The Good News Journal, Volume IV: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend!  First and foremost, thank You very much for being here.  One week and one day from now, I Will be Playing My Part as King on the world Stage with such convict Sean, some might be thing King it’s criminal.  Are We having fun yet?

Over the next Seven days I Will be reviewing One Letter with every Edition of The Good News Journal to remind everyone how each of the individuals have offended the Common Law.  I said I would be doing this in Order of the individual’s status and influence in society, though I have decided instead to review them in their Order of relevance to My plans for April 1st.  Doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri of Innes Dental Clinic Ottawa is the first on My List.

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Remember how I was saying that Life is a Game?  Clearly, Jean-Pierre Khouri was not taking the King thing very seriously which can be a little frustrating.  At the same time, I can’t really blame the guy. I did call the reception and advised her that My title is real and the payment I offered is both legal and lawful.  Reception confirmed that My documents are authentic and that My payment was accepted, I have no outstanding balance – but they are not going to continue to do business with Me in the future. To this day, neither the doctor or the clinic have said why they are ‘choosing’ to break their contract with Me.

Of all the legal matters I have going on, this is the One that would be the most complex to comprehend because it’s not so black and white, there are a lot of grey areas in this matter that can distract and confuse.  The first thing that comes to the Mind of most is what Canada’s laws have to say with respect to health care and that’s the first mistake – the Common Law has nothing to do with Canada’s constitution or existing corporate policies (which is what Canada’s constitution is).  The Common Law has to do with human rights and equality, not corporate policies.  In Common Law, every Role in society is equally important.  The doctor has a unique Role and that Role is to heal people.  One does not become a doctor to profit from the sick.  A doctor who does not perform services he is able to provide because he is not going to profit from the exchange financially, is no longer serving God and/or God’s intention for the doctor.  The doctor’s reward is (or should be) the happiness and well being he provides for the cured patient – that is the (real) payment the doctor receives; the money doctor’s make is a reflection of the importance of their specialized position and Duty in society.

One of My friends as King of Me why I am not charging the doctor financially for refusing Me service.  The best part about being King, is that I don’t have to sue anyone for anything, I just want people to Honour their Role in society.  I’m not going to sue the doctor, I am going to make sure he Honours his Word to Me and does the work he agreed to perform.  If he refuses, I Will revoke his licence to practice.

If I were to sue the doctor, all the rules of Commercial Admiralty law come back into Play because I am participating in commerce again.  Commercial Admiralty laws may not have the power to interfere with a right, though the doctor would absolve himself of any liability – as long as the doctor is following the corporate policies, the corporation would assume liability for any policies that trespass on a man’s rights.  This means that if the doctor were to be found guilty of violating the law but was acting in accordance with corporate policies, the doctor would be relieved of any accountability, the corporation would pay out damages, and the amount paid in damages would become a deterrent and precedent for the doctor in his future practice.  The corporation would likely also create new policies to prevent future losses to their business model.

If the doctor were to claim the protections of the corporation’s policies to absolve himself of accountability, then I can sue the corporation for damages for as much as I want (and would be sure to as King of enough to bankrupt the practice).

That’s how the whole corporate thing works.  Individuals are protected by the corporation’s policies, and financial settlements are offered as compensation for violations of corporate policies to injured parties.

I think it’s easy to tell that I had fun Writing the Letter.  The other beautiful thing about the common law is that legalese (the language of Commercial Admiralty) does not apply, We are communicating in English, a language Common to both parties so that Ideas are effectively articulated and less open to interpretation.  A friend said that the part about as King of a bank manager to explain the bill of exchange to the doctor sounded a little condescending – it was intentional because I’m quite sure the doctor knows We have a legally binding agreement that Will stand in court.  The doctor has provided Me with a receipt of payment for services rendered, so We already have an established Written contract for payment of future services that were promised.  The doctor has no legal precedence for refusing Me service.

I’m sharing each of these Letters one last time to share My excitement and enthusiasm with You.  I have waited a long time for this.  I’m reminded of My youth when I started at a new public school and was bullied almost every day.  My Mother (Bless her Soul) signed Me up for martial arts.  I learn fast, and a year later I was just waiting for someone to look at Me the wrong Way (overcompensating a little).  Now, I feel sadness and compassion for anyone who might want to harm Me and as King of the Universe to have mercy on their Soul.  I feel very much the same Way about My new Degree in Law.

Finally, because I am always tall King about Our Duty, My friends have as King of Me about those who have not sworn or pledged an Oath.  When I say that what I am doing is nothing more than My Duty in a Common Law society, it is true because every (Canadian/Commonwealth) citizen has pledged an Oath to the Queen.  Click on this sentence to read the Oath required to become a Canadian citizen.

So by Writing the individuals who are responsible for offences to the Common law, I am holding them accountable to their individual Duty as a citizen of Canada to protect and Honour the Common Law, which is what the Monarch (Queen) is there to protect and defend, regardless the individual’s position in society.  Protecting and defending the Common law is the Duty of every man in any Commonwealth country.

Tomorrow I Will be reviewing My Claim with the Ottawa Citizen and their “Housing the Homeless” Fund, which Will be well over four million dollars by the time April 1st rolls around.

Lots of exciting things coming up, I hope You are all having a Sensational Saturday,

Love and Blessings,













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