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